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Chapter 231 - The Lightning Snake Magical Whip’s Advancemen

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 231: The Lightning Snake Magical Whip’s Advancement

    Ye Jiuge stood in front of the Green Bronze Cauldron in the Pill Production Room and focused on controlling the White Bone Flame to finish the pill formation.

    Inside the cauldron, the glowing, misty white medicinal liquid quickly solidified, turning into dozens of snowy white pills.

    The cauldron’s lid was lifted, and a chilly burst of air rushed out, causing the temperature within the Pill Production Room to drop significantly in an instant.

    “The Yin Pill isn’t too bad.” Zi Shang raised an eyebrow.

    To perfect such a difficult Yin Pill on the first go, Little Jiuge was brilliant indeed.

    “Did you think Gong Xifan would eat this if he knew it was a Yin Pill?” Ye Jiuge looked at Zi Shang with worry.

    She would not inform Gong Xifan that the Detoxifying Repellent Pill she had produced was a Yin Pill.

    Yin Pills were not suitable for Spiritual Practitioners, so consuming them could cause discomfort.

    But the Bloodthirsty Sect’s protective formation was too powerful. Spiritual Pills were not enough to resist it, and only Yin pills could do the trick.

    “He would be a fool to refuse to eat it.” Zi Shang did not think Gong Xifan was a fool.

    The greatest advantage of the Yin Pills, which Little Jiuge had produced, was their ability to absorb poison and kill the insects rather than simply detoxify poison and repel.

    After consuming such a pill, no matter what poison entered the body, it would be metabolized immediately. It would be forced out in the form of poisonous sweat. Once mosquitos touched the sweat, they would be killed instantly. The pill was the counter-solution she’d settled on after researching about the Bloodthirsty Sect’s protective formation.

    “You are right. Besides, the pill has already been produced. It’s up to them to decide,” Ye Jiuge said as she bottled the Yin Pills.

    “Help me with the Dark Spirit Herb. There’s two more batches.” Zi Shang glanced at the remaining Three-star Nether Grass.

    The Gong clan had sent over another batch of Three-star Nether Grass with the Danyang Sect. They’d sent enough for about 300 Yin Pills. This was much more than they had expected.

    “Alright.” Ye Jiuge swiftly refined the remaining Three-star Nether Grass then went on to help Zi Shang with the Dark Spirit Herb.

    Each stalk of Dark Spirit Herb was the size of a pinky. The herb was black, and the more fog it emitted, the more poisonous the plant was.

    Ye Jiuge had to extract the toxins from the Dark Spirit Herb using the White Bone Flame.

    Zi Shang stood in a corner, channeling Demonic Power into the Lightning Snake Magical Whip.

    The black-purplish light was sent into the Lightning Snake Magical Whip, which seemed to have suddenly awakened. The snake’s eyes glinted with a vicious glow as nimbly flew from Zi Shang’s hand and swirled around Ye Jiuge.

    Ye Jiuge placed a three-finger thick, one-meter wide metal slab in the center of the Pill Production Room. Then, she put all of the Dark Spirit Herb onto the slab and summoned the White Bone Flame to heat it.

    Once each Dark Spirit Herb was entirely burned, it formed a ball of black fog and tried to escape.

    But before the fog could drift far, it was swallowed by the Lightning Snake Magical Whip. More and more black fog appeared, all sailing in different directions, trying to escape.

    The Lightning Snake Magical Whip moved faster. Like black lightning, it moved swiftly and swallowed every inch of black fog in the room.

    The whip’s silvery-white body was slowly tainted by the black fog, looking even more ferocious.

    Zi Shang had been concentrating intently on the Lightning Snake Magical Whip’s movements. As it swallowed the last of the black fog, he flicked a finger and sent a drop of blood into the whip’s mouth.

    “What are you doing?” Ye Jiuge was stunned. Wasn’t it her job to offer blood to claim the whip as its master?

    Was this guy trying to steal the weapon from her?

    “You are overthinking it,” Zi Shang would never be satisfied with such a small demonic weapon.

    He offered his blood merely to give the demonic weapon an extra layer of protection.

