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Chapter 130 - This Is Where My Heart Is (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 130: This Is Where My Heart Is (2)

    Xu Weilai was truly furious. Her chest was heaving and her eyes reddened. Even though she had to admit that she was afraid of Gu Yu, she also refused to back down.

    She forced herself to stare fiercely at his incensed face and look into his eyes without retreating.

    Gu Yu stared at her with his darkened expression for a while, as if he wanted nothing more than to incinerate her with his gaze. Eventually, he scoffed and instructed the nurse, “Take the laptop away. It’s isn’t conducive for her recovery!”

    Trembling in fear at that chilling tone, the nurse quickly nodded her head. “Right away!”

    The man’s eyes turned to the flower vase that had been placed by the bedside table, and the roses within. The roses were infuriatingly red, making his expression turn rather unsightly. Motioning to the flowers with his chin, he said, “Throw those away too. I don’t want to see them!”


    The nurse placed the food down and quickly stepped forward to retrieve the laptop. Xu Weilai’s hand tightened around it immediately. “No!” she protested.

    She continued to glare at Gu Yu, “Who do you think you are to take my laptop from me and throw my flowers away?”

    Gu Yu reacted as if he’d just heard the most ludicrous statement ever. He strode up to her and leaned over. He grabbed her chin between his slender fingers and said to her angry little face, one word at a time, “Do you need me to remind you that you belong to me? The same goes for your possessions!”

    The billion was the contract of the sale and the reason for his repeated abuse!

    Xu Weilai flung his hand off and opened her mouth. She was about to say something further, but when she noticed the dilemma the nurse was forced, she changed her mind and loosened her grip on the computer.

    Gu Yu hated seeing her in a good state. He would only be satisfied seeing her angry and sad!

    As the nurse nimbly took the laptop and flowers out of the room, her gratitude towards Xu Weilai grew. She glanced at Gu Yu and suppressed her fear as she said, “Mr. Gu, Miss Xu needs to maintain calm and stable emotions to recover quickly–”

    Gu Yu did not say anything more. He turned and went to sit on the couch, retrieved his laptop from his briefcase thereafter. His actions made it clear that he wasn’t intending to leave.

    Xu Weilai was so angry that she had lost her appetite. After forcing herself to swallow a few mouthfuls of porridge, she couldn’t eat anymore. She laid back on the bed with her back towards Gu Yu.

    The only sounds that could be heard in the room were that of Xu Weilai breathing and the periodic clicking of Gu Yu’s keyboard.

    The nurse sighed gently and removed the food. Ten minutes later, she returned to the room with a few books in her hands and placed them on the bedside table.

    She turned to look at Gu Yu and asked gently, “Mr. Gu, Miss Xu’s body is still weak, and she has trouble sleeping at night. If she can’t sleep, could you please read to her? It’ll make it easier for her to sleep that way.”

    Gu Yu’s expression remained unchanged. The nurse couldn’t tell if Gu Yu had heard her or not.

    When night fell and the nurse left, and the room became deafeningly silent.

    Xu Weilai looked at the time. Eight o’clock, nine o’clock, ten o’clock… She intended to wait until Gu Yu had left before sleeping. It was now 11, and he still hadn’t left!

    As the hour grew late, she grew increasingly anxious and even a little fearful. She was afraid of being in the same room as Gu Yu at night, especially when she had angered him earlier that day.

    The sound of rustling suddenly came from behind her. It sounded like Gu Yu had risen from the couch. Following that was the sound of his footsteps as he walked over towards her.

    Xu Weilai’s heart began hammering in her chest, and her whole body tensed. Even without turning around, she could feel Gu Yu’s presence beside her bed along with his eyes on her.

    As he reached his hand out, Xu Weilai held her breath. However, he didn’t touch her. Instead, he picked up a book that was on the bedside table and sat beside the bed. He opened the book, and began to read its content aloud.

    His voice was very low, carrying with it a certain magnetism. The cadence of his speech brought a strange sense of peace to the air.

    The moment Xu Weilai relaxed, her head began to feel drowsy until she heard him read a sentence, “The land here was barren, and there was no grass. Only after you came and walked around did they miraculously grow.”

    After pausing for a few seconds, the man’s voice grew quiet. In the silence of the night, with delicate tenderness, he tenderly continued, “Yes, because this is where my heart is.”

    Xu Weilai’s eyes suddenly opened. Was this… a confession?