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Chapter 116 - Cha Cha, Can I?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 116: Cha Cha, Can I?

    As he hugged Su Cha close to himself, it washed away some of the loneliness he had felt that day.

    Every single part of the lobby was carefully decorated with curated luxury pieces. However, the meticulously placed decorations took away the sense of human touch.

    In such an environment, it made people feel a slight sense of discomfort.

    Bo Muyi carried Su Cha directly into the bedroom.

    He had thought of completing the work in his study room, but the idea disappeared as soon as he felt the warmth from Su Cha.

    He carried Su Cha onto the bed, his tall figure slightly bent forward before carefully laying the girl in his arms onto the bed where he usually slept.

    As soon as she felt the softness of the sheets, Su Cha immediately rolled out of Bo Muyi’s arms onto one side of the bed. She was in deep slumber.

    When he lost physical contact with Su Cha, Bo Muyi felt frustrated. He frowned as he knelt on the bed with one knee to bring himself closer to Su Cha. He grabbed one of Su Cha’s wrist to try and bring her closer.

    As she laid comfortably in bed, Su Cha hummed and resisted. She had been more sensitive over the past few days. Now that Bo Muyi had grabbed her, she awakened from her sleep.

    After opening her eyes with much difficulty, she muttered in a low, barely audible voice, “You…go take a shower…”

    Seeing that he had woken up Su Cha, Bo Muyi patted Su Cha’s back and whispered, “Okay.”

    With Bo Muyi’s comforting pats, Su Cha relaxed and went to sleep again.

    When she had called Bo Muyi, Su Cha thought that she would be able to pull an all-nighter. However, as soon as she felt Bo Muyi’s touch, she fell right asleep.

    Seeing Su Cha in such a deep slumber, Bo Muyi felt helpless.

    Although he did not want to leave Su Cha’s side, he had to wash up before bed. Bo Muyi entered the bathroom and took a quick shower before changing into his pajamas.

    The usually clean bed was now messed up by the girl who was asleep on her stomach. Although he had a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, Bo Muyi did not mind the mess. He sat on the bed and opened the thin quilt before turning Su Cha over so she could face him.

    In addition to her pajamas, Su Cha was also wearing a coat. Seeing her coat, Bo Muyi gently took it off for her.

    As he removed the coat, Bo Muyi’s eyes dimmed, and his breath became heavy.

    The girl was dressed in a simple spaghetti strap pajama. Although the design was conservative, it exposed Su Cha’s milky white shoulders. Under the dim lights, such a view seriously challenged Bo Muyi’s self-restraint.

    Bo Muyi used to be a man of great self-restraint. However, since the last time, he had difficulty controlling his desires when he met Su Cha.

    There would be a problem if he could control himself when he sees his lover in such a state.

    This was not his first intimate experience with Su Cha. The tension and heat between the two surged. Seeing the girl in deep slumber, Bo Muyi reacted intensely, and he lowered his head to bite Su Cha’s lips.

    The sexual tension between the two built up gradually, and the girl started to dream.

    In her confusion, the girl heard the man breathing deeply, “Cha Cha… Can I?”

    Can I…can I what?

    She did not know what was happening, but her body was heating up. She was immersed in the man’s clear, deep voice. Although she wanted to open her eyes, her eyelids felt heavy as though they were covered by something. She could not help but lightly whisper, “Okay.”

    After that, the two fell into an abyss.