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Chapter 165 - Only She Would Play With Our Feelings

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 165: Only She Would Play With Our Feelings

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    Feng Yi was rather disgusted by Lightning’s behaviour.

    “Why do you sound like a villain right now?”

    Lightning happily said, “After her!”

    They tracked Jian Qi’s location and chased after the dots at a pretty fast pace. However, they soon realized that the dots were moving at an even faster pace.

    That was not a speed a normal person would have.

    They then realized that her location was at the cliff where they had climbed up earlier on, and their faces immediately fell.

    “Let’s save her!”

    Feng Yi said without hesitation.

    They quickly ran toward the location.

    They stood at the edge of the cliff and looked down as a frown appeared on their faces.

    The signals stopped somewhere over the edge and were no longer moving.

    “Let’s go down and have a look!” Feng Yi said.

    They were both afraid that someone might actually be dead!

    Just when the two of them had crawled downward for about two metres, a cheeky voice sounded from above their heads, “Hey Instructors, what are you doing?”

    They raised their heads as soon as they heard the voice.

    Someone they thought had fallen off the cliff and was probably half dead was standing above them with a sniper gun that was aimed at their heads!

    That grin on her face was extremely arrogant.

    She was not carrying a backpack!

    That meant that she threw it off the cliff!

    That was a risky move. Was she not afraid that other hunters might get to it?

    “You tricked us!” Lightning was looking at her with a hurt expression on his face. “Big Sister Qi, where’s that trust we humans have between each other?”

    “I had no choice. The two of you were so determined to kill me. Hence, I could only risk it. After all, if I didn’t throw away my backpack, I would have died!”

    “As the saying goes, soldiers must be sly sometimes!” Jian Qi smirked and pulled the trigger on Lightning.

    Lightning. “…”

    “Do you have to be so cruel? We thought that you fell off the cliff and wanted to save you. Is this how you’re going to treat your life savers?”

    Lightning was upset.

    Jian Qi smiled and aimed the gun at Feng Yi.

    “Student Qi, shouldn’t you be more friendly to your ex-instructor?” Feng Yi smiled.

    The whole team going down together would be embarrassing.

    Jian Qi was calm as she said, “Instructor Feng, I personally think that it would be even better if I just eliminate you!”

    Right after saying so, she pulled the trigger.

    Feng Yi. “…”

    ‘I need a new goddess!’

    ‘This woman is a demon!’

    ‘This is too terrifying!’

    ‘Embarrassing too!’

    Jian Qi smiled and climbed down the cliff. She stood by their side and said with a smile on her face, “I thought that you were going to challenge me one-on-one the next time we met?”

    Feng Yi and Lightning were speechless.

    “Big Sister Qi, I hope you will be surrounded by hunters when you get down there and that the signals on your signalling devices would have been launched!” Lightning said through gritted teeth.

    Jian Qi smiled and took the tracker from them.

    The dots were still on the tracker, that also meant that her belongings were still at the same place.

    “You two are dead so I suggest that the two of you just continue hanging here!” Jian Qi teased them and climbed down to get her stuff.

    They watched as she agilely climbed down. Their eyes then met and they could see traces of awkwardness in each other’s eyes.

    They were actually tricked by a freshman and were both eliminated.

    “This is so frustrating. I can’t believe we were not eliminated under normal circumstances but was caught while hanging onto a cliff, not able to do anything but watch on as she eliminated us!” Feng Yi said sombrely.

    “I feel even more frustrated!” Lightning roared, “I was tricked twice, by the same person!”

    “I think we are too kind!” Feng Yi said calmly, “These freshmen are too sly. They played with our feelings!”

    Lightning. “…”

    “Only she would play with our feelings!”