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Chapter 168 - Only Call Her When There Was Something To Ask (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 168: Only Call Her When There Was Something To Ask (2)

    Xu Weilai frowned slightly. She took her phone and slid her fingers on the screen to pick up the call. After some time, she stopped furrowing her brows. The corners of her lips moved upwards to form a rare smile that came from the bottom of her heart.

    After she put down her phone, she still hadn’t recovered from her excitement.

    Xiao Chun was stirring her coffee as she saw this. She disregarded her coffee and asked curiously, “What did aunt say to you to make you so happy!”

    Xu Weilai casually took a packet of sugar and tore it open. She helped Xiao Chun to pour the sugar into her coffee before replying, “Zhanwang will be finished with school in two days. He’s coming back soon, so my mother asked Gu Yu and me to go back for a meal.”

    “Oh, Little Zhanwang is coming back!” Xiao Chun nodded and smiled too. “No wonder you’re smiling until your eyes disappear. You have always been close to your younger brother. Speaking of which, you haven’t seen him at all for three years when you went overseas. You must miss him terribly!”

    She didn’t just miss him… Xu Weilai wanted to see Xu Zhanwang as soon as possible.

    When she was ordered to go overseas three years ago, she was prohibited from coming back on her own accord. Zhanwang wasn’t allowed to visit her, either. Xu Zhanwang was the successor of the Xu family while she was abandoned by her family. Thus, they hadn’t interacted with one another.

    After some time, her younger brother managed to get her phone number and address overseas. She didn’t know how he got it but he called her once secretly and would send her all the money that he managed to save.

    At the time, Zhanwang was still young. He wasn’t able to do anything about the family’s decision. When he called her, he was crying but pretended that he wasn’t. He even told her to wait until he grew up. Once he did, he would get her back. He wouldn’t allow her to be alone in a foreign country.

    At first, Xu Zhanwang was just like any other ordinary boy, a playful child who loved racing and music. He even formed a music band with his friends. He was gifted in dancing too. Initially, he wasn’t interested in the family business. However, he started taking his studies seriously for her sake. He studied business management and learned everything about the business world. All he hoped was that when he grew up, he would be able to take over the Xu family and have enough power to protect her.

    Three years… Xu Zhanwang’s face appeared in Xu Weilai’s mind. She smiled and said, “When I left, Zhanwang was only this tall. I wonder how tall he is now and whether he is handsome or not.”

    As she spoke, she raised her hand and drew in the air.

    Xiao Chun shook her head and laughed when she saw Xu Weilai’s face filled with happiness. “Don’t worry. I saw Little Zhanwang at a banquet two years ago during the New Year. He won’t disappoint you. He’s very tall, and quite handsome to boot! There’s no doubt that he’ll be able to enchant thousands of young ladies.”

    Xu Weilai nodded proudly. “As I expected. My younger brother takes after his beautiful older sister. There’s no doubt that he must be handsome!”

    “Have you no shame?!” Xiao Chun teased her without any hesitation.

    After they finished eating, Xiao Chun sent Xu Weilai off with her eyes. She watched Xu Weilai as she left in her small car. Then, Xiao Chun returned to the office and took some files from her desk. After that, she went to the CEO’s office on the highest floor again.

    When Assistant Lin saw Xiao Chun carrying a massive pile of documents, he got up and wanted to help her. Xiao Chun took a step back and evaded him. She asked, “Is Mr. Gu inside? I can enter on my own.”

    Assistant Lin nodded. “Yes, he is. At this time… he’s probably eating his lunch.”

    When he said the word ‘lunch’, he sounded a little ambiguous. Xiao Chun raised her eyebrows. Thereafter, she scoffed in contempt, “Don’t tell me that Su Ziqian came to bring him lunch again…”