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Chapter 172 - As Men, We Need To Take The Initiative (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 172: As Men, We Need To Take The Initiative (2)

    She wanted to press the call button, but she stopped herself. She had done this at least ten times. In the end, Xu Weilai screamed and threw her phone away.

    She already knew the result, so why should she go through the trouble and be humiliated by Gu Yu? She was in a good mood today because she was about to see her handsome little brother. She didn’t want Gu Yu to ruin that for her.

    Today, she would go back and have a happy reunion with her parents and younger brother. If her parents asked about Gu Yu, she could just say that he was busy. After all, being busy was normal for him.

    Okay, it’s happily decided!

    Xu Weilai went out of her room to organize the supplements and fruits she bought a few days ago to carry them home later. Additionally, she had prepared a gift for Zhanwang.


    Gu Corporation, the CEO’s office.

    The atmosphere had been very gloomy every since this morning. It lasted into the afternoon and only became gloomier. It forced everyone to sit quietly at their desk and pretend that nothing had happened. Everyone fixed their eyes on their computer screens and worked diligently. They were afraid of making a mistake and becoming the target of their boss’s anger.

    Assistant Lin didn’t want to move in front of his boss’s muzzle either. However, he had just obtained the car keys to the limited-edition X-sports car. He had to send this in. Even if it was raining bullets inside, he had no choice but to go in.

    With a sigh, he thought to himself, ‘It’s hard being an assistant… It’s even harder being Mr. Gu’s assistant…”

    Assistant Lin swallowed a pill for his heart pain and tidied his clothes. He raised his hand and knocked on the door a few times. Then, he pushed the door open and walked in. He stopped in front of the office desk, holding the car keys in both hands. He placed them respectfully on the table. “Mr. Gu, the car keys.”

    Gu Yu was sitting behind the huge office desk without a hint of emotion on his handsome face. He didn’t even glance at Assistant Lin. His dark eyes were fixed on the phone placed at the side. The screen never lit up at all.

    Assistant Lin couldn’t help but sigh to himself.

    Throughout these five days, Young Mistress never called Mr. Gu, not even once. If the phone hadn’t rung by now, it likely meant that… Young Mistress never planned to return to the Xu residence with Mr. Gu…

    He never expected his guess to be correct. What the… why wasn’t he this lucky when he bought the lottery?

    Now, Mr. Gu pushed away all his schedules and even prepared the gift. All they were lacking was one call, but Young Mistress never planned on bringing Mr. Gu along. This was a disaster!

    Although Miss. Xiao told Mr. Gu beforehand so that he would have time to make preparations, it was better if Mr. Gu didn’t know anything, to begin with. After all, without hope, they wouldn’t be disappointed…

    That was unacceptable. As his assistant, he must help his boss solve his problems. Otherwise, he would have to brave the storm in the future. That would be torture.

    Assistant Lin silently retreated out of the room and closed the door. Then, he instantly took out his phone and called his mother.

    “Mom, is Young Mistress still in her apartment? Has she left?”

    Mrs. Lin replied, “Not yet. She’s still tidying her things. She will be leaving soon.”

    “Erm… is she planning to leave alone? Does she plan on… bringing someone along with her?”

    Mrs. Lin said, “She seems to be going alone.”

    After hanging up the call, Assistant Lin’s was filled with conflicting emotions. He took a while before he entered the office and organized his words, “Mr. Gu… I feel that as men, we need to take the initiative!”

    Gu Yu glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and said, “Prepare the car.”

    Assistant Lin was elated. Before he could speak, he heard the cold voice ring out again. “To the opening ceremony!”