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Chapter 141 - Save a Kid in Need (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 141: Save a Kid in Need (1)

    When Gu Yu emerged from the dressing room after changing his clothes, he did not even bother to glance her way. He walked right past her, opened the bedroom door, and walked out.

    His apathetic attitude and lack of response did not put Xu Weilai at ease, and she clenched her fists in exasperation.

    Was he only satisfied when she was quaking in her boots? His moods were so volatile, and his behavior was so erratic; she must have lost her mind all those years ago to fall in love with him back then!

    Fortunately for her, nothing significant had happened during dinner.

    Gu Yu didn’t eat much. Perhaps he didn’t feel like eating with her, or he just didn’t have much of an appetite. When he was done, he placed his chopsticks down and went straight to his study. Xu Weilai lifted her eyes in time to glance at his back before lowering her head again to finish her food without a word.

    If he didn’t want to eat, then so be it! In any case, she wasn’t going to let it affect her appetite! Over the past few days in the hospital, the meals she’d be given were all bland to aid her recovery. Now that she was discharged, her taste buds were craving for flavor! Now that Mrs. Lin had prepared such a scrumptious spread, she wasn’t going to restrain herself!

    When Mrs. Lin saw the situation, she finally understood why Mr. Gu Sr. had been in such a hurry to send her over. Without her as a peacemaker, it was likely that the Young Master and Young Mistress’ relationship would be on the verge of breaking down completely!

    Previously at the family gathering… she could tell that Young Mistress still cared for the Young Master.

    However, today, she seemed to be almost losing hope.

    It was commonly said that men were fickle-minded creatures who got over their emotions easily, while women were constantly held ransom by their feelings. This was because women were naturally born to be emotionally-driven, and were thus soft-hearted.

    It was indeed hard for a woman to let go of her emotions. Once she did, however, there would be no turning back no matter what.


    When Xu Weilai had eaten enough, she washed the dishes with Mrs. Lin before returning to the bedroom. She took a nice, hot bath and decided to change into a modest pajama suit that covered her body completely.

    Upon exiting the bathroom, she applied body lotion all over her skin. She proceeded to unwrap the towel around her head and took out a hairdryer to blow her hair.

    A chime sounded on her laptop, and Xu Weilai’s eyes lit up. Switching off the hairdryer, she threw herself on the bed and pulled her laptop over. Indeed, her Big Boss had replied.

    She moved the mouse to the message and clicked on it to open it.

    Big Boss: You just recovered. It wouldn’t be appropriate for you to take another dangerous assignment so soon. I will not be giving you any Level A assignments for the time being.

    The light in Xu Weilai’s eyes dimmed. Not receiving any assignments meant not receiving any remuneration. Mentally lamenting her situation, she began typing on her keyboard.

    Xu Weilai: Dear Big Boss, I am in dire need of money. I have already recovered fully, so I am healthy enough to even defeat a few tigers. I hope you will understand and give me an assignment! Save a kid in need!

    All these years, the emails that Xu Weilai had exchanged with her boss had always been professional and about work. She had never used such a coquettish tone with him before. If she wasn’t so desperate, she wouldn’t have written that either!

    Hence, when the boss’s quick reply came, there were no words. The message only read “…” to signify his speechlessness.

    To be fair, she was indeed a little out of line! Xu Weilai stuck her tongue out in embarrassment.

    However, she was willing to cross all the lines if it meant being able to earn more money!

    She sent another email: [Please save a kid in need! Sob sob sob~]

    Probably in shock from her messages, the Big Boss didn’t reply for a while. Without nothing else to do but wait, Xu Weilai got up and continued to blow her hair dry.

    Just when her hair was completely dry, another chime rang out. Xu Weilai threw herself on the bed again and opened her inbox.