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Chapter 161 - A bossy announcemen

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 161: A bossy announcement

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    After the music ended, the audience was in rapture, moved by the lyrical melodies, and lingering notes of the virtuoso pianist. Their souls seemed to have been soothed by the tune. For a moment, the entire gala was in complete silence, you could hear the sound of a pin drop.

    Xiao Luo stood up, bowed to the crowd, and walked towards the dumbfounded host. He took the microphone from the host, and facing Sun Yu, loudly said: “Sun Yu, from today you are my woman!”

    “Wh… what…?”

    Sun Yu was bowled over. She was trembling, half in absolute joy, and the other half in jitters. She felt a sense of breathlessness as she heard him speak those words. The pleasure had come all too suddenly, and she had been caught entirely off guard.

    Everyone else present was equally in a state of shock. What had just happened here? Why would two people confess their feelings to the same girl at the same time? No, this wasn’t just a proposal to come together as one, nor was it merely a confession of love. It was an announcement, a straight-up, irrevocable declaration that Sun Yu was his woman.

    What the f*ck!

    “Old Xiao is just f*cking awesome, hahaha…”

    Zhang Dashan said. He couldn’t help himself, swearing was second nature to him. No embellishing or elegant words for him. There was nothing like a choice invective to get the point across. It was more direct, impactful, and efficient!

    “Woah, what the f*ck, no wonder he is my older brother Xiao. Nobody can match his courageous spirit,” Feng Wuhen said in his usual straightforward manner.

    “My brother is way too bossy, but I like it, hehe…”

    Xiao Ruyi said, smiling. Then, looking at Tang Ren, sitting right next to her, she reached out to pull his ear. Naggingly, she said, “Look! See how daring my brother is, why can’t you be more like that?”

    Tang Ren put his hand up to his ear, exclaiming in pain: “Wifey, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Let go, let go! If you don’t, my ears will be ripped off!”

    Xiao Ruyi let go, eyeing him with a look of resentment. Her look said it all, could her husband ever meet her expectations?


    “You b*stard! Yuyu is my woman, what are you doing here?” Fu Guisheng, now on stage, shouted angrily, snarling at Xiao Luo like a wild dog on a leash.

    “Everyone, listen up. This person is not from our hospital. He is deliberately here to cause trouble.”

    “Indeed, we don’t have such a person in our hospital.”

    “Dr. Fu’s planned confession has been disrupted because of him, everyone, quickly throw him out.”

    Fu Guisheng’s cohort of rowdy friends was screaming with raised their fists from their table below.

    Fu Guisheng’s statement surprised everyone. Wasn’t he from the hospital?

    Rising up from his table, Director He Ruanliang, being the man with the highest authority in the hospital, echoed in support: “Colleagues, this person is indeed not an employee of our hospital. I don’t know what his purpose here is. He has disrupted and jeopardized Dr. Fu’s romantic confession, and I urge everyone not to be bought over by his ability to play such fine music. We must stand by our colleague and support Dr. Fu!”

    It was apparent that this fat man without a chin was standing on the side of Fu Guisheng.

    The audience listened, and several nodded in agreement. A few of the grumpy male doctors suddenly stood up, pointing and shouting at Xiao Luo, still on the stage.

    “Who the hell are you? What are you doing here, sneaking into our hospital’s gala? Is it for free food and drinks?”

    “Why have you disrupted Dr. Fu’s planned program? How could you do such a thing after he had confessed his feeling in public?. You better give us a proper explanation. Don’t think that a tramp such as you can get out of here so easily.”

    “You better get off the stage now. The stage isn’t a place for losers like you!”

    Xiao Luo had now become the target of the crowd’s wrath and was heckled from every direction.

    Ignoring the din, he took to the microphone. Calmly, he looked directly at Sun Yu, standing just below the stage, then smiling softly he said: “Sun Yu, as long as you nod and agree, I will take you away immediately!”

