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Chapter 159 - An Elite Born For This Profession

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 159: An Elite Born For This Profession

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    The seniors didn’t understand why Xia Fumeng could say confidently that a minor couldn’t be sentenced. This cold-blooded girl, who didn’t even care when she killed a person, cried when they reminisced about their families.

    “Xia Fumeng, I admit you have a lot of things that some of us don’t have. But that’s the case for you too. In the future, don’t go out and treat everyone you meet as poor losers. Those ‘poor losers’ have memories and warmth which you don’t. Do you know why my words could make you cry?”

    Xia Fumeng didn’t want to weep, but she couldn’t control her tears. She looked at Qianmo through her tear-filled eyes. Qianmo placed her hand on her heart.

    “You have a wound here, and you hurt others to fill it up. But doing so wouldn’t bring you the warmth you desire. I just want to tell you, if you continue to go down the wrong path, this wound will never heal. It would hurt whenever it is touched for your whole life.”

    Vengeance was always a double-edged sword. Just like Qianmo in her previous life, who destroyed herself while confronting her enemy. It wasn’t about having regrets. The real question was, was it worth it?

    The human heart was mysterious and unfathomable. It was like a castle surrounded by walls of rationale in normal times. There was no chance to infiltrate it. In order to open the gates, one had to find a compatible key.

    As long as one could find the soul code and unlock the door, one could do what Qianmo was doing now. She could torture Xia Fumeng as easily as cutting through tofu.

    Xia Fumeng cried, her voice trembling. “Stop it. I’m not listening, I’m not listening…”

    “I am not a magician, so I can’t reverse time and go back to the point when you made the mistake. I also can’t wake up the woman whom you hurt, nor can I save the tutor who was once very important to you.

    “You are right; the law can’t do anything to you now. And you are indeed smart. The advantage in your intelligence would enable you to trap many people when you are out, just like your father, who counts his money atop dozens of human bones. But…”

    Qianmo tapped gently on her heart twice and lowered her tone.

    “Have you ever thought about it? There’s a child crying over the wound in your heart. The more mistakes you make, the harder she wails. If I were you, I would find a legitimate psychiatrist for treatment after getting out.

    “I would get away from my horrible parents’ influence. Maybe one day, when you understand the meaning of shame and guilt and wish to redeem yourself for your mistakes, the wounded child inside you will find a chance to recover.”

    Xia Fumeng couldn’t stop her tears. She bawled till her voice went hoarse.

    Qianmo put the illustrations that she drew in front of her. “You asked me if I still like you. I can tell you the answer now. I can’t condone your cruelty, so I can’t make myself like you. But, after seeing your tears, I feel I can dislike you a little less. After all, your tears make you resemble a human being more.”

    It was easy to kill a person. But everyone present had witnessed the incredible task of making the stubborn girl repent just by speech alone.

    The few seniors swallowed their saliva.

    A senior asked Qianmo when she stepped out of the room, “Junior, why did you say all that earlier?”

    Qianmo looked at the blue sky beyond the windows. “Xia Fumeng doesn’t have to bear any legal consequences. Since I cannot change the current outcome, I wanted to prevent her from committing further mistakes within the limits of my capability.”

    She had pondered for the entire night about how she was going to complete the “test” that her mentor had set for her.

    Actually, her mentor didn’t ask her to go so far today. She was only required to analyze the root of Xia Fumeng’s criminal mind, and her mentor would have considered her as passing the test. The “stimulation therapy” today was all Qianmo’s self-assertion.

    And it was all inspired by the cartoon sticker she saw on the piano.

    The significance of juvenile delinquency psychoanalysis was similar to treating cancer in its earliest stage. One could stop the malignant tumor from continuing to deteriorate. Finding the psychological root of criminal behavior would prevent more people from making the same mistakes. This was what Qianmo should consider being in her position.

    And the motive of learning Criminal Psychology.

    A child was like a mirror that reflected the ugliest side of her parents. Sounding the alarm through extreme cases could prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

    The only regret was the case of Xia Fumeng’s sleazy father molesting her home tutor. The incident had happened a long time ago, and the victim refused to come forward. Both parties had reached a settlement, and the prosecution period was also over. It was almost impossible to charge the sleazy man.

    They would have to wait for a chance to get their hands on him in the future. Qianmo also specified her regrets over the sleazy man escaping the clutches of law in the email.

    When Qianmo wrote everything down and sent it to Chen Meng, she had no idea how agitated Black was at that moment.

    She tasted the strongest liquor and loved the best man in the world. He was indeed right about her. Although Qianmo could always easily mesmerize him with any moves she made before, the way she handled the case caused Black to fall even harder in love.

    Black’s mother, Chen Meng, was even more agitated than him. Actually, she had received the feedback already and knew about Qianmo’s performance. She regretted that they didn’t meet sooner when she received Qianmo’s email.

    How could this child be so outstanding?

    What Qianmo thought was what Chen Meng had wished for and strived toward for her whole life.

    The study of the psychology of criminals was a belated effort to many onlookers. Especially when juveniles committed extreme cases, many of them would be screaming for harsh punishments. Yet, how many of them were capable of reflecting deeply like Qianmo?

    This child was basically born for this profession!

    Chen Meng couldn’t wait to reply to Qianmo. If she didn’t have to consider her son’s feelings, she really would like to say, ‘Child, let’s meet up.’

    It was hard to find a bosom friend in life. And wasn’t Qianmo like a destined friend of hers?

    Chen Meng still couldn’t control the agitation she felt in her heart after sending the email to Qianmo. She hugged her man, who was on leave at home, and bragged about Qianmo to him. She had a successor at last; there was hope to revitalize the profession.

    Qianmo waited for her mentor’s reply perturbedly. She had followed her instincts today. She didn’t know what her mentor would think about it. Would she feel that she was too idealistic and childish? Maybe she wouldn’t even reply…

    Chen Meng’s email came earlier than she expected. Qianmo felt even more nervous about opening it than when she was checking her college entrance examination results.

    This email felt warm like her mentor, as compared to the previous one that issued her the assignment in an aloof tone. Qianmo only knew later that the aloof email wasn’t sent by her mentor but by her distant husband.

    This reply first acknowledged Qianmo’s actions and praised her generously for her performance. Then, it went into great detail about Black’s treatment plans. It was even more descriptive than the desensitization therapy that Qianmo knew. Her mentor wanted her to follow this plan for a period, monitor the results, and communicate with her more often.

    Her mentor even mentioned that the Xia sleazy man wouldn’t be having a good time for long. His business chain had a problem, and he would be bankrupt within a year. Everyone would kick a man who was down. This scumbag wouldn’t have a good ending.