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Chapter 135 - Stop Being Foolish (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 135: Stop Being Foolish (1)

    Xiao Chun looked up from her glass and swept her gaze across him. With a sneer, she opened her lips and retorted discourteously, “No you! You’re talking about yourself, aren’t you?”

    “To be honest, I wish that were the case. I would like very much to fall out of love once. Sadly, all the women love me too much. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t!” As Xu Shuai spoke, he raised his nose in the air.

    Xiao Chun turned her head to look at him but didn’t continue jabbing him. Instead, she gazed at him for a long moment before suddenly getting up and standing to face him. She asked, “Xu Shuai, what do you think of me?”

    “What do you mean by that?'”

    “What do you think of me as a woman?” Xiao Chun asked, rephrasing the question. At the same time, she took a step closer towards him, and the tips of her shoes were touching his.

    This sudden random action incited mischief and spontaneity in Xu Shuai. In response, he merely pulled his lips into a smile and said suggestively, “Little Chunchun, you’re the universally-acknowledged belle in our circle. You’re beautiful, open-minded, fun-loving, and capable. You don’t have a single weakness about you.”

    “Is that so?”

    With that, Xiao Chun grabbed Xu Shuai by the collar and suddenly pressed her lips against his in a kiss.

    Xu Shuai narrowed his eyes and held Xiao Chun by her shoulders, pushing her away decisively. Xiao Chun did not resist him as she was pushed, and she took two steps back.

    She stood still and looked at Xu Shuai. Her eyes were filled with derision as she asked, “If I were as good as you said, why did you push me off?”

    Xu Shuai stood up straight and scrutinized her for a good ten seconds before speaking. He said, “Xiao Chun, I might be a player, but I’m not an asshole. I enjoy beauties, but that doesn’t mean I’ll pursue anyone who’s female. I have standards, too!”

    Although he had constantly mentioned that he wanted to woo Xiao Chun, he was only teasing. He wasn’t so debauched as to do such a thing to his friend.

    Besides, Xiao Chun probably wasn’t interested in him that way either!

    “Ha! The playboy is talking to me about standards?” Xiao Chun sat back down on the chair. She picked up her beer and continued drinking. “You don’t fancy me, and I don’t fancy you either!”

    Throwing her head back, she finished her beer in one sitting. Slamming the mug back on the counter, she closed her eyes and said in a lowered voice, “You can’t even compare to a single strand of hair on his head!”

    Upon hearing that statement, Xu Shuai immediately grew angry. “I am a man without peer! I’m good-looking and rich, and I live a lavish life! How am I unable to compare to a single strand of someone else’s hair? Who is he? Tell me!”

    Having already retreated into her own world, Xiao Chun was drinking silently. In that very instant, she had lost all her vitality and energy.

    Upon seeing this, Xu Shuai knew that she could no longer process anything that was said. He no longer teased her. Instead, he looked up and stroked the top of her head with his palm. In a very gentle voice, he said, “Little Chunchun, stop being foolish–”

    Everyone called him a drunkard, but there were many things that only he had noticed clearly.

    “Stop drinking. I’m going up to change, and I’ll take you home after.”


    By the time Xu Weilai had returned to the apartment, the place had already been thoroughly cleaned. It was no longer messy like it had been. Gu Yu probably hired someone to tidy the place up.

    She dragged her luggage into the bedroom while feeling very conflicted.

    This wasn’t her home, and she didn’t have any sense of security living here. If she could, she desperately wanted to move out.

    However, she couldn’t leave before the billion was repaid. Ignoring the fact that Gu Yu would never allow it, she had no idea how to answer to Grandpa Gu and her parents once word of her departure got out.

    She was about to unpack the clothes in her luggage when she heard the sound of the front door opening.

    Xu Weilai frowned in apprehension. It was only ten in the morning, and Gu Yu had already returned? Was he here to claim his payment now that she had recovered?

    Xu Weilai’s hand began to tremble at the thought, suddenly going cold.