    He wasn’t concerned about anyone else’s opinion, he was only interested in what Sun Yu had to say. Even if the whole world had objected, he would still take her away from all this. She only needed to give him the nod.

    “Yuyu, quickly agree to my brother!” Xiao Ruyi shouted eagerly.

    Zhang Dashan, Feng Wuhen, and Tang Ren all looked anxiously at Sun Yu. They anticipated that she would nod and agree with Xiao Luo very soon.

    Sun Yu felt like she were the happiest girl in the world. When she had first met Xiao Luo, he was a man of few words, the strong silent type. His handsome features had left an indelible impression in her heart. Later, when the two of them were eating roasted sweet potatoes and talking about their childhood, she realized that she had unconsciously fallen in love with this man. Every time she thought about moments she had shared with him, she would smile to herself, and at times, laugh dreamily

    She often dreamed of him, snuggling up in his arms, and even holding his hand as they entered a wedding hall together.

    Right here, and right now, this man was reaching out to her and asking her to be his woman.

    It was as though she were drowning in a honey pot full of nectar. Beautiful and sweet.

    “I ag…”

    Sun Yu nodded in excitement, but before she could even begin to speak, a harsh voice rumbled next to her.

    “Little Sun, have you thought about it clearly? Do you think you can rely on this man for the rest of your life?” The statement was a blatant warning, demanding she exercises caution on her part.

    Sun Yu was taken aback. Turning around, she was met by a stern face. It was Director He Ruanliang.

    “Director He, I…”

    Sun Yu became hesitant. He Ruanliang’s words seemed to have stirred her from her little fantasy. Her face now showed signs of doubt and confusion.

    Just then, Jiang Yongchen stepped onto the stage. Without saying a word, he walked up to Fu Guisheng, grabbed his microphone, smiling, and said, “Let’s not bash anyone indiscriminately. Love is a fair game for all. Does it mean that just because Dr. Fu had confessed to Sun Yu, then others are not allowed to do so? This is being unreasonable. It should depend on the girl who is being wooed and how she decides on whom she is willing to follow. We have no authority to interfere with this. It’s her right and freedom to choose…”

    He walked up next to Xiao Luo. “You people still don’t know who he is, right? Allow me to make a grand introduction. He is none other than the current boss of Luo’s Workshop. And the reason why he is here today is that I invited him. It has nothing to do with some of you have said about eating and drinking for free!”


    He… he is the boss of Luo’s Workshop?

    Jiang Yongchun’s remarks had the effect of a bomb blowing up right there in the ballroom. Jaws dropped as they stared in disbelief at the tall, lithe figure of Xiao Luo on stage.

    If anyone were to put a name to the most famous company in Jiangcheng, it would undoubtedly be Luo’s Workshop. Despite having been in the shadow of Wei Lei since its incorporation, Luo’s Workshop had suddenly risen and crushed its main competitor, all within a short time. It was rumored that the boss of Wei Lei, Fang Changlei, was now under investigation for unfair business conduct. On top of that, he was also being charged for other shady business dealings. Several hotels that were under his name were caught conducting indecent business. He was now behind bars and was awaiting trial. He probably could not avoid spending a few years in jail.

    News of Fang Changlei’s fall from grace made more people curious about who, and what sort of person the boss of Luo’s Workshop was. How could he bring Luo’s Workshop back to life and immediately outperform a competitor as strong as Wei Lei?

    This very man was now present here, standing on stage!

    “Such a young, courageous person, with the ability to play such beautiful music, this…”

    Everyone was lost for words. They stood rooted to the floor. In their minds, they pictured Xiao Luo as a towering, immovable mountain that could not be passed.

    The few grumpy old male doctors who voiced their dissent earlier now became embarrassed and quickly sat down.

    Free food and drinks? Tramp? Loser?

    Their faces turned red instantly upon being told the name of that enigmatic young man on stage – Xiao Luo!