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Chapter 159 - Witness

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 159: Witness

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Dancing elegantly, akin to how a swallow caresses its nest, yet swift like a magpie calling into the night. The beautiful troupe embraced the music in a dance that reflected its beauty and serenity, seeming to flow along with the wind.

    Sun Yu’s group received enthusiastic cheers from the entire audience. When their performance ended, they received thunderous applause.

    “Brother, that’s not a bad performance by Yuyu, right?” Xiao Ruyi said, glancing over at Xiao Luo with no other intentions.

    “It’s okay!” Xiao Luo said, nodding as he replied.

    Xiao Ruyi’s face beamed with a smile. It was as if he had just complimented her. Deep down, she knew that what he meant by “okay” was that it was excellent.

    “I heard from her that you have a programme as well?” Xiao Luo asked curiously.

    “I had one at the start, but I canceled it in the end. Preparing for a program is cumbersome and tiring, I don’t want to waste my free time on such things.”

    Xiao Ruyi said, pouting, “Oh right, brother, I’ve mentioned this to you before, so you must pay heed. For a girl like Yuyu, who has such good qualities, not to mention that she’s single, she has many suitors in the hospital. Fu Guisheng is one of them. He is, without a doubt, the most aggressive in his pursuits, and he gifts Yuyu with flowers once every three to five days.”

    Upon hearing this, Zhang Dashan slapped his thighs and said: “I’ve said this before, that guy definitely has some impure intentions about Pretty Girl Sun!”

    “If he dares to fight over sister-in-law with Brother Xiao, then I’ll kill him!” Feng Wuhen said, fiercely exclaiming as he took a sip of his alcohol. He turned his head towards Fu Guisheng.

    “Who gave someone like him the right to fight over a woman with Old Xiao?” Zhang Dashan said scorning.

    “Brother Zhang is right. That troublemaker is vastly inferior to Brother Xiao in all aspects.”

    Xiaowu said, waiting for the right time to jump into the conversation. Then, he took it upon himself to craft a plan for Xiao Luo, “To be honest, there is no need for any fancy tricks such as gifting bouquets and jewelry when trying to woo a lady. My dad told me that during the ancient times, when a man fancies a lady, all he had to do was knock the lady unconscious with a bat and drag her back home to make love to her. Real love is all that is needed, no need for anything complicated or fake.”

    Knocking someone unconscious with a bat and dragging them back?

    Xiao Luo held his laughter and did not say a word.

    On the other hand, Zhang Dashan started laughing until he was in tears. He had been continually raving over Xiao Wu’s talents!

    At that moment, Xiao Luo noticed someone familiar. It was the boss of Yingtong Plastic Factory, Jiang Yongchun.

    A man with a cheerful disposition accompanied Jiang Yongchun. It was Director He, with whom they had the pleasure of meeting earlier.

    “Ruyi, that person isn’t a doctor in your hospital, right?” Xiao Luo asked, wondering how Director He had righteously mentioned that no outsiders were allowed in the premises. In the end, he seemed to have broken the rule.

    As Xiao Ruyi traced Xiao Luo’s line of sight, she also saw Jiang Yongchun. She explained: “That is the boss of a plastics manufacturing firm that supplies our hospital with plastic syringes. That fatty without a chin, He Ruanliang, has received many rebates from the firm, so he treats them as if they were his ancestors.

    Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and thought, so that’s what it is. He also noticed that Xiao Ruyi had addressed her director as a “fatty without a chin,” which he thought was quite an apt description.

    “Why are we talking about your director. What I want to ask is that why hasn’t Pretty Girl Sun returned after finishing her performance?” Zhang Dashan asked bellowing.

    “Yuyu still needs to remove her makeup and change her clothes. Doesn’t all that need time?”

    Xiao Ruyi asked, placing both her hands on her hips and humming. “Tsk, why is the eunuch more anxious than the emperor? Even my brother isn’t rushing, so what are you in a hurry for?”

