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Chapter 147 - A Blessing in Disguise (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 147: A Blessing in Disguise (1)

    The man was taken completely by surprise as he lunged towards Xu Weilai.

    Xu Weilai had been on guard against Zhou Meiqi the entire time, and the moment she saw what was happening, she nimbly stepped out of the way, and the man fell hard on the ground. He let out a howl of pain.

    He instinctively tried to get up, but the crowd behind him continued surging forward while the crowd of reporters, like a pack of wolves, continued their pursuit in the opposite direction. He was surrounded on all sides and couldn’t get up at all. His body and limbs were being trampled ceaselessly, and he broke out in cold sweat from the pain.

    Xu Weilai glanced at the man in the trench coat. He was so close that he was within her reach! The next moment, she noticed the other man on the ground who was being trampled on. Conflicted, she bit her bottom lip hard!

    In a matter of seconds, she made the decision to give up the man in the trench coat. She turned around and headed towards the other man who was on the floor.

    As she crouched down to help the man up, she caught sight of Zhou Meiqi from the corner of her eye. Zhou Meiqi grabbed on to the man in the trench coat before turning around, directing a victorious smirk at Xu Weilai.

    Xu Weilai curtly rolled her eyes at her before focusing her sights again on the man in front of her. He was wearing a cap, with the brim pulled low. Because his head was lowered, Xu Weilai could only see his mouth and jaw.

    His skin was very fair, and a comical mustache lined his top lip. She could tell that he was a young man, but at that moment, he was shivering uncontrollably, and his lips were pale. He seemed to be in a lot of pain!

    Xu Weilai’s brows furrowed, and she quickly reached out to help the man up. In a swift motion, she led him out of the crowd and guided him towards an empty chair nearby for him to take a seat.

    From her backpack, she retrieved her flask and poured out some warm water into the cup-cover before offering it to him. “Are you alright?” she asked.

    The man took it from her, his voice still trembling as he replied, “I’m a little better now. Thank you.”

    Xu Weilai’s brows rose. His voice sounded very pleasant. She surveyed the man from head to toe, and realized that his hands and legs were injured. “Do you need me to send you to the hospital?” she asked.

    The man took some time to regain his senses before replying, “That won’t be necessary. They’re minor scratches. I just… suffer from ochlophobia. Now that I’m no longer stuck in a crowd, I’m able to breathe again.”

    Xu Weilai nodded her head. She now understood why the grown man was unable to get up on his own. But he was, after all, a stranger, and Xu Weilai didn’t want to probe further.

    The man suddenly spoke again, this time with a hint of appeal. “I have a favor to ask of you, but I’m not sure if you’d be willing to help me.”

    “Go ahead.”

    “It’s a bit bold of me to ask, but could you please send me back to my residence? I don’t think I’m able to walk on my own.”

    Xu Weilai was no saint, but when she saw how weak he was at that moment, she decided to help him with all that he needed. In any case, her interview was already a bust.

    “Come on, then!”

    Xu Weilai drove the man to a high-end estate. He’d spent the entire journey leaning back on the seat and dozing off. It was obvious that he was in much discomfort. After stopping the car, Xu Weilai nudged him softly and said, “We’re here.”

    The man slowly opened his eyes and was silent for a while. When he had finally regained his composure, his face broke into a smile. “Thank you,” he said to her sincerely.

    Xu Weilai smiled back at him as her eyelids fluttered. “Not at all. You may call me Mother Teresa!”

    The man was amused by her response and flashed her a wide grin. Immediately after, he retrieved his business card from his pocket and offered it to Xu Weilai. “This is my business card. May I have yours?”

    Xu Weilai accepted the card from him politely and glanced at the name printed on it. Her eyes widened suddenly, shining brightly!