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Chapter 461 - Offer An Explanation Regardless Of Victory Or Defea

Medical Master
     “Hiss… ” In the hall, everyone present was a martial arts practitioner, so even if they were far away, they could clearly see it. When they saw the big man being beaten by Fang Qiu, everyone in the hall couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment.

    The steward exclaimed, “He’s so powerful. He at least reached the peak of the sixth class and may have even reached the seventh class.”

    “Hmm.” Ling Xiuqi’s face changed.

    He didn’t expect that the man would be so powerful.

    “I’ll go.” At this time, down the hall, an old man with a long beard on the first right chair stood up. “Even if he is a seventh-class Martial Superior, he’s going to lose!”

    “Please, Elder.” Ling Xiuqi saluted.

    The old man, the oldest elder of their Ling Family, had already reached the seventh class with two meridians. He was the most powerful person in the Ling Family in most people’s eyes.

    As for Ling Xiuqi, this elder must be able to solve the problem.

    That man in black must be finished.

    “Whoosh!” In the hall, the elder stepped forward, slowly walked to the entrance of the hall, and stared at Fang Qiu who had just walked to the stone tripod in the center of the square outside. The elder’s face was cold, and he moved immediately. He rushed to Fang Qiu fiercely with incredible speed.

    “Seventh-class Martial Superior with two meridians?” Taking a look at the old man who was racing to him, Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows slightly.

    His strength had also gained a huge increase after he broke through from the third class to the fifth class.

    While he was a third-class Martial Superior, he was already able to defeat three seventh-class Martial Superiors with two meridians and one seventh-class Martial Superiors with three meridians in Outer Mongolia.

    Now he had reached the fifth class, a seventh-class Martial Superior with two meridians was no longer a threat to Fang Qiu.

    Since he had already broken in, it was necessary to show sufficient deterrence!

    “Swoosh.” Clenching his right fist, Fang Qiu waved his right hand when the elder rushed to him. He directly met the elder’s fist with his own punch.

    The next moment, a loud crackle was heard. “Boom!”

    Everyone was taken aback by the huge sound.

    Some people with lower strength even felt the pain in their ears because of the sound.

    However, just when everyone thought that the man in black must have been hit by the elder and flew out, they only found that the man in black was still standing still, without moving a single step.

    But the elder was gone.

    Everyone looked around blankly.

    It turned out that the elder actually lay on the ground in the distance, and there was still blood gushing from his mouth.

    It only took one move. No, it was only one punch!

    The eldest elder who reached the seventh class with two meridians was hit and threw away by the man in black.

    At this moment, everyone in the Ling Family was dumbfounded in the hall.

    In their eyes, the elder was an ultimate expert. He was one of the top fighters in the entire Ganzhou Province and almost the strongest person except for the Old Ancestor, let alone in the Ling family.

    However, now the strongest man was hit by the man in black and flew away.

    How was that possible?

    “No!” Ling Xiuqi’s face changed drastically and said, “The strength of this person is at least at the seventh class with three meridians. Go and get the Old Ancestor.”

    Down the hall, everyone in the Ling Family was panicking.

    Without any hesitation, a middle-aged man immediately rushed into the forest behind the attic through the passage on the side.

    “Hmm?” Seeing this, Fang Qiu frowned and murmured, “Is he going to invite the strongest person over?”

    Before he came to the Ling Family, Fang Qiu had carefully done his research.

    It turned out that the strongest one in the Ling Family was only a seventh-class Martial Superior with two meridians, but there was still an expert hidden in the bamboo forest behind the house, who was an eighth-class Martial Superior with one meridian.

    Fang Qiu didn’t expect that the Ling Family should send someone to invite the expert as he just started the fight.

    But as he gave it some thought, he came to his realization.

    Who else dared to come out in the Ling family after the seventh-class Martial Superior with two meridians was defeated in such a short time?

    Knowing their intentions, Fang Qiu wasn’t worried.

    He continued to move forward slowly.

    This matter must be settled today.

    Not to mention the eighth-class Martial Superior, even if there were ninth-class experts or even a guru-level fighter, Fang Qiu would never step back!

    “Swoosh!” After a while, just as Fang Qiu came to the attic and was walking towards the hall, a figure suddenly fell from the sky and landed in front of the door, blocking Fang Qiu.

    Taking a closer look, he found that the man was an old man with grey hair.

    The old man looked like he was about ninety years old, but his complexion was surprisingly good. His face was extremely rosy, and he didn’t actually look like an old man.

    “Wait.” As soon as he landed, the old man said to Fang Qiu. Then he said with a smile, looking quite gentle, “My little friend, you have such powerful strength at a young age. You’re indeed a specially privileged person.”

    Fang Qiu looked at the old man and asked nonchalantly, “So?”

    The old man asked, “I see that you can channel such a powerful blow so easily and fast. I’m wondering who your master is.”

    Fang Qiu didn’t want to talk to him at all. “Who is my master? Does it have anything to do with you?”

    The old man shook his head, smiled, and said, “Yes, it does. I’ve figured out what had happened before. It’s really our Ling family’s fault. But you did disgrace us by breaking into our house like that. The reason why I ask about your master is that I don’t want to hurt my old friend’s disciple by mistake. If you don’t appreciate it, then I can only do things in my way.”

