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Chapter 232 - The Cute and Adorable Bird Parasite

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 232: The Cute and Adorable Bird Parasite

    The Spiritual Practitioners looked at Ye Jiuge with hatred, disdain, scorn, and unpleasant leers.

    As one might expect, Yue Lingjun had spread rumors that she was the elder sister of a concubine.

    For this privileged lot, a woman who willingly became an old man’s concubine was cheap. By association, her sisters were also seen as cheap.

    But Ye Jiuge ignored the nasty gazes. She merely turned to the youth who guarded the gates. “Where is Great Master Gong?”

    “Please wait for a moment. I will call Great Master Gong now.” The young guard turned and entered the building, leaving Ye Jiuge where she stood.

    “Look who it is! Isn’t that the Eldest Miss Ye? What are you demanding for today?” Yue Lingjun folded her arms, mocking Ye Jiuge sarcastically.

    “I’m here to deliver the Legendary Venomous Insects and Medicinal Pills to Great Master Gong.” Ye Jiuge flashed a small smile as she addressed Yue Lingjun earnestly, “Thank you, Miss Yue, for contributing the Three-star Nether Grass. Otherwise, the Detoxifying Repellent Pill would not have been produced so successfully.”

    Hearing this turned Yue Lingjun’s face red.

    Because of the Three-star Nether Grass, she had been scolded harshly by her grandfather, who’d said she was too willful and oblivious.

    Ye Shanshan’s behavior, however, was the most disgusting of all. She’d even shed crocodile tears and taken the blame on herself, saying she wanted to apologize.

    Although Yue Lingjun did not care for the harlot’s apology, she did not mind humiliating her. But she’d never expected her grandfather to protect the harlot. He’d even chastised her for being ill-disciplined and bullying an elder.

    As she thought about her grievances, the glare Yue Lingjun gave Ye Jiuge burned with hatred. She hollered at her angrily, “In that case, hand over the Legendary Venomous Insects and Medicinal Pills.”

    “To you?” Ye Jiuge sounded strangely confused. “Perhaps Miss Yue is in charge of the procurement of goods?”

    “Of course not.” It was not Yue Lingjun who replied to Ye Jiuge, but a youth carrying a long sword. “Why would the important duty of goods procurement be given to her?”

    “What do you mean by that, Baili Moyun?” Yue Lingjun turned her glare to the youth.

    “I meant it literally,” Baili Moyun replied in a tone that was like speaking to an idiot. This riled Yue Lingjun terribly.

    Ye Jiuge observed Baili Moyun. He had red lips and white teeth, was attractive, and his eyes were scintillating and seductive. The way he spoke was also annoyingly frustrating.

    A man in black stood at his side. His figure was magnificent. He had thick, black eyebrows and a cold and haughty expression on his face.

    Sensing Ye Jiuge’s evaluating gaze, he lifted his eyelids to look at her without much emotion. These two were the only ones present who did not show any disdain for Ye Jiuge.

    Judging from the long sword on Baili Moyun’s back, there was a possibility that he belonged to the same sect as Gong Honglei. Gong Honglei must have put in a good word for her with the duo.

    Besides these two men, the rest of the Spiritual Practitioners were like Yue Lingjun and thought that she was beneath them.

    Ye Jiuge cast her eyes downward. Her plan was already in place.

    They would regret looking down on her.

    Just then, Gong Xifan, who had received news of her arrival, approached with Gong Honglei. He greeted Ye Jiuge warmly, “What can I do for you, Eldest Miss?”

    “I’m delivering Medicinal Pills and Legendary Venomous Insects,” Ye Jiuge took out the nicely wrapped boxes from her Magical Bottomless Bag.

    “How many Legendary Venomous Insects are there?” Gong Xifan asked casually.

    “There wasn’t much time, so we were only able to cultivate three.” Ye Jiuge had an apologetic look on her face.

    In fact, Jun Yichen had successfully cultivated 13 Legendary Venomous Insects. But she wasn’t silly enough to surrender all of them to Gong Xifan.

    “How can three Legendary Venomous Insects be enough to go around? Aren’t you putting Great Master Gong in a bind?” Yue Lingjun interrogated her, quick to jump on Ye Jiuge’s weakness.

