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Chapter 125 - I Guess You’ll No Longer Come When I Call (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 125: I Guess You’ll No Longer Come When I Call (1)

    With the grief she felt in her heart and the pain she felt from her illness, she forgot her fear of Gu Yu for a brief moment. She wasn’t afraid of provoking him and had lashed out with her tongue. She didn’t want to be forced to endure the emotional turmoil any longer!

    After her outburst, the entire place was plunged into silence once again. Xu Weilai felt her heartbeat speed up as she bit her pale bottom lip subconsciously. She waited for Gu Yu’s fury to come and braced herself for his insults. He probably would’ve left in a fit of rage!

    After a while, Gu Yu did not react. Xu Weilai had no idea if this was the calm before the storm. In any case, the unexpected silence made Xu Weilai feel so uneasy that she began to find it hard to breathe.

    She was willing to face a quick death like being beheaded; why did Gu Yu have to prolong her suffering like?

    Just as her thoughts nearly drove her crazy, the man’s voice rang out again. To her surprise, it sounded gentle. It was clear that he made an effort to soften it. With a hint of helpless indulgence, he said, “If you were going to be this delicate, why did you go after Pang Hai alone?”

    Xu Weilai suddenly wondered if her fever had caused her brain to short-circuit. That was the only possible explanation for how she had conjured up such a preposterous hallucination! Luckily for her, she had learned long ago not to overestimate her self-worth.

    ‘Did he just call me delicate?’

    Three years ago, Xu Weilai was a delicate lady with Gu Yu by her side. His love for her had been like a huge castle, and she’d been the only princess cocooned within. He’d protected her from any storm that had come her way, never allowing her to suffer any harm or humiliation. How could she not have turned out delicate?

    However, he had taken everything back in a flash and banished her to another country. If she wanted to survive, she couldn’t remain delicate anymore.

    At first, her parents had only given her enough money to cover her school fees. There hadn’t been enough for her living expenses. In addition to attending classes, she had worked herself to the bone daily. For a long time, she had survived on instant noodles and bread to get through the day.

    It wasn’t that she was unable to bear hardships. However, if he hadn’t laid the world at her feet in the first place, she would never have found it so hard to endure the pain of his abandonment.

    As she recalled the past, Xu Weilai’s tears rolled down her cheeks. When she opened her mouth to speak, her voice didn’t sound like her own. “Pang Hai isn’t a big deal. I’ve accomplished harder assignments and still came out alive.”

    She sensed that the man’s breath behind her had gotten heavy. Then again, it was so imperceptible that she wondered if she was mistaken.

    After approximately half a minute, Gu Yu asked again, “Why didn’t you yell for help?

    Before coming, he had gotten his assistant to check the surveillance recordings. He had found Xu Weilai in a death struggle with Pang Hai. Even at her most dangerous moment, she didn’t call for help when she’d seen him come through the door.

    Although she had finally managed to defeat Pang Hai on her own, the only reason she emerged victorious was that Pai Hang underestimated her.

    Why hadn’t she called for help…?

    Xu Weilai stretched her lips. She wanted to smile, but a familiar ache gushed up her nose uncontrollably.

    She opened her mouth and said softly, “I did.”


    The first time she had embarked on a news assignment, she’d been held by the thugs the scholar had hired. When they had been about to chop her hands off, she had called for him. Later on, whenever she’d met with danger, she’d always called for him.

    “Gu Yu, save me!”

    “Gu Yu, please come!”

    “Gu Yu, why aren’t you coming?”

    “Gu Yu… I guess you’ll no longer come when I call.”


    At her most dangerous and desperate moments, she had yelled for him as if her life had depended on it. Sadly, the person she had thought would come to save her never turned up. The resulting despair from his absence had been devastating.

    Therefore, she would never call for help again.