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Chapter 162 - Was This the Zhen Shanmei He Knew?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 162: Was This the Zhen Shanmei He Knew?

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    The beginning was an excerpt from a fast rhythm rap that Lin Qingbei tackled alone. Who would be afraid of only having one in-ear monitor? Any professional artist would not have a problem with that. As he gestured for them to start singing, Zhen Shanmei was standing in a dark corner behind him. A lack of presence alluded her.

    Li Haojie was coincidentally sitting next to Ning Meng and he sneered. “She thinks that she doesn’t need to sing as long as she hides at the back?”

    Right when he said this, the excellent rap performance had just ended, and the arena fell silent. Ning Meng could hear each word crystal clear. She raised her brow and glared sharply at Li Haojie.

    “Can you not close your mouth when you speak?”

    “On what basis?”

    “On the basis that your saliva is more venomous than SARS.”


    He was trembling with anger but could not retort back nor resort to any tactics. He could only subdue his rage. Huo Beichen was observing from the side and as he noticed her arrogance, he raised the corner of his lips.

    Her eyes lit up as she looked toward the stage, but in this world full of colors, he could only look at her. Ning Meng did not notice his intense stare from the side. It was time for the centerpiece of the competition, and she could only nervously observe the stage.

    As the opening rap was done, a soothing accompaniment started playing. Lin Qingbei turned from a cool dude into a gentleman. He stood up straight and held up the microphone as he sang the first line, his melodious voice rippling through the arena. After he had sung two lines, there was an interlude. It was then that Zhen Shanmei took one step forward, and the spotlight focused on her. She stood there and closed her eyes as she lightly nodded along with the rhythm of the music.

    Her golden dress enhanced her elegance and seductive allure. She looked just like a princess, and it was extremely pleasing to the eye.

    Li Haojie sarcastically blurted out. “Embroidered pillow1. She only looks pretty on the surface but has no substance underneath.”

    Ning Meng turned her head so sharply toward him that it shocked him into shutting his mouth.

    Right at that moment, the crowd started to turn noisy and there were people trying to hush them up!

    Ning Meng was surprised and nervously looked up at the stage just in time to see Zhen Shanmei, who had her eyes closed, suddenly do something very bold! The latter raised her slender arms into the shape of a swan and leisurely took off her only in-ear monitor. Then, she leaped and fell into the crowd! This move shocked the entire arena.

    Ning Meng saw that the director at the side was also bewildered, and even Ling Qinbei was slightly stunned. It was clear that he had not been informed of this intention. Coincidentally, the in-ear monitor had fallen on Li Haojie of all places. He stared at the in-ear monitor for a long time and suddenly understood something. He lifted his head, wanting to ridicule her, but could not do so as Zhen Shanmei’s turn to sing had come.

    She closed her eyes, held the microphone, and gently opened her mouth. “You are my God…”

    Ethereal, mellifluous. Like a kingfisher lightly bouncing off the water. Like a yellow warbler with its euphonious voice chirping. Her voice reverbed toward every corner of the arena, so honeyed as though she was a part of nature herself!

    Everyone was shocked and held their breaths as if they were afraid to disrupt this soul-purifying voice. Ning Meng never knew that Zhen Shanmei could sing so well. In fact, she controlled every note to its perfection even without any in-ear monitors!

    Li Haojie was so stunned that his jaw dropped. He could not believe his eyes as he stared at the stage. Was this the Zhen Shanmei he knew?

    When the song had finished, the arena was silent for two seconds. Then, the crowd erupted into a huge round of applause. Amidst the excitement, the senior who was sitting beside Li Haojie abruptly stood up.

    “Why does her stage presence feel so familiar?”