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Chapter 163 - Why Su Ziqian? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 163: Why Su Ziqian? (1)

    But, he still did it.

    Gu Yu didn’t continue with the rest of his sentence. He took another gulp of alcohol to conceal his real emotions. He would only allow himself to indulge for a short while.

    Xu Shuai looked at Gu Yu as he once again became the cold, calm, and frighteningly deep person he always was in an instant. His heart hurt for Gu Yu but at the same time, he felt helpless too.

    Everyone said that Gu Yu was extremely harsh towards everyone. The only exception for that was Xu Weilai.

    That was not really the case…

    Another woman appeared in Xu Shuai’s mind. The impulse that came with curiosity was like a flame that ignited and burned furiously. He glanced at Gu Yu a few times. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and asked, “I can understand other things but there’s one thing I don’t understand.”

    “If you really love Xu Weilai wholeheartedly, why did you have Su Ziqian?”

    A man can have a physically intimate relationship with many women but his heart would never be able to fit a second woman once it was already occupied by one.

    Just like Xu Shuai. He might be flirtatious but only his physical body was flirting with the other women. After all, his heart… had already been entirely seized by the woman that he would never be able to chase back. Even until that day, he hadn’t been able to escape from her grasp.

    He didn’t think that Gu Yu could be more flirtatious than him.

    Also, Su Ziqian had been beside him for many years. But, he never touched her body, not even once. That time, he was given such a powerful drug but he still managed to bear with it. Even his body didn’t want Su Ziqian, much less his heart.

    Gu Yu remained silent as always. Xu Shuai didn’t know if it was because he didn’t want to reply or he just didn’t feel the need to.

    “Fine. Since you don’t want to answer, I’ll guess it myself.”

    Xu Shuai flicked his fingers loudly and touched his chin. He pondered seriously for a moment before opening his mouth and probing, “You pushed Su Ziqian to a height where the entire world could see her within a short span of three years. Was it because you wanted Xu Weilai, who was overseas, to see it?”

    He paused for a moment before scoffing, “You wanted her to see it so that she would return to find you? Or did you want to prove that without her, you were still able to live a good life?”

    His question was futile. Xu Shuai couldn’t see any emotions on Gu Yu’s expressionless face.

    Xu Shuai observed him for a while before giving up. “Fine, one last question.”

    He fixed his dark gaze on Gu Yu’s face. He spoke, one word at a time, “Why Su Ziqian? Many women swarm around you. Why her?”

    There were no similarities between Su Ziqian and Xu Weilai. They didn’t look alike, their personalities were different, their family background wasn’t the same, everything was different. Even if Gu Yu wanted to find a replacement, Su Ziqian didn’t have the qualifications!

    Because of this, he never suspected that Gu Yu loved Xu Weilai in the past. He just thought that without Xu Weilai, there would be the next Xu Weilai.

    But, from the looks of it then, Xu Weilai was unique. There was only one Xu Weilai.

    Gu Yu got up after finishing his last gulp of alcohol. He walked straight out. The whole time, he didn’t give a reply.


    That night after Gu Yu left the apartment, he never returned. In the blink of an eye, five days passed.

    Xu Weilai felt that five days was long enough so she took her phone out and sent Lin Yuhan a message. She asked him if he had the time for an interview that day.

    After sending the message, Mrs. Lin knocked on her door and went in. She said, “Young mistress, young master… wants you to do something for him.”

    At first, Xu Weilai felt relaxed when Gu Yu didn’t come back. However, when she was facing Mrs. Lin, she naturally felt guilty. She didn’t dare to reject so she could only ask, “What does he want me to do?”

    After hearing Mrs. Lin repeat Gu Yu’s request, Xu Weilai was stunned for a moment. Then, she felt really speechless.