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Chapter 115 - At Bo Muyi’s Home

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 115: At Bo Muyi’s Home

    As the car drove into Bo Muyi’s home, Bo Muyi held Su Cha in his arms, reluctant to move.

    The driver knew Bo Muyi’s character. After he parked the car in the garage, he quietly left without a word.

    This was one of the largest villas in Yonggu Town, and it was in the wealthier area of the city.

    Residents of this area were extremely wealthy. When Bo Muyi first moved in, he had bought three consecutive villas in the area. He resided in the private villa and isolated himself as he disliked coming into contact with others.

    To the residents in the area, the occupant who lived in the innermost villa was the most mysterious one.

    As they did not know of Bo Muyi’s identity, the wealthy residents had tried to enquire about the owner of the villas. They had wanted to arrange for a suitable opportunity to socialize and build connections. However, due to Bo Muyi’s anti-social nature, he was unwilling to meet anyone.

    He pursed his lips and tightened his grip around Su Cha, who was asleep in his arms. He was unwilling to let go.

    Smelling the faint fragrance of the woman between his arms, Bo Muyi was slowly losing his mind.

    In fact, he had bought the villas in the area just for Su Cha.

    Bo Muyi was not from this city, he came to Yonggu Town from the Imperial Capital. Despite the opposition from his family, he was determined to move to Yonggu Town because he knew Su Cha was here.

    However, she did not recognize him…

    Whenever he thought about how Su Cha stared at him with a strange, distant and hesitant look, Bo Muyi felt as if his heart was torn into pieces.

    She belonged to him. However, he could only watch helplessly from afar, as she dated someone else, even if he knew that her partner had ulterior motives.

    Unfortunately, Su Cha refused to engage with him, even if it was just a gentle look.

    For countless nights, Bo Muyi had dreamt of killing the man beside her so that she would start acknowledging him. But, he could not do that.

    He was sure that she would not like that.

    Until a few days ago, Bo Muyi felt like he was in a dream, and it was never the reality.

    Perhaps it was a misunderstanding, but Bo Muyi was delighted with Su Cha’s sudden change in attitude and behavior.

    Who cared if it didn’t feel real?

    He was willing to only look at the current Su Cha whose heart belonged to him.

    As he thought about this, his gaze became gradually dejected, and his eyes were as dark as black ink. He lowered his head and pressed it against Su Cha’s cheeks. Perhaps he had exerted too much pressure, and Su Cha awakened suddenly. She was extremely drowsy. Through her fuzzy eyes, she could only see the side profile of Bo Muyi’s face, “Are we there…?”

    As she was not fully awake, Su Cha’s soft and gentle bed voice was like the purr of a kitten.


    Bo Muyi pecked her cheeks and replied in a husky voice, “We are here.”

    Despite his reluctance, he carried Su Cha out of the car.

    It was late into the night, and Su Cha still had classes tomorrow morning. It would be more comfortable if she slept on a bed.

    Following his movements, Su Cha drifted off to sleep again. Curled up between Bo Muyi’s arms, Su Cha did not have a single worry, and she was not concerned about what the man would do to her.

    As he watched Su Cha, Bo Muyi’s eyes darkened slightly. He closed the doors of the car and made his way towards the elevator.

    There was an elevator in the garage that was directly linked to the lobby on the first floor.

    As he entered the lobby, the large, empty villa seemed cold and deserted.