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Chapter 161 - Not Aligned With Black’s Core Spirit Of Spoiling His Wife

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 161: Not Aligned With Black’s Core Spirit Of Spoiling His Wife

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    Qianmo aimed at her target. The next step was to get Black out of the way.

    “You go downstairs to buy takoyaki.”

    “I will make them for you once we get back.” The ones sold outside were not hygienic. Besides, this didn’t align with Black’s core spirit of spoiling his wife.

    “I wanna eat.”

    These words were like a magical spell, making Black obedient. Of course, he was also principled. He would buy one box, which he would finish half of. He would not let her eat too many of them.

    Qianmo rushed in like a gush of wind when the principled Black went downstairs. She pointed frantically at the targets she was interested in. “This, this and this. Write the receipt.”

    The sales assistant was stunned by her astounding presence. She calculated her commissions and then smiled brightly as she quickly wrote her a receipt. Qianmo proudly walked over to the counter to pay for them.

    Two girls dressed like students in the shop witnessed this scene and glanced at each other. They looked at the designs that Qianmo had picked out and then blushed.

    One really couldn’t guess that the girl, who looked so innocent, would be so bold.

    One of the girls in the school dress leaned close to her companion’s ear and mumbled something. Her companion opened her mouth.

    “It cannot be? She doesn’t seem like it.”

    “There are many rich tycoons who like female students now. If she isn’t a prostitute, why is she buying these types?” The gossipy girl had a pair of spectacles. She gazed at Qianmo, who was paying, with a sheepish look.

    The sales assistant was unhappy with her comment, though. She strongly controlled her urge to defend her brand’s clothes.

    This was a high-end luxury brand from F Country. Not only was it not slutty, but it was also leisurely sexy. It was the favorite brand of the rich ladies—How could the ladies of the night afford such expensive articles of clothing?

    Furthermore, this young lady had chosen those that were intricately-made and elegant. Most importantly, they were expensive and gave her high commissions.

    Based on her ideal of “the customer (who spent a lot of money) was king”, the sales assistant glared at the two students.

    Qianmo heard someone call her name when she came back after paying. She turned around and saw a middle-aged man that looked a little familiar.

    “You are…?”

    “I am your father’s friend. My surname is Zhao.” That middle-aged man looked well-off. He even carried a Louis Vuitton bag for men.

    Qianmo recalled he was one of her father’s unsavory friends. After her family got into trouble in her previous life, he had also disappeared. Her father had introduced him to her at the last dinner gathering. He was supposed to be working at a certain government department.

    Thus, Qianmo made some small talk with him there. The two students saw that scene, and the gossipy one bumped her companion with her elbow.

    “Did you see that? Women nowadays are really resourceful. She got herself a handsome boyfriend who dotes on her, and at the same time, has a rich old man on the side. She first ordered her boyfriend to buy food and then fooled the rich man to spend money on her. Nowadays, as long as a woman is willing to go all the way, she doesn’t need to worry about money.”

    The sales assistant almost rolled her eyes into the back of her head. She said, “Tsk, how jealous,” and continued to pack up the clothes for Qianmo.

    These two poor students were so ignorant. They couldn’t even differentiate who was the rich person here. The pair of jeans that this young lady’s boyfriend wore might look ordinary, but did they know its brand?


    APO was the high-end brand of jeans, which emphasized on its understated luxury. Its accessories were usually jewels. The pair of jeans that the handsome guy wore might appear dull, but the sales assistant, who had seen many people in her job, recognized it immediately.

    As for the greasy man in front of Qianmo…

    Only poor students like them would judge people by their appearances. The sales assistant gave the two students a despised look.

    Qianmo said a few words to the public servant named Zhao and then left. She walked into the outlet, and the sales assistant handed the shopping bag to her with both hands smilingly.

    Qianmo had no idea that so much had transpired in the short time while she went to pay up. She lowered her head and squeezed the clothes that she had bought into her backpack.

    The sales assistant saw the two students giving Qianmo a hostile look and worried that they would offend Qianmo, a potential super VIP. Anyone who could buy so many full-priced latest seasonal items and had a handsome boyfriend that wore APO was definitely a super VIP.

    “Have both my customers finished browsing? Should I recommend something?” The sales assistant went over to talk to the students. “These few discounted items have an incomplete range of sizes. Is it convenient to tell me your size?”

    The students looked at the clothes that they couldn’t afford even after the discount and put them down sheepishly. They were displeased with the sales assistant’s attitude. She treated them in a completely different manner than Qianmo. Thus, the girl wearing glasses said with jealousy, “Money makes the world go round nowadays. Society has changed, and the rich are akin to God. Even though her money is earned by selling her body, she is still a God.”

    “Dear customer, I see that you are still young. We can’t go overboard when we handle stuff and people. Frankly speaking, the clothes here cost a few thousand apiece. They are not cheap at all. It’s not embarrassing to say that you cannot afford them. However, it’s also not right to put others down just because you don’t have their financial capability.” The sales assistant went all out.

    It was not that she looked down on poor people. It was fine if they couldn’t buy, but they always had to make ugly, jealous comments when they walked by her outlet. It was so frustrating. The clothes didn’t have a life of their own, and who did the cloth and material offend? These people had a dirty mind themselves, but they had to push the blame onto her clothes. She wasn’t going to take things lying down today!

    Anyway, the mall would, at most, fine her 20 bucks if she argued with the customers. The commission of the few pieces that the rich young lady purchased was already about 300, so the sales assistant decided to go all out. She would just pay that 20 bucks fine!

    Qianmo looked over. Although she was not aware of the situation earlier, even an idiot would realize something was wrong looking at the exchange now. Were they quarreling… because of her?

    All she did was buy some clothes; how did she get herself involved in this?

    Black came back just at the right time. He was even carrying half a box of takoyaki.

    He had already finished half of the box on the way back, passing the remaining to Qianmo. She ate one and then gave him one. The two of them shared the food in a lovey-dovey manner.

    Qianmo didn’t know the undercurrent between the sales assistant and the students. At the moment, all of her attention was focused on how to follow her mentor’s instructions and “push down” Black.

    Black looked gentle as he ate the ball that she fed him. The couple held hands and were about to leave when the spectacled girl suddenly came out of nowhere and blocked them.

    “Handsome guy! Don’t be duped by her!”

    Qianmo closed her eyes. She had a hunch that the clothes in her bag were going to be exposed.

    “What are you doing!?” The sales assistant was also anxious that the student was harassing her VIP. She walked over, and they started to push each other. Qianmo was afraid they would attract even more people over, so she finally said, “Speak your mind.”

    Black’s reaction was even more direct. He quickly hugged his goddess’s shoulders as he felt the girl was unhinged. If anything was to happen, he would dump the takoyaki on her head.

    “You are being deceived by her! She is not a good person! She is selling—ah!” The student screamed before she could finish talking.

    Black had smashed the box of takoyaki in his hand, a murderous aura emanating from him.

    Qianmo quickly took the wet tissues to clean Black’s hands. She was just buying some clothes to seduce this guy. How did this happen?

    “Say it again.” There was a coldness in Yu Changmo’s voice. He stared at the gossipy woman with a murderous look.