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Chapter 117 - I’ll Go If You Promise to Move-In

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 117: I’ll Go If You Promise to Move-In

    Su Cha had a beautiful dream.

    She was unable to determine if it was a dream or reality. But, she was sure that it was not an accident.

    Unlike her first time, she was more sensitive and less resistant. Soon, she was brought into a heavenly space by Bo Muyi.

    In the morning, she did not get up at her regular timing as her body was exhausted, and her eyelids were heavy.

    When she woke up, she instantly felt the weight of a man on her.

    He held her in his arms while he rested his head in the crook of her neck. The man breathed steadily while he slept.

    The man’s chin was clean and bright, the side of his face was flawless and radiant. It was undoubtedly the face of a comic character. In reality, Bo Muyi’s beautiful features were dreamlike.

    Waking up to such a view can improve the overall mood of a person. Su Cha rubbed her forehead as she felt a little headache.

    She knew what had happened the night before, and did not feel shy.

    It was usual for things that had happened to happen again.

    However, she could not understand why she felt fatigued when it was Bo Muyi, who was working hard all night. Her body felt like it did not belong to her. Crushed under a heavy weight, Su Cha was so tired that she did not feel like getting up.

    It seemed like her martial arts training over the past few days were ineffective.

    The cold, handsome man was still in a deep sleep. It was rare for him to be in such a deep slumber, even the alarm did not wake him up.

    Although she did not care to wake him up, Su Cha lightly nudged him, “Muyi…”

    Her voice sounded different from usual.

    Bo Muyi moved his eyes, signifying that he had heard her, but he did not open them.

    Su Cha asked helplessly, “Where are the clothes I brought with me last night?”

    She looked around the room but did not see her clothes.

    The nightgown she was wearing was not torn, but it was a crumpled mess.

    Bo Muyi slowly opened his eyes.

    Under his long, curly lashes was a set of beautiful eyes. His eyes glistened like bright, stunning gems.

    His eyes were dark and black, but it was as though one could see the depths of the blue sea in them.

    When his eyes opened, he immediately saw Su Cha. The traces of indifference were quickly replaced with gentleness. He tightened his hug and rubbed her back before closing his eyes again.

    Su Cha remained silent as she nudged Bo Muyi, “Muyi, where are my clothes? I need to go to school. If we linger here, I will be late.”

    Bo Muyi reopened his eyes and replied in a low, clear voice, “In the car.”

    He did not bring her clothes up last night.

    Su Cha looked at herself, she could not go out like this. She whispered, “Go get them for me.”

    Bo Muyi was silent as he laid on top of Su Cha. After a while, he said, “I’ll go if you promise to move in with me.”

    He learned to threaten people!

    Su Cha narrowed her eyes and pinched Bo Muyi’s flawless face, “Definitely not. It’s almost time for the college entrance examinations. We can discuss it once the college entrance examinations are over.”

    With his restlessness, too much revision time would be wasted…if she were to move in.