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Chapter 170 - When Can He Eat Spicy Food? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 170: When Can He Eat Spicy Food? (2)

    “Please come in.” After hearing those words, Xiao Chun pushed the door open. She walked in elegantly in her high heels and stopped in front of the office desk.

    She glanced at the lunchboxes. Seeing that he had finished all the food cleanly, she pursed her lips slightly. The next second, she smiled and placed the files in her hand on the table.

    “I need you to look through these documents and sign them for me.”

    Gu Yu took a file casually and waved it. With a cold tone, he said, “Sending files isn’t part of the job description for a manager. If your secretary can’t even do this, then he can leave. Gu Corporation has no need for useless people!”

    Xiao Chun lowered her eyelids. She still maintained the smile on her face as she mumbled unhappily, “Brother Yu, do you have to be so businesslike? People who don’t know us might think that we’re unrelated!”

    “After looking through the files, I’ll ask someone to send them down. If there’s nothing else you need to discuss with me, you can leave.” Gu Yu put the file down and looked at his computer screen. He mercilessly chased Xiao Chun away.

    When Gu Yu was working, he wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb him. The only exception to that was… Xu Weilai.

    Xiao Chun shrugged and prepared to turn and leave. However, she seemed to have suddenly thought of something. She tapped her fingers on the office desk and said, “I met Weilai at the elevator lobby and went to have a meal with her just now.”

    Gu Yu’s fingers briefly stopped tapping onto the keyboard. Very soon, he started typing again, seemingly not caring about what Xiao Chun had said. However, he didn’t try to ask Xiao Chun to leave anymore.

    Xiao Chun waited for Gu Yu to ask her something, but the man was extremely calm. He was wearing the cold and distant expression he always had on his handsome face. It was hard for people to understand what he was thinking.

    In the end, Xiao Chun couldn’t retain her composure and spoke up. “Little Zhanwang is coming back soon. Aunt asked Weilai to bring you back for a meal next week on Tuesday. I only came to remind you because you’re my brother. This is the first time you’re accompanying your wife back to visit her family. Remember to be on your best behavior!”

    “Uncle and Aunt like you, but Little Zhanwang might not. Don’t forget that when you broke off the engagement three years ago and forced Weilai to go overseas, Little Zhanwang fought with you!”

    “You know how close Weilai and Little Zhanwang are. If Little Zhanwang doesn’t acknowledge you as his brother-in-law…”

    Xiao Chun didn’t complete her sentence, but it was obvious what she was trying to say.

    Gu Yu’s gaze finally shifted from the wordy report to Xiao Chun’s face. He stared at her with his dark eyes intently for a few seconds. Then, he opened his thin lips and slowly said two words, “Thank you.”

    “I’ll take my leave then.”

    Xiao Chun almost rushed out of the office, as if she was running from something. She dashed to the washroom and stood in front of the washstand. She looked up and breathed heavily. She tried her best to force back the tears that were floating up to her eyes.

    She wasn’t sad because of Gu Yu’s coldness. She just felt heartbroken because he thanked her for telling him about Xu Weilai.


    After Assistant Lin finished his lunch, he got called into the office by Mr. Gu. The latter had been asked him to clear his schedule for next Tuesday in the afternoon and at night.

    Assistant Lin was in a difficult position. “But there’s an important ribbon-cutting ceremony in the afternoon next Tuesday. We can’t push that away…”

    Gu Yu suddenly smiled. He looked at Assistant Lin with his deep gaze and said, “Are you saying that you can’t do it?”

    Assistant Lin wiped the sweat off his forehead when he felt the chilling gaze on him. He shook his head furiously, “Why can’t I do it? This is just a small matter. It’s nothing at all.”

    “Very good.” Gu Yu gave his second order. “Before next Tuesday, I want the limited X-sports car to appear before me!”

    “…Do you mean the only X-sports car in the world? The one that had a long line of reservations even when it isn’t on sales yet?”