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Chapter 133 - Profiting From a Disaster (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 133: Profiting From a Disaster (1)

    The next day was bright and sunny, and the sky was clear.

    Feeling carefree from completely recovering, Xu Weilai hopped off the bed and stretched her back. She twisted to the left, then again to her right, and began to move her body that had turned stiff from lying down for so long.

    The nurse helped her to pack her daily necessities before handling the discharge procedures on her behalf.

    After moving for a short while, Xu Weilai couldn’t contain her energy. She ran over to help the nurse with the packing with nimble and dexterous movements. Having completed the packing in the blink of an eye, she zipped her luggage bag closed.

    The nurse’s eyes widened in surprise as she exclaimed, “Miss Xu, you’re even better at it than I am!”

    She had served the daughters of many wealthy families, who had all been pampered and spoiled so much that they were unable to do anything for themselves. It was rare indeed to see a woman as capable of taking care of herself as Xu Weilai!

    “I constantly have to run all over for my news assignments, and time is always of the essence. I’m used to doing my own chores. Naturally, this isn’t a problem for me at all.”

    Before she had gone abroad, she had also been waited upon hand and foot. Food and clothing had always been prepared ahead of time for her. When she was overseas, however, she had discovered for herself just how much perseverance and potential a desperate person could possess.

    Although Xu Weilai’s tone was casual and she bluntly, the nurse felt her heart going out towards her. Xu Weilai was very young. Why was there such a desolate aura about her?

    “Little Weilai, I’m here!”

    A fashionably dressed lady suddenly appeared at the door. Xiao Chun strode in with confidence in a pair of high-heels, carrying a huge bouquet of pink roses with her. When she saw how thin and haggard Xu Weilai had become, she hugged her tightly. “Were you ill ever since the night when I had sent you back? Had I known that earlier, I wouldn’t have left! If I had been with you, I would have been able to find out that you were ill at the first opportunity and take care of you!”

    “Well, can’t you see that I’m already well? It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen ill. My body probably just needed to rid itself of all the toxins–” Xu Weilai remarked self-deprecatingly.

    Xiao Chun didn’t buy it for a moment. “You’re not going to do this again! If you’re ill, you have to let me know!”

    Xu Weilai nodded her head. “Got it,” she said.

    The nurse didn’t want to interrupt their conversation. She gave Xu Weilai a heads-up that she was going to complete the discharge procedures and immediately left the room.

    Xiao Chun tugged Xu Weilai along with her as she sat down. She scrutinized Xu Weilai from top to toe. After all, Xu Weilai had been ill for quite some time. Even though she had recovered, she still wasn’t as robust as before. Xiao Chun said, “You have to remember to take your supplements when you get back. I’ll send someone over with some birds’ nests and ginsengs. Remember to take them regularly!”

    “That’ won’t be necessary at all! I’m fine, seriously!”

    Xu Weilai knew that Xiao Chun was concerned about her, but her condition didn’t warrant such a big gesture! She was no longer the frail and delicate Xu Weilai from three years ago. It had just so happened that the unfortunate permutation of events upon her return to China had taken a toll on her mental and physical health, eventually culminating in her illness.

    Xiao Chun couldn’t be bothered to argue with her and simply ordered, “In any case, I’ll send someone over with the supplements. If you don’t take them, it’ll just be a little more trouble for me. I’ll have no choice but to cook them daily before sending them to you on time!”

    Xu Weilai raised her hands in defeat, “Fine, I’ll remember to take them!”

    “That’s more like it.” Xiao Chun patted her on her cheeks and suddenly noticed a tie on the couch. Her smile dissipated a little before she said, “I heard that Brother Gu has been keeping you company in the hospital the whole time. I guess you profited from this disaster after all.”

    At the mention of Gu Yu, Xu Weilai’s smile turned humorless. She lowered her eyes and asked, “Did I really profit from this disaster?”

    Xiao Chun sensed something amiss with her expression and quickly asked, “What’s wrong? Didn’t Brother Yu keep you company? Did… you guys quarrel again?”