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Chapter 162 - She’s The Accident Among The Accidents (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 162: She’s The Accident Among The Accidents (2)

    “Love?” Gu Yu repeated the word. As he continued repeating it, he laughed.

    He didn’t know if it was because he felt that the word was funny or he thought that the fact he loved Xu Weilai was a funny thing. The laugh was sorrowful and lonely. It was the kind of mocking laughter one gave after tolerating immense pain.

    Xu Shuai sighed. “Even if you don’t admit it, I know the answer too. A few days ago, I unintentionally got to know of some things you did, the stupid things that you once did for Xu Weilai!”

    Xu Shuai sounded a little exasperated as he continued, “Don’t think that you hid what you did well. You were the main reason why Xu Weilai was able to survive overseas for the past three years!”

    The forsaken child of a family would never be able to live a good life. The Xu family didn’t give Xu Weilai much money. She was a young lady who needed to live and study overseas. Hence, she needed to work hard to earn money for herself. However… money wasn’t easy to earn.

    There were many overseas students who were working. Xu Weilai wasn’t the only one. Neither was she the best choice. She needed to sacrifice much more time and energy in order to stand out from the rest of the students.

    However, Xu Weilai didn’t know that the reason why her part-time pay was higher than the other students was not because she had better capabilities. It was because of… Gu Yu.

    The small amounts of money didn’t mean anything. The most astonishing thing was——

    A few days ago, Xu Weilai revealed Pang Hai’s illegal operations and caused some commotion. After reading the newspaper, Xu Shuai finally knew that Xu Weilai entered the Z magazine publication company when she was overseas.

    The Z magazine publication company was very famous overseas. It was a magazine with a huge number of readers. All the people that were able to enter the Z magazine publication company were all elites in the press circle who had outstanding results and experiences. Xu Weilai was young and didn’t have any portfolios. How was it possible for her to get into the Z magazine publication company so easily?

    Xu Shuai felt that there was something hiding under the surface so he asked someone to investigate the matter.

    The Xu family runs a detective agency so their intelligence network was very powerful. However, the boss behind the Z magazine publication company wasn’t easy to find either. He spent more than a month before he found out that the mysterious boss behind the publication company was actually from the Zuo family. He only managed to get this information by chance.

    This was a powerful family. There was a saying in the business world. North Gu, South Zuo.

    The Gu family from the north and the Zuo family from the south were of the same status. They were both powerful families who had a hundred years of history. The foundation of the families was strong and their capabilities exceeded everyone else’s. Their businesses spread all over the world. Any action from them was enough to cause huge turbulence in the economy.

    Normally, two equally powerful families would be competitors with each other. However, the Gu family and the Zuo family didn’t become competitors. Instead, they had a harmonious relationship and shared resources. They cooperated with each other and benefitted mutually.

    This was because the Zuo family owed the Gu family a huge favor. Hence, the Zuo family had a family rule. As long as the Gu family gave them a request, no matter what it was, they must agree to it without any questions.

    Xu Shuai couldn’t help but mock Gu Yu when he recalled this. “Yu, you’re really crazy. You used this huge favor to exchange for Xu Weilai’s acceptance into the Z magazine publication company, so that she would be able to live a good life under the protection of the Zuo family and not suffer from any harm.”

    Xu Shuai didn’t even question Gu Yu. He was using an affirmative tone.

    “You used the power of the Zuo family to protect Xu Weilai but she doesn’t know anything. She won’t feel grateful towards you either. Also, is she worth it?”

    Gu Yu appeared as if he was listening to another person’s story. There were no unnecessary expressions on his face. His lips only moved when he heard the last sentence. He muttered his words in a low voice, “Yes, it’s not worth it.”