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Chapter 137 - A Smart Move (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 137: A Smart Move (1)

    She had always known that it was easy to fool Grandpa. However, what she had never imagined was that he had merely been lying dormant the whole time. The moment he took action, it had been aimed right at her Achilles’ heel.

    Regardless of whether it was Grandpa Gu or Gu Yu, the members of the Gu family were destined to be her kryptonite.

    Having just recovered, Xu Weilai initially planned on spending the next two days resting. With this twist in events, her mood to rest went out of the window. All she could think of now was work, work, and more work!

    She refused to allow herself to wallow in despair, knowing well that it was pointless to pity herself! If she succumbed to her fate, that would make her a loser in life. In that case, she would only have herself to blame for her unhappiness!

    Instead, she chose to transform her despair into motivation. She was going to earn the money, and the day would finally come when she could throw the billion in Gu Yu’s face before pushing the divorce papers to him and telling him, “This time around, I don’t want you!”

    Xu Weilai quickly rose from the bed and grabbed her cell phone. She logged in to her email and sent a message to her boss.

    “Big Boss, I’ve recovered completely and can now devote myself to work again. Please give me another Level A assignment!”

    While she was awaiting his reply, Xu Weilai went to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. Mrs. Lin had already dragged her luggage into the guest room. With her sleeves rolled up, she was cleaning the place with a rag.

    Xu Weilai nodded at her out of courtesy. She was about to take her cup of water back to the room when Mrs. Lin suddenly called out, “Young Mistress.”

    She stopped in her tracks and looked at her with inquiry in her eyes. “What is it?”

    Mrs. Lin stood up and walked over. She said, “When I checked the fridge just now, it was empty with no fresh produce in it. I’ll be going to the supermarket to buy some ingredients later. Young Master probably won’t be coming back for lunch, so I’ll just prepare something easy for you to digest. Even so, Young Master should be coming back for dinner, right?”

    Although the last sentence was phrased like a question, Xu Weilai could tell from her tone that it was more of a statement. Even if Gu Yu hadn’t intended to come back, he was going to have to…

    Mrs. Lin had indeed been trained well by Grandpa Gu; she wasn’t easy to handle. Fortunately, Xu Weilai wasn’t unprepared either!

    The smile of Xu Weilai’s face did not change as she replied casually, “Gu Yu kept me company in the hospital while I was ill, so much of his work was backlogged. He’s fully occupied with clearing them now, so I can’t be sure if he’ll be back tonight.”

    That was not an excuse that Xu Weilai had made up. Over the past few days in the hospital, she had heard his phone going off repeatedly, and all the calls had been about work.

    Mrs. Lin’s brows rose, but she couldn’t find any fault with that statement. For the moment, she was unable to do anything except smile and nod her head. “Understood,” she said.

    Despite how smart Mrs. Lin’s move had been, its effectiveness had been brought to a halt.

    Xu Weilai returned to the bedroom and released her breath. She had managed to get past today’s obstacle. Although she hadn’t gotten to the root of the problem, it still provided her with some temporary peace.

    Unfortunately, she had underestimated Mrs. Lin.

    When evening came, Mrs. Lin knocked on the bedroom door. “Come in,” Xu Weilai replied.

    Mrs. Lin walked in with a smile on her fair, plump face. She said straightforwardly, “Young Mistress, I’m about to prepare dinner. You said that you weren’t sure if Young Master would be coming back for dinner. Therefore, I’m not sure how much to prepare. If it’s possible, would you be able to give him a call to ask if he’s coming back, please?”

    Xu Weilai didn’t know how to respond.

    She wanted her to call him to ask if he was coming back for dinner? That was akin to asking to be insulted…

    Even so, she couldn’t turn Mrs. Lin down either. Xu Weilai’s eyes shifted uneasily as the cogs in her mind began to turn.