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Chapter 139 - Forced Into This Role (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 139: Forced Into This Role (1)

    The assistant had started the engine and stepped on the gas pedal. At that instruction, he slammed on the brakes and the car screeched to a halt. The inertia threw Gu Yu forward, and his head almost hit against the back of the front seat.

    The assistant’s heart trembled as he apologized timidly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Gu. It was my mistake.”

    Gu Yu frowned, but he didn’t pursue the matter. In fact, the corners of his lips turned up imperceptibly as he leaned back gracefully on the seat and said, “Drive.”

    The assistant sighed at having gotten away with this infraction. However, the business dinner tonight was with people from the government. It had already been postponed twice. Wasn’t postponing it a third time a bad idea?

    What on earth was so urgent back at the apartment that Mr. Gu had to return home right away?

    At that thought, the assistant steeled himself and asked, “Mr. Gu, do you mean to postpone tonight’s business dinner again?”


    “And… what should I tell them?”

    The previous two times, he had explained that Mrs. Gu had fallen ill, and Mr. Gu had to be by her side. After all, it was a matter of Mrs. Gu’s health. The other party had been considerate and understanding about it.

    Gu Yu glanced at him and replied, “Tell them I’m accompanying my wife.” After a pause, he added, “For dinner.”

    “The assistant was left speechless.

    Fine! The CEO could do as he pleased! He didn’t even need to come up with a legitimate reason. Whether it was to take care of her while she was ill or accompany her for dinner, his wife was his top priority! To hell with the business dinners! They weren’t important at all to him!

    The assistant did not dare to offer his opinion when it came to matters concerning Xu Weilai. Keeping his emotions in check, he stepped on the gas pedal and drove off!


    By the time Xu Weilai broke out of her reverie, Mrs. Lin had already headed into the kitchen happily to prepare dinner. However, Xu Weilai couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.

    She knew very well what her relationship with Gu Yu was like. Although she had no idea why he had agreed to come back for dinner so easily, she was worried that he’d extract payment from her upon his return. If he got angry, Mrs. Lin’s presence would be irrelevant to him. In any case, she would be the one who would be thoroughly embarrassed! Did she just shoot herself in the foot?

    What was she supposed to do now?

    She considered giving Gu Yu a call and telling him in advance that Mrs. Lin was here and she’d been coerced into making that previous phone call. He didn’t have to come back if he didn’t want to.

    She grabbed her phone, dialed his number, and stopped. She hesitated several times before finally restraining herself altogether.

    After all, Mrs. Lin wasn’t simply staying the night. How many times could Xu Weilai dodge this? All she could do was wait for Gu Yu’s return and act according to the circumstances. Fortunately for her, Gu Yu still cared about his grandfather’s feelings. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have fallen victim to his threats time and again. As such, he would most likely keep up the pretense of a happy and peaceful marriage with Mrs. Lin around.

    An hour later, Gu Yu reached the apartment.

    Xu Weilai’s courage was hanging by a thread when she saw Gu Yu step through the door. She clenched her hands and quickly forced herself to relax. Forcing herself to smile, she strode forward.

    At the end of the day, life was like a play, and everything hinged on one’s acting skills. In her case, she had been forced to assume this role!

    “Gu Yu, you’re back!” She controlled her voice carefully, and ensured that it sounded sweet and pleasant. At the same time, she reached out, intending to take his briefcase from him.

    Gu Yu’s eyes narrowed on her face. She was beaming widely and her smile reached her eyes. It was an expression that he hadn’t seen on her for a very long time. A look of bewilderment briefly flashed across his eyes.

    He felt like he’d suddenly been thrown for a loop.

    His confusion dissipated when Mrs. Lin walked out of the kitchen. She saw him and greeted politely, “Hello, Young Master. Welcome back.”

    Gu Yu blinked rapidly and moved his eyes from Xu Weilai to Mrs. Lin standing behind her. The light in his eyes slowly dimmed, and his expression darkened.

    That explains a lot…

    Xu Weilai was familiar with the warning signs of Gu Yu’s anger. As soon as she noticed that Gu Yu’s eyes suddenly turned cold, her heart dropped right into her stomach!