    “…” Zhang Dashan had no words to say in response.


    One-by-one the performances continued throughout the mid-autumn festival gala. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and agreed that the various acts, dances, comic sketches, and singing, were exceptional.

    Sun Yu was back in her usual clothes, and she sat beside Xiao Luo after Xiao Ruyi gestured for her to sit over there. She had on a loose-fitting pastel yellow blouse along with a tight-fitting dark denim jean that gave off a lovely and youthful vibe, capturing joy with her beautiful, moving smile.

    “Brother Xiao Luo, my uncle mentioned something strange to me,” Sun Yu said, initiating a conversation.

    “What’s the weird thing he said?” Xiao Luo asked.

    Taking advantage of the loud music playing, Sun Yu boldly exclaimed: “He told me to hold on to you tightly!”

    Her face immediately blushed a deep red after finishing her sentence.

    Xiao Luo fixed his attention on her, but she turned her head away due to embarrassment and pretended to be appreciating the performances.

    He smiled warmly and said: “Be my girlfriend.”

    Sun Yu was taken aback. Her heartbeat went so fast that she couldn’t catch her breath, “racing as to how a little deer would leap wildly around.” Was this a confession, was Xiao Luo confessing to her?

    Her lips parted slightly, her beautiful eyes were wide open, and her cheeks were flushed.

    Xiao Luo took a deep breath and repeated: “Sun Yu, be my…”

    He had yet to finish when the emcee on stage excitedly announced with a piercing voice, which drowned out what Xiao Luo had intended to say.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, the finale that we were all anticipating is going to be here soon. This is brought to you by our most handsome and youngest neurologist, Dr. Fu, and he will be performing the song ‘Being Your Man.’ Dr. Fu is multi-talented. Not only is he a core pillar of our hospital, but he also taught himself to play the piano.

    Having passed the grade 7 examination of the musician’s association, his musical talent is deemed to be extremely high. So let us welcome him with a round of applause. The Male God of all the nurses in the hospital, Fu Guisheng!”

    A loud round of applause echoed throughout the hall. There were even many female audiences that were shouting “Dr. Fu!” loudly. The scene could be described as very lively.

    In the spotlight, Fu Guisheng held the microphone and walked onto the stage. At the same time, a piano was brought out by the backstage crew.

    “What the heck, this kid can even play the piano?”

    Zhang Dashan’s face was full of contempt. He looked at Fu Guisheng and said, “Can you believe this?”

    Feng Wuhen shook his head: “No shit, I can’t believe it!”

    Zhang Dashan then turned towards Xiaowu and said: “Do you believe this?”

    “If he can really play, then kill me by having someone flick my b*lls till I die,” Xiaowu said firmly.

    Xiao Luo said softly: “Didn’t any of you notice his hands just now? His nails are short, and the flesh of his fingertips doesn’t exceed his fingertips. Also, his fingertips are round, and his palms are wide. These are all characteristics of a typical pianist. Furthermore, the sense of self-confidence exuding from him means that he can play. However, whether he passed the grade 7 examination is another issue altogether.”


    This certainly gave Xiaowu a shock. If Fu Guisheng could play the piano, his b*lls were about to get flicked till he died!

    Xiao Ruyi giggled and said: “My brother has an acute observation, unlike you old brutes. I’ll be honest with you, Fu Guisheng does indeed have a trick or two up his sleeves. His voice is kind of similar to Zhang Xingzhe. It’s gentle and nice, while his piano playing is also rather proficient. During past mid-autumn festival galas, he played Chopin nocturnes, which moved the audience greatly.”


    Xiaowu’s forehead hit the table hard, and he showed a lifeless expression. He thought to himself, “Why did I have nothing better to do than to go curse myself!”

    At that moment, Fu Guisheng who was on stage put on a charming smile, and said a few words, “Before I begin my song, I would like to say a few words to a certain girl, and I want all of you here to be my witness.”