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Chapter 161 - She’s The Accident Among The Accidents (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 161: She’s The Accident Among The Accidents (1)

    To Gu Yu, Xu Weilai was an accident through and through. That would be Xu Shuai’s opinion if he was in the position to comment.

    Gu Yu and Xu Weilai’s engagement was agreed upon by Mr. Gu Sr. and Mr. Xu Sr. During Mr. Xu Sr.’s generation, the Xu family was still quite wealthy. They weren’t as powerful or wealthy as the Gu family but they didn’t lag behind by too much. They were equal in social status.

    However, Mr. Xu Sr. passed away early and Mr. Xu took over the business. He had a huge ambition but his ability was lacking. Within the short span of a few years, the Xu Corporation kept expanding. It looked glorious on the surface but in fact, all kinds of problems had appeared internally.

    Ever since Gu Yu’s parents passed away, Mr. Xu had doubts about the Gu Corporation. He once suggested breaking the engagement but Mr. Gu. Sr disagreed.

    This was because in the past, Mr. Gu Sr secretly went to look for Xu Weilai while she was still studying and he adored her at first sight…

    Little Weilai was like a miniature sun. She was energetic, cute, positive, and extremely cheerful. When she smiled, people would subconsciously smile along with her. She was beautiful and kind too.

    Mr. Gu Sr. felt that the cold Gu Yu needed a lady like Xu Weilai by his side. She was someone who could melt him.

    He didn’t let Gu Yu and Xu Weilai meet directly. This was the reason why Xu Weilai and Gu Yu never saw each other before Gu Yu turned 18 years old. Mr. Gu Sr. was afraid that Gu Yu, who had been through a huge change of events, wouldn’t be willing to accept the cute little girl.

    From the ages of ten to 18, Gu Yu was focused on learning all kinds of knowledge. In order to protect the Gu Corporation, in order to stop anyone from bullying his grandfather and him again, he must become strong. He must be so strong that everyone could only look up to him!

    Gu Yu didn’t disappoint anyone. When he turned 18, he achieved many important academic degrees. His outstanding performance allowed him to become the number one most influential successor in the world!

    Mr. Gu Sr. was the one who specially arranged Gu Yu’s 18th birthday party. He sincerely invited Mr. Xu and Mrs. Xu. to bring Xu Weilai along for the party. They could make use of the opportunity to let Gu Yu and his little fiancée meet as well.

    Just like what Mr. Gu Sr. expected, Xu Weilai had become prettier. When she blinked her beautiful and big eyes, they would turn into crescents as she smiled, and people’s hearts would melt.

    Unfortunately, Gu Yu didn’t take a fancy to Xu Weilai. Or rather, he didn’t consider being in a relationship. At that time, no one was able to occupy a space in his heart.

    However, Xu Shuai knew that Mr. Gu Sr liked Xu Weilai. Even if Gu Yu didn’t like her, he would still have to marry her in the end. A marriage without love was very normal for the people in their circle.

    After their marriage, they could still live together while treating each other respectfully like a guest.

    If everything moved according to the original plan, Gu Yu and Xu Weilai would grow up individually. Once they reached a suitable age, they would get married and Gu Yu would be a qualified husband. Besides love, which he couldn’t give, he wouldn’t let Xu Weilai suffer in any other way.

    But, who would know what plans heaven had in store?

    Gu Yu’s car accident caused his life and Xu Weilai’s to intertwine completely. Xu Weilai was actually able to melt Gu Yu’s heart.

    Unfortunately, as Xu Weilai allowed Gu Yu’s heart to open up, she stabbed his heart ruthlessly at the same time.

    Thinking about this, Xu Shuai felt that fate was really ironic. He wiped his face furiously. When he opened his mouth, his voice was hoarse. “I asked the wrong question the other time. I should have asked you if you have always been in love with Xu Weilai, right?”

    The more you loved a person, the more you couldn’t forget the past.