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Chapter 247.1 - I Believe That You Will Definitely Protect Me

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 247.1: I Believe That You Will Definitely Protect Me

    Not just the people in there, but also the climate.

    Throughout the four seasons in a year, snow white covered, the air bitter cold and the ground frozen with ice.

    The people in there were all cultivators, people who possessed high resistance and were strong against the chill regardless whether in terms of their body constitution or cultivation. And as they stayed in those lands all year round, they were naturally not that much affected by the bitter chill.

    But for most regular people, they would definitely not be able to withstand the severe and wintry cold of the place, like Qing Lan Fei whose cultivation at that moment was no longer as powerful as before. Although she was able to grit her teeth and endure the bitter cold air, her thin body still subconsciously trembled and shook.

    Fortunately, Mo Jing Yu had already guessed that her thin and weakened body would not be able to withstand it, and he had made ample preparations in anticipation for such a situation.

    Qing Lan Fei had just started to feel a little cold when she suddenly felt a weight on her shoulders, and she felt herself enveloped in warmth. She raised her eyes up to look, and saw Mo Jing Yu carefully tying the strap on the fox fur cape she was wearing, his head lowered.

    Seeing her look at him, the man could not help but curved his lips up to reveal a gentle smile, his large hand clasping around her smaller hands. “Still feel cold?”

    A warm feeling rose up inside Qing Lan Fei’s heart, and she shook her head gently. “I’m not cold. I’m feeling great.”

    Xiu Yi Ran who had been walking in front had come to a stop and he watched the two of them with an amused look in his eyes before he said in a teasing tone: “This fella here really has become so different after getting yourself a woman, turned to become much more gentle and considerate.”

    Upon saying that, he then looked at the slightly pale faced woman and said with a laugh: “Little Lan Fei, why don’t you and I go to the Brocade Pavilion and have a seat there while we let this fella go see Big Brother by himself. It’s a lot warmer over there.”

    Qing Lan Fei was surprised for a moment and before she could even say anything, Mo Jing Yu spoke up: “No need. Fei Er will be fine staying by my side.”

    [That must be a joke. He has not come back to the Hell Kings Palace for so many years, so who knew what kind of a place it has changed into now. How could he possibly allow Fei Er to leave his line of sight in such a situation?]

    Hearing that, Xiu Yi Ran raised an eyebrow. “What? Are you afraid that I’ll gobble your woman right up?”

    [Tsk, it really doesn’t pay to be kind.]

    [He and Qing Lan Fei could be said to be old acquaintances at the very least and with his level of cultivation, he was naturally able to see the state the woman was currently in. It was clear that no matter how many layers she wore, there was no place the bitter chill here in the Hell Kings Palace was unable to reach, and exposing her to the chill for too long would harm her body greatly.]

    And throughout the Hell Kings Palace, the single warmest place would only be the Brocade Pavilion.

    The place he resides in.