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Chapter 160 - Steady Hands And Strong Determination

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 160: Steady Hands And Strong Determination

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    Qianmo read the email a few more times. Nothing comforted her more than bad guys getting their just desserts.

    It wasn’t relevant at all whether the sleazy man brought it upon himself or because Qianmo had mentioned it to Chen Meng.

    If he had been prim and proper in his matters and no one had a hold on him, he wouldn’t have lost everything just because of Qianmo’s words.

    The wage of sin was death. He had used his power to bully the weak; thus, eventually, he would become the bullied one when someone stronger than him appeared. This was “The Law of the Jungle” and also the way of survival.

    There was a phone number in Chen Meng’s email. Her mentor had given her phone number!

    She hadn’t done this in her previous life, but she did it in this one!

    Qianmo found it difficult to conceal her excitement. Her eyes turned moist as she covered her mouth. To have achieved a respected elder’s approval through her hard work was her most magnificent monument.

    She couldn’t wait to share this joy. Instantly, Black’s figure flashed in her mind. But it was too bad he wasn’t at home. He had gone out for shopping, intending to cook a huge meal for Qianmo.

    The holidays were coming to an end, so they were treasuring the time they had together. Qianmo still had tasks to complete.

    One was to investigate the mystery behind Ma Jingtian’s cousin setting her up, and the other was…

    Qianmo’s gaze remained on her mentor’s email.

    The email was much more professional, primarily about the treatment plan. Although it was written very subtly, a person with Qianmo’s intelligence could easily figure out the crux: Intimacy would have great effects.

    Wasn’t it telling her… to consume Black?

    Even though it was obscure and subtle, that was how Qianmo comprehended it. Her mentor even listed how to treat a person with seasickness as an example, highlighting the word “Bind” with color.

    Others might not understand Chen Meng, but Qianmo was taught by her personally in her previous life; how could she not understand her dear teacher?

    Bind, bind…

    Qianmo blushed as she thought about it.

    The cup of coffee that Black left on the table for her before he went out even had a heart in the foam, showcasing his love.

    The little angel in Qianmo’s heart said,

    The little devil said,

    The little angel added,

    The little devil swung his steel fork.

    The little angel and little devil clapped their hands together.

    The little angel and little devil reached a consensus. Qianmo had never rejected the idea of having physical intimacy with Black right from the beginning. The question was… when?

    Proceeding on with a romantic relationship step by step, there wasn’t an absolute guideline on how long before it was appropriate to get physical with the other party.

    Some said the man wouldn’t treasure it if it happened too early. But to Qianmo, the longevity of a relationship had no direct connection with the timing of the first physical intimacy. It meant the person had to have something necessary for her to keep the other party in the relationship.

    It could be family background or compatible souls. A harmonious physical connection was only the icing on the cake for the relationship. However, if a breakup occurred because they did it too early, apart from the incompatibility of their bodies, it only explained that the other party was never serious in the first place.

    It was merely a fast food relationship; naturally, it would be dumped after the motive was achieved.

    Black obviously wasn’t this type of person.

    The little angel and little devil in Qianmo’s heart only went against each other half-heartedly. Finally, they decided… The best effect was to sleep early and treat early.

    Qianmo opened her wardrobe as she made up her mind. She went through the lingerie there and shook her head.

    Nope. None of these were in the style that Black preferred.

    At this time, Black came back. He put down the ingredients and went to do gardening in the yard. He was saving the little aunt’s flower from the brink of death. Despite his cold outlook, this guy’s appreciation of clothing was finely divided.

    According to her previous life, Qianmo could divide his preferences into two groups.

    The clothes that others could see should be simple and elegant. The more expensive it was, the better.

    And those that only he could see, the design should be wild. The lesser material it had, the better.

    It was really a mystery as to how a man could cultivate such distinct appreciation.

    Qianmo looked at the light color selection in her wardrobe. Obviously, all these were too juvenile.

    “Black~ I wanna go shopping.” She opened the window. The two of them used shouts for short-distance communication now.

    Black put down the watering can and replied, “Orh.” Then he went into the house to wash his hands and came back with his wallet and keys.

    Qianmo picked up a huge backpack. She wanted to make sure that she could put everything she bought into it later. Afterward, she looked into the mirror and smiled meaningfully.

    A grumpy Mu Mianmian came back with two big plastic bags from the mall a short while after they went out.

    She was “depressed” for a long time last night. Today, she brought a “huge sum of money” with her to go shopping for the entire day. In the end, she got new season clothes for the whole family. Considering the fact that Chen Baichuan still had the “heartless man” title, she only bought discounted items for him.

    The front door was locked. Mu Mianmian lowered her head and dug in her bag.

    Mu Mianmian raised her head and looked at the yard gates with a headache.

    “Do you need help, Little Aunt?” Mu Mianmian turned around and saw Wang Xiaoyao standing behind her.

    “You came just in time. Please help me climb over the wall and get the spare keys from under the brick in the balcony.”

    Wang Xiaoyao was speechless. This family didn’t have any anti-theft awareness at all. How could they tell him this sort of private matter?

    Little Aunt, however, was one step ahead than him.

    Three minutes later, Mu Mianmian invited Wang Xiaoyao into the house. He wasn’t interested initially. But since Qianmo wasn’t at home and he was curious about that tall guy who stayed at her home the past few days, he decided to go in.

    Mu Mianmian had the candidness of the northern women, but she wasn’t clueless. She feigned ignorance when Wang Xiaoyao inquired about Yu Changmo’s identity, only saying Yu Changmo stayed here because his house had a problem.

    Wang Xiaoyao couldn’t get any valuable information, so he averted his gaze onto the cupboard in the living room.

    “Does Junior like to play with these?” All of Qianmo’s Lego models were in the cupboard.

    Mu Mianmian nodded. Yup, ‘riding a hobby would sap one’s will to make progress’ aptly described her child who was wasting money on these.

    Wang Xiaoyao seemed to be thinking about something.


    On the other side, Qianmo was shopping frantically.

    Although she already had a shopping session with Black’s elder sister, a woman never needed a reason or timing to enjoy shopping.

    Black had a few bags in his hands. She was in charge of buying while he was responsible for carrying and swiping his credit cards.

    Indeed, Qianmo had started using Black’s cards. He didn’t have any objections to this, though. She should have been doing this much earlier, shouldn’t she?

    After buying two jackets as a cover, Qianmo quickly locked her gaze onto the shop that she absolutely needed to visit. Black really liked this brand in her previous life. His record was buying the entire catalog of the latest seasonal items for her. Qianmo scanned around and quickly locked in a few pieces that had little material but were expensive.