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Chapter 113 - : Finding Bo Muyi in the Middle of the Nigh

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 113: Finding Bo Muyi in the Middle of the Night

    “That was not what I meant.”

    At that moment, Mr. Su was flustered and did not know what to say. However, he soon regained his senses and said firmly, “It’s just that you really cannot go to the Imperial Capital.”


    Su Cha frowned, her tone was icy cold.

    Mr. Su’s intentions and her own ideas were completely different.

    In fact, they contradicted one another.

    She had always dreamt of going to the Imperial Capital. Although she did not know the reason behind this burning desire, she subconsciously knew that she had to move to the Imperial Capital.

    However, Mr. Su did not want her to go to the Imperial Capital. Usually, there was at least a reason why people refuse to let their children move to a faraway city. However, Su Cha believed that Mr. Su’s reasons were ill-founded, and there were other reasons for his refusal.

    “Su Cha, stop asking!”

    Mr. Su sighed heavily, “Just stay in Yonggu Town. Even if you don’t find a job after your university graduation, Dad will continue supporting you financially. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Come home next month after your examinations.”

    Su Cha did not reply. She waited silently for about three seconds before hanging up.

    Mr. Su knew something she was unaware of.

    She was sure of that.

    However, she did not know what that was.

    But it was late at night.

    If Mr. Su had given her enough familial love, perhaps she would not have wanted to move so far away.

    However, Mr. Su was basically a stranger to her, and her stepmother would not welcome her into the Su family home.

    Why should she not follow her heart? Even if the Imperial Capital is filled with cruel and wicked people, Su Cha was utterly unafraid.

    The Imperial Capital, a beautiful city that is filled with splendor and glory.

    This glorious city hid numerous opportunities and possibilities. Even if she did not dream of moving to the Imperial Capital, all her current choices were directing her towards this city.

    Sooner or later, she would have to face what was waiting for her in the city.


    Su Cha felt uneasy after her call with Mr. Su and could not fall asleep.

    A cool breeze blew in through the open window.

    As she was only covered in a thin quilt, Su Cha suddenly woke up. She sat up in bed and lightly touched her forehead. She was covered in a cold sweat.

    Su Cha was in a daze, her eyes were fixated in the darkness in front of her. The streetlights outside the window cast a few subtle shadows in her room.

    She was filled with loneliness and emptiness.

    Su Cha did not dream, but her heart was empty. She felt extremely helpless and uneasy as if she was floating in the middle of the sky, unable to land.

    Now that she had woken up so suddenly, she felt not only uneasy but also a little uncomfortable.

    She could not make sense of her own emotions. It was the first time she had felt this way since her rebirth into this life, and it was likely to be caused by her phone call with Mr. Su earlier.

    She bowed her head before taking her mobile phone from her bedside table. As she tossed and turned, her fingers pressed on a string of numbers.

    Bo Muyi.

    As soon as she removed her fingers from the screen, it would immediately dial the number.

    It was 1 am in the morning.

    Will he be resting? Is he asleep?

    Su Cha was hesitant. She did not know why, but she wanted to see Bo Muyi right away. She was restless with anxiety, and it felt like everything would be alright if she was with Bo Muyi.

    Just consider this in your willfulness.

    Su Cha thought as she released her fingers from the screen. The phone rang.


    The phone rang a few times, but Bo Muyi did not answer. Su Cha thought that he had muted his phone before going to bed. Although she was increasingly frustrated, she prepared to hang up.

    Right before she hung up, the call went through.