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Chapter 171 - Can I Be Greedy? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 171: Can I Be Greedy? (1)

    After hearing Gu Yu’s confirmation, cold sweat appeared on Assistant’s Lin’s back. He was tempted to kneel and cry furiously while telling Gu Yu that he couldn’t do it.

    There were only five days left before next Tuesday arrived. Sob!

    This didn’t feel right. His boss didn’t have much interest in sports cars. Why would he suddenly want to buy this kind of car? It didn’t matter that it was expensive since Mr. Gu had lots of money, but why was he in such a rush?

    Assistant Lin felt that he needed to know the reason even if it killed him. Thus, he opened his mouth weakly and asked, “Mr. Gu, may I ask why you need the car?”

    Gu Yu typed on the keyboard and replied to him nonchalantly in a calm tone, “Zhanwang is back. I need to accompany my wife back to visit her family next Tuesday.”

    There was his answer!

    ‘Gu Yu needs to ingratiate himself with his brother-in-law, so I’m the one who has to suffer!’ Assistant Lin thought to himself. ‘Also, Mr. Gu, don’t think that just because you spoke so casually, I can’t tell that you’re showing off your love life!’

    What’s there to be proud of when you have a wife and a brother-in-law?

    ‘Did Young Mistress say that she wanted to bring you along? Why are you in such a hurry to prepare the present? Aren’t you afraid of getting slapped in the face?’

    Gu Yu raised his eyelids and looked at him with his black eyes. “Is there a problem?”

    Assistant Lin said with righteous indignation, “There is… there’s no problem at all! None at all! As your gold-class assistant, there’s nothing I can’t do. It’s fine!”

    Gu Yu smiled. Then, he raised his chin and nodded at the door to tell Assistant Lin that he could leave.

    Assistant Lin left immediately.


    Xu Weili arranged the script for her interview, then chose some pictures of Lin Yuhan. After that, she uploaded everything to her email and prepared to send them out. Before she sent the email, she typed some words on her keyboard.

    ‘Big Boss, thank you for giving me this chance. If you can give me another opportunity like this, I would greatly appreciate it even more!’

    She sent the email. Around one minute later, her big boss replied with one word: ‘Greedy.’

    Xu Weilai replied shamelessly: ‘Can’t I be greedy?’

    Her big boss replied with one word again: ‘Yes.’

    Xu Weilai shouted happily. It looked like she would receive a new assignment very soon. That meant that more money was going to fly into her pocket!

    There was no more water in her cup. Xu Weilai got up and walked out with her cup. When she went to the kitchen to pour some water, Mrs. Lin came in carrying the bird’s nest and Ejiao. She asked, “Young Mistress, do you want to cook the bird’s nest and the Ejiao?”

    Xu Weilai gulped some water and recalled how sincerely Xiao Chun reminded her to eat them. She smiled lightly and nodded. “Cook a little every day.”

    “As you wish.”

    After returning to her study room, her big boss had sent a new email to her. Xu Weilai immediately opened it.

    Big Boss: I received news that a celebrity in China has some secrets regarding his personal life that he can’t reveal. However, we don’t know if the source of this news is reliable. For now, you can rest easy. If I need someone to investigate this issue, I’ll pass the mission to you!

    A celebrity in China? Who was it?

    Despite her curiosity, Xu Weilai didn’t probe further. She expressed her gratitude and logged off.

    How nice it was for Little Zhanwang to be coming back. She could spend some quality time with him this time. The New Year was coming too, so there would definitely be many things to keep her busy. Thus, Xu Weilai allowed herself to take a temporary break.


    Time passed quickly. Soon, it was Tuesday.

    Mother Xu told Xu Weilai that after Xu Weilai and Gu Yu got married, they had never come back to the Xu residence together before. Since they were going to prepare dinner for Zhanwang, they decided to use this opportunity to invite Xu Weilai and Gu Yu back so that the entire family could have a meal together. Zhanwang and his brother-in-law could befriend one another in the hopes that Gu Yu would take care of Zhanwang in the future.

    Xu Weilai asked herself if she wanted to go back with Gu Yu. He would never agree to her request and accompany her back for dinner, right? He didn’t need to curry favor her parents, much less her younger brother.

    Even so, her parents…

    Xu Weilai frowned. She took out her phone and found Gu Yu’s number. She was hesitating if she should call this number and make such a humiliating call.