    “There is no need to hand them out. The Legendary Venomous Insects will search for their Masters,” Ye Jiuge replied softly. She did not reveal any change in attitude despite Yue Lingjun’s hostility.

    “If the Legendary Venomous Insects can find their Masters, they are enlightened indeed.” Gong Xifan nodded in satisfaction.

    It was common knowledge that superior-grade items, whether weapons or Spiritual Beasts, searched for their own Masters.

    “How can the Legendary Venomous Insects search for their Masters?” Baili Moyun flashed an enormous smile at Ye Jiuge.

    It didn’t seem like he was interested in the Legendary Venomous Insects. Instead, he seemed interested in getting to know more about Ye Jiuge.

    “Everyone takes turns placing their fingers in the box. If a Legendary Venomous Insect recognizes you as its Master, it will bite your index finger and forge a contract with you.”

    Ye Jiuge ignored Baili Moyun’s seductive gaze, pulling out the box with the Legendary Venomous Insects with utmost seriousness. There was a small hole right at the top of the box. It was the size of an index finger.

    “Tch! Just a gimmick.” Yue Lingjun threw her a look of disdain.

    The rest of the female Spiritual Practitioners also looked as though they’d politely rejected the offer. They detested these insects at once. Now, seeing that they had to insert their fingers into the box for the insects to draw blood, they preferred to stay away from the box.

    As for Ye Jiuge, seeing that she wasn’t afraid to mess around with insects, their dislike of her increased tremendously.

    “I’ll go first. What should I do?” Baili Moyun volunteered enthusiastically.

    “Just place your finger inside.” Ye Jiuge brought the box before him.

    Baili Moyun lifted a long, aristocratic finger. Under the watchful gaze of those present, he stuck his finger into the hole.

    “Ouch!” Baili Moyun’s handsome face instantly changed into an expression of shock and surprise.

    “What’s the matter?” Gong Honglei asked after him hurriedly.

    “I got one!” Baili Moyun retracted his finger, and there was a small wound at the tip.

    Then, a black speck flew out from the box at the speed of lightning.

    It landed on Baili Moyun’s arm, quickly formed a cocoon, and soon hatched. It was a small, peach-red, bird-like parasite.

    It had a small sharp beak, intelligent black pupils, and peach-red feathers. It was only the size of a thumb, and it looked very cute and adorable.

    “Heavens! It is so cute,” The female Spiritual Practitioners had thought that the Legendary Venomous Insects would be grotesque. They had never imagined that they could be so cute and adorable.

    This was one of the improvements that Ye Jiuge had requested from Jun Yichen.

    The blood-clad Miao people only focused on power and strength, so the Legendary Venomous Insects they produced were vicious looking and grotesque.

    But Gong Xifan’s team members came from the various large and famous sects. To them, keeping a parasite was unorthodox.

    If the Legendary Venomous Insects looked like Xiao Hong and Big Mouth, they would probably be abandoned after the Bloodthirsty Sect had been dealt with. Therefore, Ye Jiuge had asked Jun Yichen to improve the appearances of the three insects given to the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance.

    It was alright to compromise a little on their power, but their forms had to be acceptable.

    Just as she expected, the reception was good.

    In an instant, two pretty and lively young girls made their way over to tease the cute and adorable peach-red bird parasite on Baili Moyun’s arm.

    The small bird parasite was also very cooperative, chirping delicately and winning the hearts of the people around it with its cuteness.

    A female Spiritual Practitioner named Lin Yanxi laughed as she suggested, “Give it a name, Young Master Baili!”

    Baili Moyun thought for a while, then decided on a name. “It shall be called Xiao Tao!”

    He was delighted with the small bird parasite. Its ability to dispel poison was still unknown, but it would certainly be helpful when he was trying to hook up with a girl.

    Seeing the warm reception, Ye Jiuge called for the next person quickly, “Next.”

    Yue Lingjun pushed Qiao Shaohua and urged, “Go try, Senior.”

    If the Legendary Venomous Insects were so cute and adorable, she wouldn’t mind keeping one herself.