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Chapter 150 - No, Scram! (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 150: No, Scram! (2)

    Gu Yu narrowed his eyes as he glanced at the piece of chicken in his bowl. Then, he turned to look at Xu Weilai’s face. He didn’t say a word, and neither did he move his chopsticks.

    He wasn’t going to eat it? Heh, she wasn’t going to let him get away with it so easily!

    “You bad boy! Do you need me to feed you?” Xu Weilai asked in a coquettish voice deliberately. She picked up the piece of chicken with her chopsticks and held it near his mouth. “Come on, open up!” she said.

    Gu Yu could naturally see the provocative and challenging glint that flashed across Xu Weilai’s bright eyes. He lowered his gaze, and with a slight curl of his lips, he opened his mouth and ate the chicken.

    Xu Weilai’s brows rose in surprise. She was somewhat incredulous that he had eaten it without putting up a fight. Furthermore, his expression hadn’t changed at all! Also, in all this time Xu Weilai knew him, he had never been able to stomach anything spicy before!

    Evidently, he cared very much about Grandpa Gu and didn’t want to risk allowing Mrs. Lin to see the loopholes in their relationship.

    Since that was the case, she was going to take full advantage of the opportunity!

    Xu Weilai was especially excited and continued to feed him diligently. Unexpectedly, Gu Yu swallowed everything she fed him, including a whole piece of chili pepper! He’d simply consumed it without even batting an eyelid!

    Xu Weilai focused all her attention on feeding Gu Yu. By the time she regained awareness of her surroundings, all the dishes had been finished.

    But she still hadn’t eaten her fill yet!

    All her attempts trying to set Gu Yu up! How did she end up on the losing end? Moreover, since when was Gu Yu able to eat spicy foods? Was his inability to do so in the past all a lie?

    Mrs. Lin watched as the wife fed her husband sweetly, and she smiled so hard that her wrinkles were all visible. How did anyone ever get the idea that her Young Master had a low EQ? In her opinion, he was an absolute expert!


    Xu Weilai was still hungry, but she didn’t want Gu Yu to laugh at her and was too embarrassed to say anything about it. Hence, she took an apple, washed it, and crunched on it.

    Gu Yu went back to the bedroom and headed to the bathroom to rinse his mouth. When he emerged, he heard the chime of a cell phone. He turned his head towards the direction of the sound, and his gaze fell on Xu Weilai’s phone on the side table.

    He crept over as quietly as possible and glanced at the illuminated screen. The message was from a certain Mr. Lin. It said, “Miss Xu, may I have the pleasure of asking you out for a meal?”

    Ha! First, it was her Big Boss. Then it was that man in the photograph yesterday. And now, here came a Mr. Lin of dubious background!

    The look in the man’s eyes darkened, and his lips were pressed into a cold, hard line. He clenched his fists and bent over to pick the cell phone up. Keying in her birthday as the code to unlock her phone, he opened the message. Very quickly, he typed in two words with his fingertips.

    “No. Scram!”

    His finger hovered over the “send” button immediately after.


    As Xu Weilai was crunching on her apple, she suddenly thought of another interview question. Hence, she rushed over to the bedroom, intending to record it down.

    The moment she entered the bedroom, she saw Gu Yu standing by the bedside table with his hand behind his back. She had no idea what he’d been doing and wasn’t interested in finding out either. She walked over to retrieve her laptop.

    If he was going to remain in the bedroom, then she’ll move to the study room to work!

    Meandering her way around him, she picked up the laptop on the table and looked around. With a frown on her face, she remarked, “That’s weird. Where’s my phone?”

    From what she could recall, she had left it on the bedside table and hadn’t brought it out with her. How did it go missing?

    Xu Weilai looked up at Gu Yu without thinking, and asked, “Did you see my cell phone?”

    Gu Yu’s handsome face did not express any warmth whatsoever and his eyes were dark. As he parted his thin lips, his tone was chillingly cold as he replied, “No!”