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Chapter 166 - Are You Jealous?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 166: Are You Jealous?

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    When Huo Beichen saw the screenshot on her phone, his brows furrowed slightly. He looked at it for a while, trying to recognize the hotel. When he finally remembered, his eyes, which had been filled with guilt earlier, lit up at that moment.

    Huo Beichen’s heart was dipped with a tinge of sweetness. He felt that she looked particularly cute when she angrily enlarged her eyes. He could not resist smiling slightly. Before he could say anything, Ning Meng suddenly held his arm and pulled him down, pressing on him. Soon, she was also crouching over and they were hidden in the middle of the seat.


    His waist was bent and he felt uncomfortable, but when he tried to move, she exerted even more force unto him and continued to hold onto his arm as she glared at him. Ning Meng slowly scouted the area and looked toward the entrance of the backstage. The whole arena was empty, everyone had left.

    Soon, Su Tiantian came in and covered her mouth as she cried with her head hung low. Trailing her from behind was Li Haojie. He did not seem as concerned for Su Tiantian as he did before, and he sluggishly asked, “What’s wrong?”

    Seeing him in this state, she paused slightly and answered weakly. “Nothing.”

    Li Haojie furrowed his brows. “You look like a mess because of your crying. How can there be nothing wrong?”

    Su Tiantian looked sideways. “I just feel that the fans will surely be disappointed when I get eliminated. What am I to do?”

    She then hung her head to cry further. Li Haojie looked at her. Her singing out of tune had been a trending topic, even her most loyal fans could not clear her name this time. Su Tiantian liked to proclaim herself as a natural singer. She would release a song or two every now and then. Yet, her live performance had turned out this way. It was clear that she would place first from the back this time around. She was sobbing profusely and looked pitiful.

    However, all Li Haojie could think about was Zhen Shanmei’s mesmerizing face. Whenever she faced any problems, she rarely cried like Su Tiantian. Instead, she would be expressive and loud with no hints of gentleness. This thought jolted Li Haojie.

    That’s right. He had abandoned Zhen Shanmei because of her poor behavior. As he thought to this point, Li Haojie turned toward Su Tiantian. “I’m pulling out from the competition.”

    Su Tiantian froze in shock. “What?”

    Li Haojie was assertive.

    “I’m pulling out from the competition. This way, you won’t be eliminated and can continue in the competition. You will have the opportunity to prove yourself. The finals will be in a month’s time, I hope that you can win the competition.”

    Su Tiantian waved in panic. “You can’t do that, I…”

    Li Haojie refused to listen to what she had to say. “It has been decided. Tian Tian, you must win the competition.”

    This was the only way to prove that his taste was not wrong. By her winning the competition.

    She waited for him to leave and her sobs slowly quieted down. She stared at the exit and wiped away her tears, accidentally letting a smile slip loose, but she quickly plastered anxiousness all over her face as she darted out.

    “Li Haojie, you can’t…”

    When they both had left, Ning Meng suppressed herself but finally swore. “F*ck!”

    She stood up and left, the guy trailing her from behind. When he saw that they were about to leave the arena, he held her arm and pulled her toward the wall, pressing his hands against the wall on her sides.

    Ning Meng struggled to escape, but Huo Beichen suddenly lowered his head and went closer. He subtly smiled, and with his husky voice, he asked, “Ning Meng, are you eating vinegar1? Does that mean that you’re jealous?”