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Chapter 160 - Auditory feas

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 160: Auditory feast

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    A man holding a bouquet of roses walked briskly on to the stage. Just the audience was wondering what was going on, Fu Guisheng received the bouquet and got down on one knee. His deep gaze adoringly fixed on Sun Yu, who was seated below the stage.

    “Yuyu, when I first laid my eyes on you, I was taken away by your beauty. From that moment forth, I had lost my soul, and you were the one who stole it away. I’ve been yearning to see you every day, and I dream of us walking together hand in hand into the sunset. I love you forever and ever, even until death!”

    This emotionally charged confession amplified through the microphone and reverberated throughout the venue.

    The crowd reacted immediately. It turned out to be a confession of love!

    Many applauded with excitement when they saw the scene, some of the girls even screamed wildly without inhibition. They wished they were the target of Fu Guisheng’s affection. The atmosphere in the venue became highly charged.

    Striking while the iron was hot, Fu Guisheng smiled with satisfaction at the response, and continued, “Yuyu, I like you. Will you become the girlfriend of Fu Guisheng and let me pamper and dote over you? I want to make you the happiest woman in the world!”

    Sun Yu was stunned and was at a loss. She had never expected Fu Guisheng would pull such a stunt.

    Giving their raucous support and encouragement, Fu Guisheng’s friends roared loudly in unison.

    “Accept him, accept him!”

    They quickly received support from others. After all, this was both a romantic and significant event, which the crowd had no reason not to join in to support this event. The noise quickly grew louder as wave upon wave of voices boomed across the venue, encouraging Sun Yu to accept the proposal.

    “F*ck him and his love stealing act! That guy actually had such a cheap trick up his sleeve!”

    Zhang Dashan was furious. Deep down, he knew how effective this trick could be, and many women out there would succumb to it. Truth be told, it was always going to be difficult with the crowd shouting “accept him!” and a man giving confession his love in public. No matter how strong-willed a woman was, they would be overcome with emotions and accept the proposal with open arms, especially when the proposing party was successful and wealthy.

    Xiao Ruyi fumed and was absolutely disgusted. “Shameless!” She said out aloud.

    Feng Wuhen stood up in a loud voice and said: “F*ck his grandmother! He’s obviously trying to steal sister-in-law away. Brother Xiao… wait, where is Brother Xiao?”

    After recovering from the initial shock, they came back to their senses. The seat that Xiao had occupied was now empty, and he was nowhere to be seen.

    With Xiao Luo nowhere to be seen, Sun Yu’s face gradually turned pale as she looked towards Fu Guisheng’s longing, affectionate eyes. As the cheering continued in good voice from the hospital staff, she was at a loss of what to do.

    To accept Fu Guisheng was out of the question. She simply did not like him. The one she was deeply attracted to was Xiao Luo.

    But it seemed cruel to reject him in the presence of such a crowd and cause him to lose face. Nor did Sun Yu want to disappoint everyone during such a festive event.

    What should she do?

    Sun Yu panicked and was close to tears. The situation overwhelmed her, leaving her in a state of deep confusion.

    Even as she grappled with her conflicting emotions, a lingering melody began to serenade the moment, as if timed and choreographed to elicit her final response of affirmation.

    The rousing cheers suddenly came to a lull, and everyone’s attention was drawn to a lone figure sitting in front of the piano. Nimble fingers danced gently across the black and white keys.

    1A passionate melody played from the piano, echoing softly across the venue. The audience fell silent and listened in rapture.

    “What piano piece is this? Why have I never heard it before?”

    “It’s truly amazing. Oh, I can even feel my ears getting pregnant.”

    “Stop talking and listen quietly.”

    In the crowd, music lovers whispered in admiration.

    Even the ordinary folk unfamiliar with the genre was enchanted by the music. It seemed to have come from the soul, evoking emotions both tranquil and joyful.

    Zhang Dashan and his companions were awestruck. They all sat in complete silence, staring at the stage, with mouths wide open. The lone figure at the piano was none other than his good brother, Xiao Luo!

    “What the f*ck, are my eyes playing tricks on me? Old Xiao can actually play the piano!” He muttered in shock.

    Xiao Ruyi echoed his thoughts, asking herself, “When did my brother learn to play the piano?”

    Tang Ren, Feng Wuhen, and Xiaowu quickly came back to their senses and exclaimed excitedly, “Brother (Brother Xiao) is totally awesome!”

    It was Xiao Luo! Sun Yu’s emotions went from dazed, too surprised, and then turned to absolute joy!. She looked right into Xiao Luo’s eyes and melted with deep affection.

    Fu Guisheng’s face twitched uncontrollably. How could this have happened? He had been careful to orchestrate his performance around his confession of love for Sun Yu. He had meant to take full advantage of the cheering crowd, as he had planned with his friends. This would put her in a position that would make it difficult to reject his proposal. In fact, he had already pictured himself rolling around in bed with Sun Yu that very night. He was only just a step away… but still, just one step too far!

    As it turned out, it was “like a violent stream of water, encountering an unmoving mountain.” His scheme was thwarted, and all now seemed lost.

    What had irked Fu Guisheng most was that Xiao Luo had now taken the seat at the piano that was rightly his. When he first realized what had happened, he had immediately stormed towards the center stage. Then as a lingering melody of bright and joyous notes gently resonating across the stage, Fu Guisheng was stopped dead in his tracks. As an accomplished pianist himself, he naturally understood the subtleties and nuances in the piece Xiao Luo was playing.

    The arrangement of the piece was nothing short of masterfully.

    This man was actually a very talented pianist!

    Fu Guisheng was in total shock. He couldn’t believe it, and more than anything else, he couldn’t accept it!

    What no one had known was that Xiao Luo had a natural talent for music. Aside from singing, he was proficient in many musical instruments, including the piano.

    As Xiao Luo sat at the piano, he carried himself elegantly with the style and cultured bearing of a professional pianist. He played with skill, and his nimble fingers evoked beautiful and bright sounding notes from the keyboard. He was indeed a joy to watch and listen to.

    All who listened to his musical piece were transported to another dimension as the melody carried them through a musical journey of deep and personal emotions; The soulful sound of the introduction evoked, for some, old memories of their homeland and of long marches through wintery plains. As the music progressed, the tempo picked up, still slow but livelier, arousing images of cheer and revelry, of ripening fields in yellow and gold, and of newfound hope.

    It was so beautiful!

    Like pristine landscapes and fine vintage wine, it was at once both mesmerizing and intoxicating. No words could describe the magic and mystery of the musical composition that was played that night.

    As the music neared its end, it took on a more energetic tempo that seemed to send its listeners soaring through mountains. Then it slowed again, descending to reverberate through the earth and along its running rivers. Then, as it lifted once again, arousing emotions of joy and attainment, it finally flourished into a crescendo, evoking images of a brilliant burst of fireworks illuminating the night sky.

    Thunderous applause erupted when the music ended in a standing ovation by a very appreciative crowd.

    It was simply, an auditory feast!