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Chapter 156 - The Fruit of Love (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 156: The Fruit of Love (2)

    After Xu Weilai took her pill, she placed her water glass back on the bedside table. Without even sparing a glance at Gu Yu, she laid back on the bed, covered herself with the blanket, and closed her eyes.

    She was tired and sleepy. Although Gu Yu hadn’t been as cruel towards her that night compared to the way he had been before, there was still no joy in relations without love.

    Just as she was drifting off to sleep, she felt Gu Yu climb out of bed. The sound of his footsteps disappeared into the changing room, and he walked out a few minutes later, apparently after a change of clothes. What followed was the slam of the bedroom door.

    He had left.

    This was the first time in a long while that he had left in the middle of the night. Had she angered him again?

    In the past, whenever he was mad at her, she would always wonder what she had done wrong. How could she improve? What mistake had she committed? She’d reflect on herself and make the necessary corrections in order not to anger him again. All because she didn’t want to see his icy expression.

    Back then, she hadn’t been afraid of him at all. She simply didn’t want to see the person she loved being unhappy.

    Because she had fallen for Gu Yu first, it was inevitable that she ended up being the one putting in more effort. Gu Yu had never confessed his feelings to her, and although he had been very generous with showing her affection, she lacked that sense of security and constantly felt ill at ease.

    Gu Yu was a man of few words, and she had never been able to read his thoughts. She couldn’t tell what he had been thinking. Later on, she became spoiled and coquettish, in part because he had given in to her so much, and in part because… she really wanted to find out just how much he loved her.

    How silly she had been.

    Because she desired some form of proof of his feelings towards her, she had tested him again, and again, and again.

    She had always been clear and open about her feelings. When she liked him, she boldly confessed to him. Naturally, she hoped that Gu Yu would be equally open with her.

    Later on, when she had realized that it was impossible to get Gu Yu to verbally declare his feelings for her, she told herself that it was fine. She would take a step back and wait until he proposed to her. Then, she wouldn’t agree to marry him until he said “I love you.”

    Obviously, she had overestimated her worth in his eyes. After they had dated for a while, and their relationship became stable, her parents pestered her to get married.

    She was a girl. She had already been the first and only one to confess her feelings. She couldn’t bring herself to propose the marriage as well!

    She was determined not to ask; that would be her last resort. However, a while later, Gu Yu had brought her for a dinner party to introduce her to Xu Shuai and a few of his other friends.

    She felt so happy then. Gu Yu’s introduction of her to his friends was as good as bringing her into his circle and was akin to publicly acknowledging her status as his fiancée. What would follow next was probably the official engagement ceremony and the wedding…

    Unfortunately, events did not unfold as she had expected. After that dinner party, Gu Yu, with the excuse that he’d been busy at work, had barely seen her. The number of calls he made to her had dwindled as well. Even her text messages to him were only replied to once in a blue moon.

    She complained about it to Xiao Chun, and Xiao Chun had consoled her saying that because Grandpa Gu had officially handed the company over to Gu Yu, Gu Yu was truly busy. As his fiancée, she needed to be understanding and considerate, and after the dust settled, he would naturally return.

    Xiao Chun was right. Gu Yu was in the midst of the handover and had appeared in the news every day. He needed to prove himself and his capabilities and spent 20 hours a day at work.

    But Xiao Chun had been wrong in one aspect…