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Chapter 145 - Archrivals (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 145: Archrivals (1)

    Emotions were perishable and needed to be maintained. Once they were extinguished, it became very hard to ignite them again.

    After breakfast, Xu Weilai did not want to leave the house with Gu Yu. She wanted to avoid having to put on another act of a loving wife sending her husband off to work. Therefore, she deliberately dawdled in the bedroom until she was sure that Gu Yu had left. Only then did she hurriedly dash out of the room and slip on her shoes. While mumbling a goodbye to Mrs. Lin, she yanked the door open and ran out.

    When it came to securing exclusive interviews for news outlets, time was of the essence!

    When Mrs. Lin saw the situation, she couldn’t help but shake her head and chuckle. Young Mistress was clearly in a rush but had insisted on hiding in the bedroom. Had she been waiting for the Young Master to leave before coming out?

    This subconscious action of hers immediately contradicted the Young Mistress’ true feelings. Even though the Young Mistress had put on a convincing show, Mrs. Lin wasn’t so easily fooled!

    However, she’d happily play along with them. She’d pretend that she didn’t know anything and quietly watch her and the Young Master keep up the charade. That way, the couple would be forced to engage in occasional displays of affection that would eventually improve their relationship!


    Xu Weilai floored the gas pedal of her car, driving at a furious pace.

    Thanks to Gu Yu, who had forced her to sit through his maniacal driving twice, she had learned to train her nerves. Right now, the speed she was going at was considered child’s play to her.

    When she reached the airport’s parking lot, she spotted a parking space from afar. At the same time, another car was preparing to pull into it. With a sly smile on her face, she turned her steering wheel, confidently reversed into the parking space, and parked her car securely.

    With haste, she pulled her keys out and alighted while shutting the car door behind her. She walked up to the other car that had been left without a parking space and knocked on the window.

    The window came down, and in the driver’s seat was a woman with an incensed expression on her face. However, Xu Weilai felt very pleased to see that. “Oh! I’m so sorry!” she said without sincerity. “You were so close to surpassing me, but I win yet again!”

    The phrase “yet again” caused the woman’s temper to explode. She glared at Xu Weilai fiercely with a humorless smile. “Xu Weilai, it’s too soon for you to rejoice! I’m the one who will be holding Lin Yuhao’s exclusive interview today!”

    Xu Weilai casually flipped her hair over her shoulder with a seductive laugh. “Sure! I’ll be waiting to see that happen. To be honest, I’ve been at the top for so long that I’ve become a bit lonely. I’m eagerly anticipating your rise after seeing you as number two for once!”

    With that, Xu Weilai didn’t bother entertaining her any longer. She retrieved a pair of shades from her bag and elegantly put them on. With her head held high, she strode off.

    The woman watched her leave and screamed in frustration as she hit her steering wheel with both hands.

    Xu Weilai walked into the underground elevator and pressed the button to go to the floor set aside for arrivals. She looked at her reflection on the steel doors of the elevator, and the corners of her lips turned up. She looked confident and proud of herself.

    The woman from moments ago was Zhou Meiqi, Xu Weilai’s archrival. They had been competing with each other for a long time.

    Ever since they were young, they had been in the same school, in the same class, and they had even been desk mates! The rivalry had continued into adulthood. Even when Xu Weilai had traveled abroad to study, Zhou Meiqi followed suit as well!

    If it weren’t for the fact that they were both females, people would have assumed that they were in a bizarre love relationship!

    Xu Weilai didn’t want to compete with her, but Zhou Meiqi refused to let it go. For some reason nobody else knew, Zhou Meiqi had insisted on fighting her to the death. Regardless of how many times she’d been defeated, she still refused to give up!

    Later on, Z Magazine had hired Xu Weilai while she was abroad. Zhou Meiqi had been unable to get in no matter how much she tried. As a result, she went straight to Z Magazine’s direct competitor, The Daily Report, to continue her rivalry!