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Chapter 128 - There Was Only One Answer (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 128: There Was Only One Answer (2)

    Gu Yu did not immediately leave the vehicle. He leaned against the backrest of his seat and looked up, gazing at the hospital’s entrance. His eyes darkened, and a shadow of conflict grew visible within them.

    Was he trying to keep her close or push her away? His grandfather’s words kept replaying in his ears.

    After roughly half a minute, his eyelids drifted shut as his lips curled into a sardonic smile.

    Right from the start, there had only ever been one answer to that question. There had never been any other choice, to begin with…


    As Gu Yu walked into the hospital room, he noticed the flower garlands lined up neatly along the wall and did a double-take. Had he not seen Xu Weilai resting on the bed, he would have assumed that he had walked into the wrong room.

    The nurse came back from somewhere carrying a laptop in her hands. When she saw him, she said out of respect, “Hello, Mr. Gu.”

    Gu Yu jutted his chin out toward the flowers and asked, “What’s all this?”

    With a trembling voice, the nurse hurriedly related the terrifying incident that had transpired in the afternoon. If the group of men had come to cause trouble, two defenseless women like herself and Miss Xu Weilai would have stood no chance against them.

    Gu Yu didn’t seem surprised at all. Maintaining a stony expression, he nodded his head in acknowledgment of the nurse’s words.

    Naturally, Xu Weilai could see that Gu Yu had arrived. Although she did not wish to see him, she couldn’t stop him from coming either. Since she couldn’t afford to offend him, the only other thing she could do was to pretend that he wasn’t there.

    When Gu Yu swept his eyes past her, she lowered her eyes and stared at her fingers resting on the blanket.

    Neither of them spoke. The atmosphere in the ward seemed to dip a few degrees. The nurse perceptively sensed that something was amiss. When she noticed Gu Yu’s expressionless face suddenly darken, she cleared her throat and said to Xu Weilai, “Miss Xu, Mr. Gu is here.”

    Xu Weilai acted as if she hadn’t heard the nurse’s words. She raised her head and looked straight at the nurse. “Could you hand me the laptop, please?” she asked in a straightforward tone.

    The nurse awkwardly glanced over at Gu Yu. When she saw him walked over impassively to the couch to take a seat, she sighed to herself before walking forward and passing the computer to Xu Weilai.

    “I’ll leave for a moment to prepare your dinner,” she said after giving her the laptop.

    The nurse quickly scrambled out of the room. The moment she left, the room became eerily silent again.

    However, Xu Weilai preferred for it to be silent. She didn’t want to fight with Gu Yu, much less hear him insult and ridicule her. In any case, Gu Yu was accompanying her merely to satisfy his grandfather’s demands of him. Since he probably had no wish to speak to her either, this silence was the best possible option.

    Xu Weilai sat up and placed the computer on her lap. She opened it and logged in to her inbox to find one unread message inside. She clicked on it and found that it was the well-wishes from her boss.

    She couldn’t help smiling and began to type her reply on the keyboard. “Thank you for your concern. I’m much better. Also, thank you for the roses you sent. I love them.”

    Her fingers paused for a moment, and her gaze swept past the huge flower garlands. She continued typing, “Also, thank you for handling Pang Hai. Getting Pang Hai to apologize must not have been easy. You truly are the best boss there is! I’m very happy to be working under you, and will work even harder in the future!”

    Xu Weilai didn’t press the “send” button yet. She was still wondering how else to express her gratitude when she suddenly felt thirsty. She reached over towards the bedside table for a glass of water, but it was out of reach. Regardless of how she leaned over, she couldn’t reach it.

    The next second, a huge hand picked up the glass and place it in her hand. Xu Weilai was stunned and looked up instinctively. She was faced with Gu Yu’s handsome face, devoid of any emotion.

    She hadn’t realized that he had walked over. At that very moment, he wasn’t looking at her, but at her computer screen. His eyes darkened at the sight.