    Fang Qiu snorted and said, “Aren’t you just afraid that someone will back me up? And you just put it so decently. The people in your family are really hypocritical.”

    The old man squinted. “It seems that you have a deep misunderstanding about our family.”

    Fang Qiu replied indifferently, “It’s really deep, but not a misunderstanding!”

    The old man squinted and said, “Oh, now it looks like you want to speak by your strength, my friend. Decide the winner through the fight, huh? In this case, I have no choice but to fight with you. But don’t worry, my little friend. I’ll give you an explanation no matter what may happen in the end.”

    Fang Qiu raised his fist. “If you want to fight, then fight!”

    Within his body, all his internal Qi in the reopened meridians burst out instantly.

    With his current strength, he didn’t need to worry if he confronted a seventh-class Martial Superior with three meridians.

    However, the eighth class was different.

    The gap between the seventh class with three meridians and the eighth class with one meridian was not as simple as the figures.

    Therefore, as they were about to start the fight, Fang Qiu was ready to channel all his strength.

    “Come on!” The old man squinted his eyes, shouted, and flew forward immediately.

    There was no doubt that the eighth class was indeed powerful.

    When the old man came over, Fang Qiu could even clearly feel that the entire body of the old man had transformed into a gust of wind. He directly charged to Fang Qiu with an immense amount of power.

    Moreover, the old man had not used all his strength!

    “Just the right time,” Fang Qiu said to himself.

    He immediately greeted the old man with his fist.

    The next moment, “Bang, bang…”

    The sound of the punch-to-punch collisions were heard.

    As they collided with each other, the old man was shocked.

    He could clearly see that Fang Qiu was only a fifth-class Martial Superior.

    However, as he fought Fang Qiu, he felt a huge amount of power from him, which was no less than his. Not only was his power not worse than his, but even slightly stronger than his internal Qi.

    The old man never saw anything like this in his life.

    How could a fifth-class Martial Superior possess such power?

    Different from the old man, Fang Qiu was also surprised, but not amazed by the strength of the opponent, but by his own strength.

    After using the Mei Leaf to break through from the third class to the fifth class at once, Fang Qiu felt that his strength had been greatly improved. Both internal Qi and his own power were several times stronger than before.

    Because after the breakthrough, he didn’t fight with anyone. Fang Qiu wasn’t clear that to what extent he could fight.

    What he didn’t expect was that he was able to suppress an eighth-class Martial Superior with one meridian while he channeled all his power.

    Fang Qiu was quite amazed.

    During the battle with the old man, Fang Qiu could feel that he was able to suppress the opponent in terms of strength, speed, and even the internal Qi.

    Even in the situation of suppressing the opponent, Fang Qiu still had time to think about other things.

    His power seemed a bit too strong.

    “No. It isn’t easy to meet an eighth-class opponent with one meridian, so I must take this opportunity to become familiar with my power after the breakthrough.” Fang Qiu thought to himself.

    With that in mind, while Fang Qiu nodded secretly, he quickly withdrew some of his power.

    His power soon fell to the same level as that of the old man.

    But just at this moment, the old man seemed to be aware of the reduction of Fang Qiu’s power, so he quietly transported all of the energy from his body and instantly burst out, wanting to take down Fang Qiu with one blow.

    In the hall. “This kid is over!”

    “He dared to provoke our Ling Family and hurt the elder. He’s digging his own grave.”

    “When the Old Ancestor took a move, let alone this kid, even a group of people like him came again, he would be able to take down all of them.”

    All the people of the Ling family stood up and looked at the battle in the square outside the door.

    In the beginning, seeing the old man unable to take down the man in black for a long time, everyone was a little worried.

    But now, seeing that Fang Qiu was beaten by the old man, the people of the Ling family immediately got excited.

    They started to insult and scold Fang Qiu.

    Even Ling Xiuqi, the host of the Ling family, who had been so scared just now laughed proudly at this moment.

    Ling Tianxiao was staring at Fang Qiu gloomily.

    He stared at Fang Qiu as if looking at a dead person.

    On the square, the battle was fierce.

    With the power of the old man fully channeling, Fang Qiu who withdrew part of his power gradually fell into a weaker position and was suppressed by the old man.

    After dozens of moves, Fang Qiu’s face changed. “No.”

    While the old man was attacking rapidly, he suddenly grabbed Fang Qiu’s right arm and pulled it fiercely, kicking Fang Qiu extremely fiercely in the chest.

    “Boom!” With a huge sound, Fang Qiu was directly kicked out by the old man like a ball.

    Seeing this, everyone in the Ling family laughed smugly.

    Fang Qiu fell to the ground.

    “Phew…” Taking a deep breath, Fang Qiu covered his chest with his hands and stood up.

    “You can still stand up?” When the old man stared at Fang Qiu, his face which was so gentle before instantly became cold. He then said with a sneer, “You dare to mess with our family. You’re simply digging your own grave.”

    “He has been seriously injured. Somebody, come here. Destroy his kung fu, break his leg, and throw him out!”