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Chapter 151 - He Was Always Unhappy (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 151: He Was Always Unhappy (1)


    Fine, so he didn’t! What the hell did he have to look so offended about?

    Xu Weilai pressed her lips together. She wasn’t going to stay any longer to look at that unfriendly face of his. Without another word, she walked out, intending to borrow Mrs. Lin’s cell phone to call her own. She would be able to find her phone the moment it rang.

    Gu Yu made sure she was out the door before he took out her phone again. Clenching his fingers around Xu Weilai’s phone, he stared daggers at the message on the screen. A few seconds later, he deleted the message, locked the phone, and flung it on the bed.


    While Xu Weilai was scrolling through the news on her cell phone the next day, she inadvertently clicked on her message inbox and saw the text that Lin Yuhan had sent her.

    She was stunned for a moment. The message had been sent the night before, and she was sure she hadn’t seen it. It was weird!

    However, Lin Yuhan asking her out for a meal was like manna falling from the sky! She was so elated that she didn’t give the strange incident any further thought. Immediately, she sent him her reply. [Sure!]

    With the identity of his savior, she now had the opportunity to deepen their relationship over dinner. This way, she will be able to request for her interview in no time! It was working out perfectly!

    Soon enough, Lin Yuhan sent her a time and place and asked if she was agreeable to it.

    Xu Weilai nodded her head as she typed her reply, “Of course!”

    Upon confirming the details, she tossed around in bed happily. That immense salary was on its way to her pocket!


    Three days later…

    Lin Yuhan made a reservation at a fine-dining restaurant that had a formal dress code. Hence, Xu Weilai made the effort to doll herself up elegantly and picked an evening gown with stilettos to match. She looked very beautiful indeed.

    Before leaving the house, she left word with Mrs. Lin that she had an appointment with someone and wouldn’t be home for dinner.

    At ten past eight, Xu Weilai walked into the restaurant. The waiter led her to the reserved table, and she found Lin Yuhan already seated there, waiting for her. When he saw that she had arrived, he smiled warmly and rose to pull out her chair for her.

    Xu Weilai took her seat and thanked him.

    Lin Yuhan returned to his seat. He gave Xu Weilai a once over and said with a smile, “You look really beautiful today, Miss Xu.”

    He had remembered her compliment to him the other day and was returning the favor, wasn’t he?

    However, even though his words were said out of courtesy, Xu Weilai was nevertheless very happy to hear someone compliment her beauty. “Thank you, Mr. Lin. You’re looking especially dashing today too!”

    While her words were uttered with commercial interests in mind, they were still truthful. That day, probably to dodge the reporters, Lin Yuhan had deliberately disguised himself by wearing a hat and pasting on a mustache. Today, without that comical-looking mustache, and being dressed to the nines, he did indeed look very handsome.

    Hearing her playful words, Lin Yuhan smiled again and said sincerely, “Miss Xu, has anyone ever told you that you have an amazing ability to make a person happy?”

    Xu Weilai was dumbstruck.

    She had the ability to make a person happy? If so, why was Gu Yu unhappy every time he saw her?


    That night’s business dinner couldn’t be postponed any further, and the assistant drove the car to the restaurant.

    Before alighting from the car, Gu Yu took his cell phone out and dialed the number of the apartment. When Mrs. Lin answered the call, he said, “I won’t be back for dinner tonight. Don’t wait for me.”

    Mrs. Lin chuckled as she replied, “Young Master, you and Young Mistress have really good chemistry! She won’t be coming back for dinner tonight either! Could it be… that both of you will be having a candlelit dinner somewhere together?”

    Upon disconnecting the call, Gu Yu suddenly recalled the message that had appeared on Xu Weilai’s phone that night. The look in his eyes darkened, and his expression turned ominous.

    Gu Yu and his assistant walked into the restaurant, and the manager welcomed them courteously. He was about to lead them into the VIP room when he noticed that Gu Yu was rooted to a spot, staring chillingly at the main dining hall where a beautiful woman and a handsome man were sitting by the window.