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Chapter 169 - Do You Still Want a Divorce?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 169: Do You Still Want a Divorce?

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    Huo Beichen sounded calm and casual. It was even nonchalant. It was as though he was saying, “I heard that you plan to eat sweet and sour ribs tonight”.

    Ning Meng became even angrier after she read his message.

    She knew that it was not a matter to be joked about.

    Moreover, she might not be able to defeat her enemy without Huo Beichen’s protection if Li Yichen decided to take revenge on her for Su Tiantian.

    However, she did not want to continue that kind of marriage.

    She replied immediately. [Yes.]

    Then, she added two more messages after considering it for a while.

    Ning Meng: [Don’t worry. I will not ask you to give me any compensation. I’ll return the hundred million to you which you gave me before.]

    [I will only take what belongs to me.]

    Then, she returned to the group chat and downloaded the video which had been uploaded by Boss Fei Bai.

    Meanwhile, there were new messages in the group chat.

    Qi Shan: [Stupid woman! You must keep your promise! I’ll surely prepare a big red envelope for you if you really go through with the divorce and set the boss free.]

    Ning Meng: [Send me the red envelope first.]

    Qi Shan: [I know you’re just trying to trick me into giving the red envelope to you first. Moreover, surely you’re just joking about the divorce. I don’t believe you!]

    Ning Meng thought for a short while before adding Zhen Shanmei into the group chat.

    Ning Meng: [Zhen Shanmei, tell them. Have I made up my mind about the divorce?]

    Zhen Shanmei responded quickly. [Yes. She’s serious this time. She even said that she is a coward if she does not go through with it this time!]

    Ning Meng was speechless.

    Zhen Shanmei could have left that part out. But either way, clearly, the people in the group chat started to believe what she had said.

    Su Ye: [Madam, please think it through properly. Let’s talk it over if anything has happened.]

    Qi Shan: [Oh gosh! Is it true? Although I want to move the Bureau of Civil Affairs over for you, did the boss agree to it?]

    [Fei Bai, why are you so quiet? @Fei Bai]

    [How dare you want a divorce? I’ll surely kill you. There, I helped you say what you wanted to. You don’t have to thank me. @Fei Bai]

    However, Fei Bai did not appear although he was tagged twice by Qi Shan.

    Ning Meng: […]

    Zhen Shanmei: [How wicked all of you are! Are you a group of scumbags? Your boss is the one who cheated on Mengmeng first. Why wouldn’t she want a divorce?]

    Then, everyone in the group became quiet because of what she had just said in the group.

    After a while, Fei Bai uploaded the same video which he had uploaded just now.

    The video was rather long, so it finally downloaded on her phone.

    She clicked on the video assuming it was some compilation of the videos of killing other people. However, it was the CCTV footage of a hotel.

    The scene happened in the presidential suite of the hotel.

    It started with a knock on the door where Huo Beichen had opened the door. Soon, a girl hugged him and rushed into the room. However, he closed the door swiftly and pushed the girl away immediately. He seemed to show no sympathy for her.

    Then, he burst into anger…

    The whole process was shown clearly in the video.

    Ning Meng was stunned.

    Zhen Shanmei was stunned as well.

    The people in the group chat remained quiet. After a short while, Zhen Shanmei sent a message. [Mengmeng, did you watch the video?]

    Ning Meng: [Yes.]

    Zhen Shanmei: [It seems that your husband has not cheated on you.]

    Ning Meng was speechless.

    She was not blind.

    At that moment, her phone vibrated again.

    She left the group chat and found that it was a message from Huo Beichen again.

    Huo Beichen: [Do you still want a divorce?]

    Ning Meng replied immediately. [What for? No one would separate us if they watched the video!]

    She smacked her own forehead once. Why would she think that Huo Beichen would cheat on her when he had never once touched her over the six years that they had been married? It seemed like he was not a passionate man.

    She was still upset when Huo Beichen sent over a message to her again. It was a screenshot of a message from their group chat.

    Zhen Shanmei: [Yes. She’s serious this time. She even said that she is a coward if she does not go through with it this time!]