    After absorbing Zi Shang’s blood, the Lightning Snake Magical Whip completely changed its appearance.

    Above the silver snake, another black snake appeared.

    The snakes’ heads, necks, and bodies entwined completely.

    “Try it.” Zi Shang threw the Lightning Snake Magical Whip at Ye Jiuge.

    She caught the whip and channeled Spiritual Power into it.

    The Lightning Snake Magical Whip grew instantly. The silvery-white light shone brightly, covering the black snake completely.

    After advancing in rank, the Lightning Snake Magical Whip’s attack was even more powerful. But Ye Jiuge felt that this was not the only change.

    She placed her index finger on the snake’s fang at the handle. After drawing blood, the whip changed into a demonic weapon, its body rapidly turned black, and its attack became unpredictable and strange. Anyone who was hit died of poison at once.

    If the battle were fought at night, this weapon would be formidable.

    Ye Jiuge was delighted with the results.

    “I placed a seal inside the whip. If you are backed into a corner, you should release it.” Then, Zi Shang explained the method for releasing the seal to Ye Jiuge.

    Ye Jiuge noted it down with care.

    This seal had been formed from Zi Shang’s blood essence. It was failsafe insurance for her life.

    Ye Jiuge took some time to adjust to the Lightning Snake Magical Whip’s new abilities. Then, she tied the whip around her waist, left the Pill Production Room, and called for Qing Mama.

    “Has there been any movement in the palace? Did the Emperor send over any decrees to our manor?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “I have heard no news of any movements!” Qing Mama shook her head. Then, she asked Ye Jiuge carefully, “What decree does Eldest Miss think the Emperor will send us?”

    “It’s nothing to worry about.” Ye Jiuge had not informed Qing Mama of her decision to revert to the Yun name.

    If the Gong Clan were unable to handle the issue, then Qing Mama would be very disappointed.

    Zi Shang’s voice rang out next to Ye Jiuge’s ears: “Check with Gong Xifan. Also, check who else the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance has sent.”

    “Fine.” Ye Jiuge nodded.

    The Spiritual Practitioner Alliance was the main force fighting the Bloodthirsty Sect. She needed to get an idea of their strength.

    If they were all like the Danyang Sect’s useless bums, she would have to reconsider collaborating with them.

    The Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s base in the Capital was located at 17 West Main Street. It wasn’t too far away.

    Ye Jiuge gathered the three Legendary Venomous Insects, which Jun Yichen had sent, and 200 Yin Pills. She headed for the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s base in a horse-drawn carriage with Zi Shang.

    When she was about to get down from the carriage, Ye Jiuge turned to Zi Shang. “Same old rules. You hide and watch from the shadows. Play things by ear.”

    “No,” Zi Shang refused.

    “Why?” Ye Jiuge frowned. This guy was usually obedient, why was he so fussy today?

    “No reason.” Zi Shang got down from the carriage and strode toward the main gates of the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s base.

    “Wait for me!” Ye Jiuge chased after him hurriedly. Didn’t he remember his duty as her guard?

    “Sorry, I forgot.” Zi Shang quickly resumed his role as a guard.

    He stood behind Ye Jiuge, keeping a low profile and not drawing any attention to himself.

    Ye Jiuge knocked on the gates, and the person who opened them was a sharp looking youth.

    When he heard that Ye Jiuge was here to deliver pills to Great Master Gong, he invited her in with enthusiasm. “Great Master Gong is in the practice hall. Please, come this way.”

    With that, he led the way.

    Ye Jiuge followed the youth, crossing a long corridor and making a turn before arriving at a wide practice hall.

    The practice hall was filled with Spiritual Practitioners. This was the team that Gong Xifan was going to lead this time.

    All present were high-level Spiritual Practitioners. Among them, Yue Lingjun and Qiao Shaohua stood opposite Ye Jiuge.

    Seeing Ye Jiuge approach, Yue Lingjun’s eyes revealed a glint of hatred. Then, she turned to the young girl beside her and told her something.

    The young girl glanced at Ye Jiuge with a strange, ridiculing expression before nudging her neighbor.

    Just like that, all of the Spiritual Practitioners present noticed that Ye Jiuge had arrived.