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Chapter 158 - Only A Wound Would Hur

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 158: Only A Wound Would Hurt

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    Xia Fumeng had a lonely childhood.

    She finally had a big sister, who was concerned about her, coming into her life. That was her home tutor, who gave her a birthday present and brought her out to the night market. What happened in the end?

    Her father destroyed her!

    Xia Fumeng would never forget that stormy night, and how her father did that awful thing to the big sister, who was knocked out. She was even the one who had brought the drugged fruit juice to her. She didn’t know that the juice had sleeping pills in it!

    After the incident, that big sister committed suicide but was rescued. Her family came seeking justice at their house. And how did her parents handle it?

    Her rich taitai (married socialite) mother dumped a whole load of money at them in order to protect their family’s reputation. —Xia Fumeng could never forget her mother’s cold-blooded when she said that.

    Qianmo had managed to throw out a minnow to catch a whale and discovered another case within.

    It was a little unexpected but still reasonable.

    Adults always thought that educating children was just paying lip service.

    But a child’s development was closely connected to her parents’ every single word and action.

    Action speaks louder than words. A minor’s behavior was usually a copy of her parents. Apart from a few, who had innate personality defect disorder or suffered from an affective disorder caused by brain damage due to an external force like a car accident, the majority’s life values were imparted by their parents subconsciously.

    For example, a child that had seen their parents act violently would have a higher chance of treating a weaker child with force.

    Xia Fumeng was like that too. She had witnessed her parents’ savage behavior, and that affected her young soul. Finally, one day, she imitated how her father had drugged a person and went to drug his mistress.

    Cause and effect, it was indeed a scary thing.

    “Yes, I drugged her, but so what? If you can do it, sentence me. Oh ya, excuse me, I am not yet fourteen. You think you can influence me by drawing all this juvenile stuff? I will not be affected at all. I will be out of here soon, and my family will seek the best protection for me.

    “I will go somewhere far away or go overseas to study immediately. I will receive the best education and become one of the society’s elite. While all of you here will remain just a bunch of losers.”

    Xia Fumeng pointed at the seniors and Black behind Qianmo, one by one, and said, “You, do you have a house? Fully paid? According to your pay scale, how many years do you have to save without eating or drinking before you can afford a house? And you, do you know how it feels like to drive a top range luxury car? And you, hoho, you are the most laughable.”

    Xia Fumeng pointed at Black. “You and she are a couple, right? Do you think by following her everywhere, she would love you? Silly man, all the resources in the world belonged to rich people like us.

    “What is a beautiful woman like her? A high quality resource! You understand? Sooner or later, she’s going to throw herself into the arms of a rich man like my father. Do you really believe there is true love in this world?”

    It hurt even more to hear these words coming out from a child who was not yet fourteen. A senior clenched his fists.

    But Black was unmoved, and there was even contempt in his eyes. He was too disdainful to argue with a twisted girl like her.

    Qianmo turned and looked at the reaction of the men behind her. Then, she smiled.

    “What the hell are you smiling at?”

    “Did you see that? There are some who care, while others who scorn. Do you know why? Black, why do you look down on her? Come, say it out.”

    “She puts people in a pigeon’s hole,” Black said succinctly.

    Qianmo nodded. “Do you understand? He’s laughing at your silliness! Using our local dialect, you are a biaozi, an opinionated biaozi at that.”

    “You dare to say I am silly!” Xia Fumeng was so angry, her hair almost stood up.

    “You are indeed silly. Let me tell you why he doesn’t care at all. If someone had a wound on him, something that made him feel inferior, he might react like you did. It hurts when people touch on it. A healthy person like him—” Qianmo found the chance to grab Black’s muscular chest. .

    “He doesn’t care.”

    “What does he have to not care! He doesn’t love you if he doesn’t care!”

    “Young girl, your life values are flawed.” Qianmo raised her hand and subdued Black’s anger. She was feeling rather happy secretly.

    Black didn’t give a hoot about other stuff, but he couldn’t stand it when she said he didn’t love her. He had exposed his weakness. What was a good woman? A good woman knew how to cover up for her man when he revealed his weakness.

    “He is from a respected family, has a good income, many properties, double masters, and a future that many of his peers envy. He has whatever you have and whatever you don’t. So, why should he get angry?”

    After Qianmo finished speaking, the few “cheerleader” seniors behind her immediately made an indifferent expression, showing that they didn’t care either.

    “What don’t I have?” Xia Fumeng wasn’t convinced.

    “A beautiful family. Even I envy him for that. Black, your parents have a great relationship, right? How’s your family atmosphere? You just have to say the facts.”

    Qianmo gave Black a hint with her look. This was a part of her treatment process.

    Black didn’t like to say too much about his family to people, but since Qianmo wanted him to do so, he would oblige.

    “Their relationship is so good that it makes the onlookers feel mushy. My parents have been married for many years, and they still kiss each other every morning. My mom will wait for my dad to come home whenever he is working late before she turns in for the night. We laugh every day. I have an older sister and a young brother, and we all get along.”

    “Give a specific example.” Qianmo was agitating her deliberately.

    Black was really obedient. “In our childhood, we were rather naughty. We would occasionally go out for fights, and my dad would make us stand and recite ‘The Song of the Spirit of Righteousness’ as punishment.

    “But my dad was biased. My sister was ‘punished’ to sit down, eat fruits, and watch us recite the song. Yet, if one of us was sick, my parents would each spend half the night accompanying us.”

    The “cheerleaders” behind Qianmo didn’t have many reactions. Wasn’t that the case for everybody?

    “Is it the same in your family? Do you have any impressionable childhood memories?” Qianmo asked the “cheerleaders”.

    “Almost similar to Young Master Yu. My parents were very strict with me. When I stole money at home to buy sweets, they almost killed me by beating me with a belt.”

    “My mom is a muddlehead. Once she brought me to tuition, but she only realized the bag was in the car when she reached home. I was chasing after the car the whole time!” another senior recalled.

    “My dad makes fantastic braised pork shoulders with soy sauce. Whenever I did well for my exams, he would make one for me as a reward. I’m drooling now just thinking of it.”

    These people all added in their stories. Xia Fumeng, who was looking down on them and bossing them earlier, suddenly had her eyes turn red.