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Chapter 146 - Archrivals (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 146: Archrivals (2)

    However Xu Weilai didn’t possess any positive feelings towards her either, and it wasn’t just because of the rivalry. More importantly, Zhou Meiqi wasn’t anything like her. Although Xu Weilai had a strong desire to earn money, and would resort to a few tricks occasionally during the investigation process, she still kept to her own principles and did what was within limits. No matter what she did, she would never involve any innocent individual.

    Zhou Meiqi, on the other hand, was infamous for her underhanded tactics and the extreme extents she would go to for the sake of a news article. She had once made use of somebody else’s child, and had even forced the innocent child to live in the public eye. The child was severely harassed and suffered from psychological trauma as a result. From that article, she gained fame and fortune, but she ruined the child’s life in the process.

    Therefore, in the industry, if Xu Weilai was known as the embodiment of justice, Zhou Meiqi would be the equivalent of the devil from hell! As the old saying went, “evil would never triumph against good!”


    Countless other reporters had received the tip-off too, and were all lying in wait at the entrance. Xu Weilai had taken a look around when she arrived, and found the entire place teeming with huge crowds of people!

    No matter what, she had to get her hands on that day’s interview opportunity, and she wasn’t going to allow anyone or anything to stand in her way!

    Zhou Meiqi reached five minutes after Xu Weilai, and after realizing that Xu Weilai managed to secure a good spot, she gritted her teeth and walked over to a space located five steps away from her rival.

    Because no one had Lin Yuhan’s flight details, and they had only ever seen him in photographs, every time someone emerged from inside, the crowd would crane their necks and widen their eyes! They made sure to scrutinize every single person, and whenever anyone who bore a slight resemblance appeared, they’d clamor forward, only to retreat in disappointment moments later.

    Even Zhou Meiqi was unable to restrain herself, and had rushed forward twice in error. Xu Weilai was the only one who leaned against the railing lazily, calm and unaffected like the expert she was!

    Xu Weilai wasn’t as rash as the others, and she had been relying on her street-smarts to survive in the industry for a while. Before she left the house, she carefully observed the photograph that her boss had sent to her. She committed to memory Lin Yuhan’s approximate height, build, and fashion style, in order to recognize him and approach the correct person at the soonest possible time!

    When Zhou Meiqi witnessed how confident Xu Weilai looked, she was so annoyed that she had the sudden urge to march up and deal her a swift kick! Xu Weilai sensed her malevolent eyes on her. With a smile, she cocked an eyebrow tauntingly. Xu Weilai’s look said it all —she knew Zhou Meiqi hated her, and yet, there was absolutely nothing Zhou Meiqi could do about it!

    Another flight landed, and a group of passengers emerged, dragging their luggage bags behind them.

    Xu Weilai glanced across the new group and immediately caught sight of a tall figure masked under a cap, a pair of shades, and a mask. Wearing a long brown trench coat, he exuded a gentlemanly aura that was subtle and restrained at the same time.

    Although she couldn’t see his face, his height, build, and fashion style were unmistakable! She was 90 percent certain that the individual was who she’d been waiting for!

    Xu Weilai quickly grabbed the opportunity with decisive action, and rushed forward.

    Zhou Meiqi hadn’t been able to identify the man. Even though she had refused to admit that Xu Weilai was more capable than she was, she knew well enough that if Xu Weilai was taking action, there was a high chance that she would be right! Without any hesitation, she rushed forward too!

    Xu Weilai was the first to run forward, followed by Zhou Meiqi. When the other reporters saw the sight, they rushed along as well.

    Many passengers were already exiting the gates to begin with. Now, with so many reporters surging forward, all hell broke loose. Xu Weilai had to step aside to allow the crowd to pass, and had no choice but to slow down.

    Zhou Meiqi, on the other hand, couldn’t give two hoots about the safety of others. Whoever blocked her way was violently shoved aside as she forced her way over towards Xu Weilai, catching up to her eventually.

    When she saw Xu Weilai approaching the man in the trench coat, Zhou Meiqi reached out to a random passerby, and pushed him towards Xu Weilai!