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Chapter 170 - Dad Has Found You a Grandpa

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 170: Dad Has Found You a Grandpa

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    Ning Meng was rendered speechless.

    She wrote a reply swiftly. [Aren’t you my lord? Lord Chen, you’re so handsome and elegant. You’re a good husband whom I couldn’t find anywhere else. Why would I want a divorce with you?]

    After saying all these nice things to Huo Beichen, Ning Meng returned to the group chat again.

    She frowned and thought about it for a while.

    The minute she sent a message to the group chat, Huo Beichen had come and asked her about the divorce. It meant that there was a traitor in the group.

    That traitor had even screenshot what she said and sent it to Huo Beichen. How frustrating!

    But who was that traitor? Surely, it was not Su Ye, the cute one. Boss Fei Bai would not bother about such things too. Then, the only one left behind was…

    Ning Meng typed her message in a fury, making loud typing noises on her phone screen.

    Ning Meng: [I think that you’re just like a funny, silly, and cheap bun! You’re also a headstrong, stubborn, and blind man! You’re even old and stupid just like an old woman! @Qi Shan]

    Qi Shan: [???]

    Ning Meng: [You’re not even old yet but you have understood what it is like being an old man. Is it hilarious snapping the photographs of our messages and sending it to Lord Chen?]

    Qi Shan: [D*mn it! Who snapped the messages?]

    Ning Meng: [?? Aren’t you the one who did it? Who else could it have been if it wasn’t you?]

    Qi Shan reached The Club. He soon found the private room which he frequented. He was infuriated as he read the messages from Ning Meng that were scolding him in the group chat. He clicked into another group chat which included only Su Ye, Fei Bai, and him, and sent a message there.

    Qi Shan: [Who screenshot the messages and sent them to the boss? If you’re a true man, admit it now. Why am I the one who has to be scolded by her? @Su Ye @Fei Bai]

    Su Ye: [It wasn’t me.]

    Fei Bai sent a message slowly. [It was you.]

    Qi Shan: [Your dad, I, am not as bored as that! Why would I tell the boss about it? I’m not a primary school kid!]

    Fei Bai: [Whose dad are you?]

    Qi Shan was about to send another message. [I’m your dad!]

    However, he did not manage to send it as he saw Su Ye’s message.

    Su Ye: [Are you the boss or Fei Bai?]

    Fei Bai: [Hmm.]

    Qi Shan was speechless.

    He deleted his previous message immediately. Then, he wrote another message. [Boss, you’re my dad!]

    Fei Bai: [Who screenshot the messages?]

    Qi Shan: [It’s me! Surely, it’s me! No one can deny it!]

    Then, he went back to the previous group chat and sent a message there righteously.

    Qi Shan: [It was me. Go ahead and scold me.]

    Ning Meng did not know how to respond to that after she read his message.

    Ning Meng scolded him again given that she was always a frank girl. At the very least, she sent another message.

    Ning Meng: [Oh! By the way, your dad, I have found you a grandpa. Remember to address your boss as your grandpa the next time you see him.]

    Qi Shan was speechless.

    After that, Ning Meng left the group chat.

    She glanced at the chatbox with Huo Beichen. That man had still not replied to her previous message.

    So, she put down her phone and went upstairs to take a shower. One hour had gone by after which she had completed her skincare routine.

    Now, she was holding her phone and lying in bed. At last, she got a reply from him.

    It was a voice message.

    She clicked on it and soon, she heard the man’s voice. His deep voice was filled with a sense of laughter. It made her heart flutter just like a soft feather had rubbed against it softly. “So, you were jealous today.”

    Ning Meng blushed and hid under the blanket. She clicked on the voice message and the man’s melodious voice sounded around her ears.

    She chuckled like a fool. Her phone vibrated again after she had played the voice message for about four to five times now. It was a voice call from Huo Beichen.