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Chapter 114 - His Cha Cha, Lovely and Swee

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 114: His Cha Cha, Lovely and Sweet

    “Cha Cha?”

    The remarkably clear male’s voice hid a trace of surprise, “What’s wrong?”

    His voice was incredibly gentle as if he wanted others to lie in his embrace while listening to his soft words.

    His low voice was filled with love and affection.

    “Muyi, I…”

    Su Cha felt embarrassed, “Are you resting?”

    “No, I am still working. I am almost done with work. Cha Cha? It’s late, why are you not asleep?”

    Su Cha was ashamed of her reason, “I… I can’t sleep. I want to see you, can I come and see you?”

    “Of course you can.”

    Bo Muyi replied immediately when Su Cha’s voice fell, he was eager, “I will pick you up with the driver now.”

    Instead of sending the driver, he would pick her up with the driver.

    God knows how much he wanted to see Cha Cha. Now that Cha Cha wanted to visit him, it was great.

    Bo Muyi’s eyes glistened, he felt that he had found a solution.

    Yes, why doesn’t Cha Cha move in with me?

    Unfortunately, he did not know if Su Cha would agree to that.

    Bo Muyi suppressed the idea and informed the driver to pick Su Cha up together.

    He did not ask Su Cha why she wanted to meet him as he was filled with joy.

    After hanging up, Su Cha rubbed her forehead. She probably would not come back to sleep tonight. She wore her coat on top of her pajamas and packed a set of clothes for tomorrow.

    It did not take long for Bo Muyi to get to Su Cha’s place as there were not many cars on the streets at night, and the driver drove quickly.

    Su Cha waited at the foot of the building in her pajamas, her long hair resting on her shoulders as she held onto a set of clothing. Her quiet composure was beautiful. However, she could scare someone in the middle of the night under such poor lighting.

    A Bentley car quietly turned into the parking lot. The bright headlights of the vehicle made Su Cha squint her eyes.

    As the car stopped, a slender man stepped out of the car, his icy cold aura matched the darkness of the night. However, his eyes were filled with gentleness as he looked at Su Cha, “Cha Cha…”

    He walked over and gently embraced Su Cha. She whispered, “Muyi, I troubled you in the middle of the night…”

    “Cha Cha, I wish you would bother me like this every day.”

    The man’s voice was clear and sensual. In the night, his deadly charisma and charm were heightened.

    After he whispered in Su Cha’s ear, he firmly yet gently carried her to the car.

    Su Cha was not completely awake. As she had woken up so suddenly, she was feeling blue and was unlike her cheerful self. In Bo Muyi’s embrace, Su Cha looked adorable. She leaned on Bo Muyi’s chest and started feeling sleepy.

    In that instant, she knew that her decision to find Bo Muyi was right.

    As she sat between his arms, Su Cha found a comfortable position and yawned a little. She wrapped her arms around Bo Muyi’s neck as she laid her head on his chest before drifting to sleep.

    The driver started the car carefully as if he had just gained his driver’s license. He was worried that any movement would wake Miss Su up.

    Bo Muyi lowered his head, his attractiveness and sexiness were intensified at night. He watched Su Cha, who was asleep in his arms as he lightly kissed her earlobes.

    His Cha Cha, so lovely and sweet. He should keep her by his side.

    If anyone saw that scene, they would have dug their eyes out.

    For a moment, the man lifted his head slightly as he observed the dark and cold scenery outside. His thin lips were still pressed against the girl’s white cheek, but his eyes were cold and gloomy.

    As he stared into the void, he thought of something, and his lips curled into a dark, mysterious smile. His charisma and charm made people want to scream out loudly.

    He closed his eyes and lightly kissed Su Cha’s cheeks again as he held her closer.