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Chapter 246.3 - Endearing Pet Name

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 246.3: Endearing Pet Name

    Qing Yu closed her eyes tightly and suddenly stretched her hand out to circle around the man’s waist, his voice exceptionally tender as she called out: “Lou Jun Yao…..”


    The man responded, and then waited quietly for her to continue, even though she did not say anything for a long while.

    Having known her for so long, he had seldom seen the little one look so sorrowful. He tried his hardest to be carefully gentle, to comfort the little figure who was looking exceptionally fragile at that moment.

    She did not say a single word as she hugged him rather needily, and he thought that she had drifted off to sleep over time. He had moved his body slightly just now, and he heard her murmur softly, an almost inaudible sound.

    “What did you say?” Her voice had been too soft, and he could not quite catch what she said.

    The fingers of the young lady’s hand placed around his waist then slowly twisted, and his clothes that rubbed against his skin felt a little ticklish.

    “Yao.” She finally called out in a soft voice.

    Lou Jun Yao was suddenly taken aback in shock, and it was a long while before he was able to come back to his senses. “Did you just call me….. Yao?”

    “Mm.” Qing Yu lifted her head that was nestled against his chest up slowly, and in those mesmerizingly alluring eyes that were usually filled with feigned smiles, he could see the undisguised delight and joy in them.

    “I like hearing you call me that. It’s sounds intimate and I like it very much.”

    For such a picky and fussy man to say he likes it twice in quick succession like that, it could be seen from there how much he really liked it.

    Qing Yu could not help but smile back at him, but after hearing what the man came to say in the next instant, she could not help but laugh out loud, highly amused.

    “Only the Heavens know how jealous I was when I hear you calling that fella Little Ye Little Ye time after time.”

    The man’s tone was stern and severe, and listening to it closely, one would be able to hear that his voice had a little bit of bitter aggrievement.

    Qing Yu could not help laughing out loud. “It’s just a form of address, do you need to nit pick on such a trivial thing?”

    “Of course I need to! And I need to very very much!” Lou Jun Yao nodded with a serious expression on his face. “Hearing these two forms of address right now clearly shows which one is on closer terms with you. And however you hear it, Yao sounds so much more intimate and endearing than Little Ye.”

    “You’re easily satisfied aren’t you?” Qing Yu said teasingly as she stretched her hand out to pinch the man’s handsome face.

    Lou Jun Yao smiled and caught the small hand wrecking havoc on his face, tightly grasped in his palm as he then said: “I came here this time because I have something else I wanted to tell you.”


    “I got Bai Zhi Yan to go down to the Constellation Lands to bring Little Bei up here.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes widened as she stared. “When did you bring Little Bei here?”