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Chapter 131 - The Big Tiger and the Little Fox (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 131: The Big Tiger and the Little Fox (1)

    Since Gu Yu was reading from a storybook, the sudden insertion of such a sentimental confession felt abrupt and shocking to her. She couldn’t help turning her head to the side and looking at the man seated behind her.

    Unexpectedly, Gu Yu raised his eyes as well. When both their eyes met, it was as if there were a faint electric current in the air.

    The man’s eyes were deep and dark as always, just like the night sky outside. They did not reveal what he was thinking at all. He held her gaze as he continued, “…the big tiger said to the little fox.”

    Xu Weilai was unsure how to respond.

    That’s right! He was reading to her the story of The Big Tiger and the Little Fox. It was about a lonely big tiger and a lively and cheerful little fox. Although the little fox had first approached the big tiger, it was the big tiger who first fell in love with the little fox. The big tiger’s world had been endlessly empty and dark, and it had been the little fox that gave him light and pulled him out of that dark abyss.

    However, the big tiger had never confessed its feelings to the little fox. He was very withdrawn and kept all his feelings hidden inside his heart. That was why he had chosen such an obscure way to reveal his emotions to the little fox.

    What a romantic story it was! Even so, as he truly loved a girl, a man would confess his love to her regardless of how withdrawn he was. If he kept his mouth shut, it was only because he didn’t feel anything the girl at all.

    Strangely, this story reminded her of her past with Gu Yu. The only difference was that the little fox was more fortunate than her because the big tiger truly loved her. Gu Yu, on the other hand…

    An expression of self-hatred flashed across Xu Weilai’s eyes as she looked away.

    Her heart wasn’t hurting as much as it had used to anymore. It was just a dull ache now. But she believed that soon, this dull ache would eventually disappear without a trace too. When that happened, the sky would brighten once again.

    Gu Yu’s low and deep voice slowly lulled Xu Weilai to sleep. After some time, she unconsciously heard Gu Yu’s voice stopping. Hazily, she sensed him lying down beside her before she was suddenly cocooned in warmth…


    At 5.30 PM, in the CEO’s office at Gu Corporation…

    Xiao Chun was hugging a stack of documents as she rushed over towards the assistant seated at his desk. “Is Brother Yu… ahem, I meant, is Mr. Gu here?”

    “Miss Xiao,” the assistant quickly got up and greeted her. In response to her question, however, he shook his head. “Mr. Gu already left the office five minutes ago.”

    Xiao Chun’s brows shot up in surprise, and she craned her head towards the shut office doors. With a scoff, she asked in disbelief, “Mr. Gu has always been a workaholic! Since when did he ever knock off punctually? Is it because he has an evening function to attend?”

    “Not at all.” the assistant shook his head with a smile. His smile deepened, and he lowered his voice conspiratorially as he said, “Miss Xiao, I’ll tell you the truth. Mr. Gu has been leaving the office punctually for the last few days, and all his evening engagements have been postponed.”

    “What’s going on with Brother Yu?”

    The assistant knew that Xiao Chun was one of the few people who knew about Gu Yu’s marriage. When he saw the confused expression on her face, he didn’t keep her in hanging in suspense. He said, “What else could it be? The Young Mistress is ill. He’s been going to the hospital to keep her company.”

    “Is that so?” Xiao Chun’s voice suddenly sank.

    The assistant did not detect the sudden shift in her mood. Still smiling, he continued, “Well, I’m sure you know that things between Mr. Gu and the Young Mistress have been a little rough. Now that Young Mistress is ill, the fact that Mr. Gu is so concerned about her is a sign of happier days to come! This is truly good news!”

    If Mr. Gu and Young Mistress got along amiably, his mood would improve. As the assistant, he wouldn’t have to turn up for work quaking in his boots anymore.

    The assistant sighed. When he looked towards Xiao Chun again, he realized it was a space in front of him. At some point while he was still speaking, she had left without him knowing!