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Chapter 159 - Gu Yu, I Want to Marry You (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 159: Gu Yu, I Want to Marry You (1)

    Even after the dust settled, he hadn’t returned to find her.

    Xu Weilai could understand that he had been busy. She wasn’t an unreasonable person who’d insist on having her boyfriend by her side all the time. She was willing to wait for him patiently, and wait until he was no longer as busy. As long as he dropped her a call or a message every now and then to tell her he was thinking of her, she’d be content.

    On the day that Gu Yu had officially become the CEO of the Gu Corporation, she was at home on the couch watching television. She was so happy and proud of Gu Yu, because he gained the respect and recognition of the board of directors within a very short time, and had risen to the highest position. The Gu Corporation was his kingdom, and he was about to start a new era there.

    At the same time, that had been his parents’ last wish. Considering that he had managed to ascend to that position at such a young age, she knew his parents’ souls in heaven would be very proud of him too.

    Mrs. Xu had been watching the news with her, and when she noticed her daughter blushing, she said with a chuckle, “I’m guessing Gu Yu would want to celebrate such a momentous day with you! Has he asked you out for dinner tonight?”

    Right! Xu Weilai had been so excited that she forgot all about that. Gu Yu’s workload should have lessened for the time being. Wasn’t it about time for him to meet her?

    That day, she held her phone in her hand the entire time. She was distracted the whole day, and her eyes had been glued to the phone, waiting for Gu Yu to call. However, her cell phone remained silent. She began to wonder if her line had been cut off, or if her phone had been faulty. She quickly topped up her phone plan and made many calls with her phone. She had even used the landline at home to call her cell.

    She finally ascertained after a while, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that her phone was fine. Gu Yu simply hadn’t called her.

    After a whole day of apprehension and unease, she finally snapped. At nine at night, she gave Xiao Chun a call, intending to ask if she knew what Gu Yu had been up to.

    Xiao Chun told her that Gu Yu was right in the middle of his celebratory feast.

    A celebratory feast wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. But, why hadn’t he called her along? She was his fiancée. Wasn’t it her right to be present?

    Xu Weilai hadn’t been able to comprehend his actions. She felt desolate and humiliated. Gu Yu had neglected her for so long while she was missing him every day. In order not to distract him, she endured her loneliness and waited for him patiently. But now that he was done, he hadn’t even called her!

    After obtaining the details from Xiao Chun, Xu Weilai got off the bed without a second thought and got changed. After leaving word with her mother that she was going to meet Gu Yu, she rushed over to the venue of the event—Gu Garden Country Club!

    While in the chauffeured car, she sensed that something was amiss. Gu Yu wouldn’t have neglected her that way without any rhyme or reason. Had she done something wrong?

    Just like every other instance, she questioned and doubted herself.

    She had always been a very confident girl. Since young, Gu Yu hadn’t been the only outstanding one. She, Xu Weilai, had been pretty exceptional herself! She was pretty, academically inclined, capable, modest, and hardworking!

    In this world, it was easy to find people who possessed a good attitude and people who possessed a good aptitude. However, Xu Weilai was one of the rare individuals who possessed both a good attitude and a good aptitude!

    The only aspect of life that she lacked confidence in was love. She had been constantly insecure and afraid that Gu Yu didn’t reciprocate her feelings.

    When she reached the ballroom, Gu Yu had been standing there, at the center of everyone’s attention. His tuxedo accentuated his height, elegance, and even his aloofness. He was impossible to look away from.

    In addition to the many well-wishers, he had also been surrounded by many beautiful women looking at him with hope in their eyes.