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Chapter 246.2 - Endearing Pet Name

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 246.2: Endearing Pet Name

    “Curse?” Lou Jun Yao’s snorted disdainfully. “That’s really something only these people from the Divine Temple are capable of.”

    “We have a Soul Restorer back in the Dark Lands who is able to repair cultivators whose souls come to suffer severe damage or is broken. But for someone in her situation…..” Lou Jun Yao paused a moment before he continued….. “The power from a curse is unlike other regular forms of power. As that kind of power is too evil and unorthodox, I cannot be certain.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes lit up. “That means there’s a possibility to restore it. That’s great! Then I’ll just leave the task in your hands.”

    The young lady looked at him with bright sparkly eyes, looking so much like a child who was just given candy, and was absolutely delighted.

    Lou Jun Yao could not help but laugh as his long slender fingers stroked her hair. His voice and low and tender as he said: “Do you need to be so courteous with me? As long as it is something within my power, I will do everything I can to help you.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes curved into crescents as she raised her head, meeting the man’s tender and indulgent violet gaze, his eyes so deep that they looked like deep bottomless violet pools.

    Although those eyes looked so mysterious and dangerous, she knew in her heart that sincerity and earnestness were in them, and there was no deceit.

    “What is it?” Seeing that her eyes look a little strange, Lou Jun Yao immediately opened his mouth to ask: “Why are you looking at me like this?”

    Qing Yu shook her head as she laughed, and words that she had never spoken of before came out in a surge of emotion. “I just thought that I liked seeing you how earnest you looked when you told me you’ll do everything in your power to help me.”

    It was not known from when it actually started, where such a highly revered and haughty fella would subject himself to her every whim when she could have dealt with the issues on her own, despite how winding the process became, even when he would get injured and bleed, or come to feel pain.

    But he seemed determined to isolate her from all external dangers, to the extent that if she was willing, he would shelter her from all harm like a prized canary.

    If this had been her in her past life, to have someone care about her so sincerely, even if it was just by one tiny bit, she probably would not have turned to become so utterly jaded!

    “That’s so foolish.”

    Like he had seen some other emotion within the young lady’s brightly smiling eyes, Lou Jun Yao clasped the young lady close to his chest, embracing her so tightly that Qing Yu felt a twinge of pain.

    Although it was uncomfortable for Qing Yu, she did not resist his actions.

    In the next second, she heard the man’s deep voice sound out above her head: “Can you feel it?”

    “What?” Qing Yu asked, a little puzzled.

    “That you’re here, in my arms.” Lou Jun Yao’s voice sounded a little hoarse, his hand gently stroking the young lady’s back, seeming like he was comforting the young lady tenderly.

    Qing Yu was silent for a moment.

    She had suddenly thought about her previous life, and was unable to differentiate whether she was now living in an imaginary life or was this all real.

    [That’s right. She is….. no longer the person she was in her previous life.]

    [And she is now….. no longer alone.]