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Chapter 118 - Nothing But Looks

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 118: Nothing But Looks

    Hearing Su Cha’s response, Bo Muyi was upset.

    However, he could not resist Su Cha. Bo Muyi got out of bed to retrieve Su Cha’s clothes from the car.

    When Su Cha regained her senses, she realized that Bo Muyi was naked.

    When he got out of bed, his body was completely exposed, and Su Cha saw something she should not have.

    Su Cha: “…”

    Things had happened between them, is it too late to be shy about it now?

    After all, Su Cha was still shy, and she immediately closed her eyes.

    The man took his time to pick out a set of pajamas from his wardrobe. Seeing the girl sitting in bed with her eyes tightly shut, he chuckled. After he got dressed, the man went downstairs to pick up Su Cha’s clothes.

    Bo Muyi was the only one residing in this gigantic mansion. Apart from the cleaning and mealtimes, no one would come by.

    The maids and the drivers resided in the villa beside him.

    It would be a huge waste if it was not used.

    As the maids and drivers knew Bo Muyi’s character, they would never appear in his home when they should not have, and they would not even mention how Bo Muyi brought Su Cha home last night.

    The driver was already waiting in the garage. When he saw Bo Muyi walking over casually like an emperor, he respectfully bowed, “Young master.”

    Bo Muyi nodded his head and walked to the side of the car to retrieve Su Cha’s clothes. He replied simply, “Wait.”

    The driver picks Bo Muyi up every morning.

    He naturally understood Bo Muyi’s order and nodded silently in reply.

    Bo Muyi returned upstairs with Su Cha’s clothes. Su Cha had taken advantage of the time to take a quick shower. As her pajamas were too wrinkled to be worn, Su Cha wrapped herself tightly in the quilt.

    Seeing that Bo Muyo had brought her clothes back, Su Cha stretched out her smooth, milky arms to receive them. Noticing that Bo Muyi was just standing next to the bed with no intentions to move, Su Cha became embarrassed, “Muyi, can you leave for a moment…”

    It was not because of her shyness, but Su Cha was not used this. As she had spent many years living in ancient times, the traditional values were ingrained in her. Hence, she always had a bit of shame about herself.

    Even if she shared a close bond with Bo Muyi.

    Bo Muyi curled his lips. It was rare to see a shy Su Cha, and his heart was filled with joy. He silently nodded before taking a change of clothes with him into the bathroom.

    After seeing that Bo Muyi had left, Su Cha heaved a sigh of relief. She was embarrassed that she had not brought a change of lingerie and could only wear the same set from the night before.

    When she decided to visit Bo Muyi, Su Cha did not expect such intimacy to happen between herself and Bo Muyi. As she was in a deep sleep, Su Cha did not know how it began.

    As she had no conflict with Bo Muyi, it was also not strange that it had happened…

    After Su Cha got dressed, she looked at the time. It was already 6.40 am…

    After a short while. Bo Muyi came out of the bathroom. He had washed up and changed into a simple, casual yet high-end shirt which made him appear more gorgeous than before.

    Such a man was worthy of all praises. Even if he wore a sack, he would appear more fashionable than others who were dressed in luxury clothing.

    Su Cha had experienced all sorts of challenges and changes in her past life. However, Bo Muyi’s perfect features could make her enter a trance every time. As she regained her senses, Su Cha was a little confused.

    Is this really love at first sight?

    How could such a perfect young man like Bo Muyi fall in love with her?

    Although she was a beauty, she had nothing but her looks.