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Chapter 127 - There Was Only One Answer (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 127: There Was Only One Answer (1)

    Having said his piece, Pang Hai took a step back and looked at her. He continued, “I may have hurt you, but you’ve caused me to suffer heavy damages as well. As such, we both no longer owe each other anything! With that said, I won’t cause you any trouble in the future!”

    He belonged to the pugilistic world where honor existed even among thieves. The fact that he had uttered such a promise meant that there was no doubt he would stay true to his word from then on.

    After a pause, he gazed at Xu Weilai’s face as he recalled her decisive actions that night. Stroking his chin, he said with a laugh, “I have to admit that you’re the most interesting woman I’ve ever come across. What a pity–”

    It was a pity that this woman was already spoken for by someone who was even more vicious than he! He couldn’t afford to offend the other party at all!

    He did not finish his sentence, and Xu Weilai looked at him with a curious expression. However, he turned towards his subordinates and barked, “We’re leaving! Say goodbye!”

    His subordinates said in unison, “Goodbye, Miss Xu Weilai!”

    Xu Weilai was left speechless.

    Following that, Pang Hai led his men out of the room. With their departure, the lively atmosphere became quiet once again.

    The nurse had watched as the group of burly men come in hastily then leave the same way. She had been frightened out of her wits and hadn’t yet regained her clarity. She stood there in a daze.

    Xu Weilai, on the other hand, was more dumbstruck than anything else.

    According to past precedent, Mr. Zuo would always handle the follow-up matters in private and would never allow the individuals in question to show up in front of the reporters again. It was truly remarkable that Mr. Zuo’s methods could result in Pang Hai lowering himself so significantly and coming here to personally apologize!

    Mr. Zuo’s capability and clout extended even beyond her expectations! It was a blessing for her to have such a sturdy and accomplished boss!

    She leaned back and laid on the bed, thinking about what Pang hai had said to her. He had said that the reason he had caught her in the act was that someone had reported her actions to him. That person had been Su Ziqian’s previous agent, Ms. Li. She had even hinted for him to deal with her well, wanting to create a scandal.

    Honestly speaking, Xu Weilai wasn’t too surprised by this news. Being in the journalism industry for some time, she had learned to be cautious and watch her every step. Otherwise, she would have been dead long ago. An incident like this where she had been caught in the act rarely happened.

    Hence, she had already suspected that someone had leaked news on her movements. Indeed, that had turned out to be the case!

    She had just returned to the country, yet several people couldn’t wait to see her downfall. However, she could count the small number of individuals who would actively go after her with her fingers. Either Su Ziqian did it, or it had to be Gue Xue and Gu Shuang working together.

    Although Pang Hai had only mentioned Ms. Li, Xu Weilai did not believe that Su Ziqian had nothing to do with his incident at all. Logically speaking, the person who would gain the most from Xu Weilai being caught in a scandal and coming to harm was Su Ziqian.

    Since she had blocked off Su Ziqian’s road to riches, Su Ziqian couldn’t wait to witness her downfall so that she would finally be able to ascend to the position of Mrs. Gu!


    Even though Gu Yu already proposed to her, she was still being this impatient? Instead of resorting to such despicable methods, it would have been far more effective to curry favor with Gu Yu and coax him to divorce her. That way, even Xu Weilai would owe her a favor!

    Xu Weilai was not the type of person who actively sought out trouble, but that didn’t mean she’d sit by and watch idly if trouble came her way! Xu Weilai would remember what Su Ziqian had done for a long time to come.

    After she’d been administered her intravenous infusion, Xu Weilai drifted off into a long nap that lasted the whole afternoon. When evening came, the nurse came to wake her up and brought her to the bathroom to wash her face. When they returned to the bed, Xu Weilai asked the nurse, “Is there a laptop available?”

    The nurse nodded her head, “Yes. I’ll get it for you.”


    When Gu Yu was done with his paperwork at the office, he had his assistant postpone all his dinner meetings and drove off immediately.

    He never intended to come to the hospital, but by the time he realized where he had stopped his car, he was already at the hospital’s entrance.