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Chapter 164 - Your Time is Up!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 164: Your Time is Up!

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    “Mu zi is injured, and under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t let Jian Qi stay there and defend them. If I’m right, the one hiding over there is Jian Qi and she has all three signalling devices!”

    “Lu Yao is indeed very cautious!” Crocodile was amused.

    Tang Jinyu was very focused on the screen.

    Crocodile was surprised that Tang Jinyu would just let the three of them go up against Jian Qi who was alone.

    He was even more surprised that Tang Jinyu was not going to stop them.

    In the end, he asked, “Boss, are you just going to let the three of them fight against Jian Qi? Isn’t it unfair?”

    Even though he seemed to be concerned, he was also excited at the same time.

    Tang Jinyu glared at him and retorted coldly, “It’s impressive!”

    Crocodile removed his smile and awkwardly coughed.

    Was he happy that there were three hunters going after Jian Qi?

    Well, Jian Qi had been pretty insane lately. It would be entertaining to see her being all upset!

    That would probably be the most exciting part of the whole assessment!

    Tang Jinyu did not try to stop anything that was going on, he intended to let it continue as is!

    Crocodile was confused. He did not know what Tang Jinyu was thinking.

    Did our boss not have high hopes for Jian Qi?

    Why was he not helping Jian Qi now that she had been surrounded?

    He was rather taken aback.

    Was Boss just going to let them eliminate her?

    The hunter went even closer toward Jian Qi’s position and threw a grenade toward her position.

    Just when the grenade came flying, a bullet hit the hunter in the chest.

    The man frowned and cursed out loud, “What the f*ck, they have guns!”

    Seeing the grenade being tossed toward the enemy’s position, he thought that they were all going to die together. However, that person swiftly stood up and dodged the grenade.

    At the same time, from somewhere beside him, a gun was fired and the bullet zipped past him.

    Hunter. “…”

    What was happening?

    How many people were hiding there exactly?!

    The hunter was greatly devastated!

    Jian Qi fired a shot and quickly dodged the incoming bullet.

    The bullet came flying over to the place where she was at. The fumes from the grenade that exploded at her previous location gave her some time to hide herself.

    The bullet that was shot allowed her to find out where Lightning was. She picked up two grenades and threw them over to their position.

    “Take cover!” Lightning shouted.

    The woman was crazy! She did not care at all!

    The both of them were a distance away but not too far from each other. They could have never thought that this woman could predict where the other one was by locating one of them.

    They both dodged the grenade and stood up. By then, Jian Qi was already gone without leaving a trace behind.

    They looked at the hunter who was eliminated.

    The hunter wanted to give them a sign but he had to obey the rules after all.

    “I’m a dead person!” The hunter replied calmly.

    Lightning and Feng Yi went toward the hunter and took his tracker.

    There were indeed three dots that were constantly moving!

    But there was only Jian Qi there just now!

    “After her!” Lightning shouted.

    Now that they had the tracker, they were not afraid of losing her.

    “Big Sister Qi, you better run faster and not let us catch you!” Lightning wanted to roar into the skies.

    Jian Qi, girl, your time is up!