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Chapter 129 - This Is Where My Heart Is (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 129: This Is Where My Heart Is (1)

    Xu Weilai traced his line of sight back to her computer screen and hurriedly slammed her laptop shut. On second thought, she hadn’t done anything wrong; what was there to hide from him?

    This was her way of earning money legitimately. Furthermore, she no longer cared what he thought of her. No matter what she did, it was going to be wrong in his eyes!

    She didn’t drink from the glass that he had passed to her and placed it back down. Resisting the pressure of his gaze, she forced her attention back on the email message and continued typing.

    “I noticed that Pang Hai was missing his two front teeth. Did you hit him, Big Boss? He’s rather strong; it wouldn’t have been easy for a normal man to even make him budge. But you managed to knock two teeth out? You truly are awesome! You’re my ultimate hero–”

    She was about to flatter her boss and wax lyrical about her admiration for him when the laptop was suddenly slammed shut with a loud thud.

    Xu Weilai frowned and looked at Gu Yu uncomprehendingly. What did he want now?

    The man’s eyes were dark and fathomless, not betraying his thoughts for even a moment. With his usual cold and icy demeanor, his lips parted and he asked, “Are you sure your boss was the one responsible for handling Pang Hai?”

    Xu Weilai was surprised that Gu Yu would be interested in anything regarding her job. However, was he still suspicious that she and Pang Hai shared an illicit relationship? Was that why he refused to believe that Pang Hai’s mercy towards her had anything to do with her Boss’ management of the situation?

    She did not want to fight with him at all. However, her reputation was on the line here. She couldn’t allow him to get away with ridiculing her this way!

    “Yes, it was my boss who handled Pang Hai. Mr. Zuo is an especially outstanding boss, and he treats me exceptionally well. Whenever I’ve been in any trouble or danger, he’s always helped me. Naturally, this instance would have not been an exception!”

    Xu Weilai enunciated each word clearly, her voice ringing out crisply.

    Fundamentally, Gu Yu should have been the one by her side to trust and protect her. Now, he had become the very person who had hurt her over and over again.

    As her husband, he should have been ashamed of himself instead of standing there questioning her.

    Of course, she had forgotten! She was only his wife in name. Why would a husband in name only bother protecting her at all?

    Upon hearing her words, Gu Yu’s expression grew thunderous. His lips curled up in a sardonic smile. “And you call yourself an investigative journalist? Is Z Magazine a charity organization?”

    The goal of a journalist was to pursue the truth, not to make random speculations! When had she ever witnessed Mr. Zuo going after Pang Hai?

    Xu Weilai was left furious but speechless. What was that supposed to mean? Why couldn’t she call herself a journalist? Questioning her was bad enough, and now he was attacking her capabilities? Was he even ridiculing her boss for hiring her?

    She knew that Gu Yu resented being forced to come to the hospital to keep her company, and that was why he was deliberately arguing with her. It was bad enough for him to insult her, so why did he have to bring Mr. Zuo into this?

    As fury and grief surged within her, Xu Weilai bit down hard on her bottom lip. She tightened her fists around her blanket but was still unable to suppress her emotions. She grabbed a pillow and hurled it at him. “Scram!” she bellowed.

    The pillow hit Gu Yu’s body. Even though it brought no pain or discomfort to him, his expression turned chilly. The temperature of the ward suddenly dropped.

    That was the exact moment that the nurse entered with Xu Weilai’s dinner. When she witnessed the scene, she almost dropped the tray of food on the floor. She was in a dilemma; she could neither go forward nor could she retreat.